It’s my daddy’s birthday tomorrow 🙂

Love you :-*

He is turning 57 but he doesn’t look a day over 45!!! He is forever young at every sense of the word!!

 For real!! Ask any of my cousin’s, he is their favorite uncle. He is also kinda psycho maybe thats where all my madness comes from. He bought a bong in 2001 from Egypt which we display proudly on the mantle on top of the fire place in our living room.

He was Santa for two christmasses, and two years ago during our Family Christmass Talent Show he switched things up and was a Sheikh Santa lol.

 My dad is very kind and generous, and he always comes through for me whenever I need him.

I really love the way he greets my mother every day when she gets home from work, with excitement, like he is seeing her for the first time after ages, and always compliments her on how great she looks.

My dad is very friendly, social and loud!! You can spot him from anywhere, it’s the guy with a big bright smile, who’s always jovial.

I am currently broke at the moment, and I have no idea what I will do for him for his birthday. He isn’t a fan of cake so that’s outta the list phew 🙂 So my two options are either a bottle of his favorite drink vodka or I buy him a nice shirt, or another argyle sweater so he can start a collection.



2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA

  1. Your dad sounds so cool!
    You have the perfect model of a relationship….so I hope you never settle for less
    Boy, had I missed your blog:)

    • thanks!!! he definitely has set some standards that most men will find it difficult to meet!! Thanks for keeping on reading!!

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