Random Musings

It’s been a busy year, so this may even be my last post for 2014, so i thought i’d just jot something down while I wait for the Friday traffic to die down a bit.

Nowadays my Friday’s just breeze on by, and they are stressful because I have to prep for the fun times and for Monday as well.

Anyway what’s been on my mind?

Someone once asked me what I look for in a man. I have always hated that question, especially when it’s a man who seems interested in me. Does he want to know for information sake? or to know whether he fits the bill? I have never really understood that question.

I know what traits I like, and i could easily name them for you, but i also know that finding everything i am looking for is the same thing as looking for a unicorn.

The same person also asked me what I have to offer to that man if I ever found him. I am pretty sure I named a whole bunch of things just to prove to him that i am a keeper. But today i cant help but wonder what it is that i do actually have to offer.

As women we expect so much from men that I am sure not many of us stop and think about what we have to offer them. We are so used to thinking that most men are scum or we are afraid to get hurt that majority of the time the focus is on finding the goodness in the men, and not on what we bring on to the table.

We expect the men to pay us attention, to take us on dates, to treat us like ladies, to spoil us and take care of us etc. What about the men though? Do you have expectations of us women that goes beyond hitting the box and what our outward appearance looks like? Why dont you talk about it? Are they not significant?

I am currently reviewing and analysing what i have to offer any lucky man out there. I am still mentally compiling the list, it’s not very long though to be honest lol

My challenge to women is to not be so selfish and also consider what you are bringing to the table. To the fellas, be more vocal about what you want from women beyond good looks and some nookie.



1st of the month




I’m not the type of person who sets goals at the beginning of every year, 2014 was no different. This however, does not mean i do not enjoy starting the year on a clean state. 2014 has had so many plot twists, which is why i sorta dont believe in new years resolutions and things like those. But i’m always hopeful and excited about the promise of a new year. I am hoping the year ends well too 🙂

I love the festive season though, summer bunnies, no traffic, endless parties, December is awesome!

November Highlights

I stayed at Enashipai in Naivasha for the first time and it was amazing. The service was excellent, we got cool complimentaries like chocolates, and chocolate covered strawberries, and of course the best part, complimentary tickets to The Ubantu Festival. The concert was so much fun even if we were just like 20 of us, Bucie killed it. Enashipai also has a really sick night club, i really wish it could be uprooted and brought to Nairobi.

2014-11-08 15.05.06
View from my balcony window

I also went to Great Rift the following weekend for a friend’s birthday, we were at the most amazing cottage. I met some very cool people and we had such a ball.

I got to celebrate and surprise some important November babies for their birthdays, nothing beats seeing that look of surprise and shock on their faces, it was definitely a good time.

I must also mention that there’s someone whose made this month extra special, so that when i read this blog i will remember that he made this month all the more awesome.

November Downsides

2 Chainz didnt show up for his concert on November 1st 😦 I still wonder if he will ever come..

There was this Friday where I had a terrible morning, from punctures, to a ruined tyre, then the guy fixing my car got a seizure. Thank God the rest of my day improved there after.

November Discoveries

This world is just too tiny, it’s now 1.6 degrees of separation not 6.

60 more days to my birthday and i feel like this >> :-/

When you find something you are afraid to lose..

What I Look Forward To in December

More fun times 🙂

Happy Holidays

How was November for you? What are you looking forward to in December?