Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

First up, my sincere apologies for not doing this post for the past 2 Fridays, life got in the way 😦

Today I Am Feeling

cold, like it is freezing in Nairobi bleh.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Chidinma is receiving massive airplay for the song Kedike, Jankoliko is a great song too, and a much better video, this woman is gorgeous!

This Weekend I

may be going out of town, third wheeling mad lol This is not a good time to be single.

I am really craving

something warm and nice, do not ask me what, because I dunno :p

I wish

life was simple and basic.

I hope

and pray really really really had for God to grant me his favour.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!


Waking up

I do not know what it is about the weekend that makes me learn the most things. Maybe because it is 2 days of getting to see people I never get to see on a daily basis.

Last week was generally a learning curve for me. I got some revelations about certain areas in my life. There are things I am totally dissatisfied with, and I have made a decision to change that or at least do something else to make me somewhat happier.

Unfortunately, you only know who your true friends are during times of trouble. But when they are in trouble and they do not come to you, it makes you wonder if they think you are a true friend or not.

This weekend, I came face to face with someone who I usually feel awkward around, but this time it was not. It was fun and full of smiles and I am very happy that this is one awkward moment that I hope has died forever. I feel somewhat free, because I usually see this person a lot, and we have very many mutual friends. This feels like a weight has been lifted.

It turns out I can get away with going out in crocs 🙂 I am very proud of this achievement, I never noticed any weird looks, but I will be on the look out for the fashion police in the dailies he he he.

I got to mingle with the people whose tickle I fancy 😉 and I really enjoyed myself.

I had forgotten how blessed I am to be able to do certain things, and the revelation of the joy those things bring me have really enlightened me. This is what passion feels like, for so long I had no clue, I envied people who seemed passionate about something and I watched from afar thinking that it was a sensation I would never experience. But I am glad that I have something to be passionate about.

I feel unappreciated in certain areas of my life, I feel like I do not get recognition for my diligence. I am trying to do something to change this particular situation, and I really hope and pray it will come to pass.

Have a lovely week, and with that I leave you with this awesome song>

Kenya ~ Heritage of splendour

Today I stumbled upon the Travelling Kenya Facebook page, and I was left in awe because my country truly is beautiful. There are so many places I am yet to explore in this here Kenya and I wanted to share with you a few places that I hope I will be lucky enough to get to visit before I die.

The Floating House in Kilifi Creek

How beautiful is this house? I can imagine how wobbly it may be when the tide is high, but regardless I would love to be aboard it. I wonder if it moves..

Forodhani House in Lamu

Those sun beds over there, at the corner, is where I need to be!

Kongoni Lodge in Naivasha

Naivasha is famed for Fisherman’s camp, Crayfish camp, Delamere, Enashipai, and little did we know there was a gem like this hidden deep within.

Milele House in Vipingo Ridge

This looks like the perfect place to host an all white party (Diddy Style).

The Thomsons Falls, Nyahururu

I can definitely chase this waterfall.

Tiwi Beach Diani

Photos courtesy of the Travelling Kenya Facebook page, check out their website here and discover the beauty of Kenya.

Happy Travels 🙂

10 things I learnt this weekend

First up, my apologies, I was not able to do TGIFridays last week, got caught up with work and stuff. But instead of telling you what I hoped for for the weekend, I can actually tell you what went down today 🙂

I went for drinks with the girls on Friday night at a new lounge that I had kept on hearing about. It was quite nice, loved the ambience and the prices. We went dancing soon after that and we had a ball.

I bonded with my bed and my telly for the rest of the weekend, it is amazing the fact that I slept for so many hours and I am still so sleepy. Despite the fact that in essence my weekend was very boring, I was still thoroughly entertained and enlightened thanks to social media and my mother. Here are a few things I learnt and pondered about this weekend.

  • I am still as clueless as ever it seems, contrary to my belief that I know stuff. I also realised I have no clue where Githurai is. In my mind it is somewhere past Ngara, but apparently it is somewhere along Thika Road? I really need to explore my city 🙂
  • The fact that I will not be compensated for all my hard work and effort, deeply saddens and demotivated me. I had convinced myself that all this was in preparation for something better, but I do not know any more. I do not think I have the strength to keep persevering through this any more.  Instead I will focus my energy on stuff that will actually benefit me and make me happy 🙂
  • I got to talk to the people I was yearning for 😉 Could it be that they yearn for me too? time will tell
  • After a very enlightening conversation with my mummy, I discovered the importance of male circumcision and how it moulds boys into becoming men so I should choose my men wisely, and why she is not worried about the fact that married is sort of a pipe dream for me.
  • Sometimes you can be given advice, it enters one ear and get’s out of the other. You have to make your own mistakes to experience life, but that does not mean turning a deaf ear.
  • Awkward moments come and go, it is never that serious.
  • My ears heat up when I blush or laugh.
  • I miss my friends in the UK immensely.
  • Delamere Yoghurt is very delicious, taking smooth creaminess to escalated levels.
  • I think I am over you, even if I was never really ‘under’ you.. (This applies to more than one person)

Feel free to share what you learnt this past weekend.

Have a blessed week.


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

This Friday is rather lack lustre considering I will not have much of a weekend, but still that Friday feeling can never diminish 🙂

Today I Am Feeling

happy now 🙂 I did not start the morning in the best note, but after a lot of laughter, and blushes smh I am feeling happy go lucky.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

This song suddenly just popped into my head, it is an awesome song that barely gets airplay.  I noticed how old Craig David looked, heard somewhere he is sick, hope it isn’t bad..

This Weekend I

am on the grind mad!!

I am really craving

How fabulous are these skirts?!! I really need me like a bunch of these!

I wish

I could go for rally in Kajiado 😦

I hope

my friend in hospital is doing well 🙂

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fun Friday!!!!


Thanks for the memories even if they weren’t so great

he tastes like you even sweeter….

This weekend I was haunted by many ghosts from my past. I kept bumping into them left, right and centre. In one particular case, I was sort of a catalyst, add alcohol into the mix (not by me) and the situation became even funnier.

Bumping into my exes or having any contact with them is never easy.  It takes a lot of effort to ignore them and act like I haven’t seen them. Yes, sadly that is the relationship that I have with them. I am not the sort of person who is into ‘beef’ with people. In fact, every time I always tell myself to be the bigger person and say hello or something, but I always chicken out because I am afraid interacting with them will just make me feel bad.

This fear has been reinforced by my past experiences with one of the exes smh. Seeing him is always disorienting, the fact that he moved on so fast never helps matters. He always makes me feel inadequate, like I was never good enough. We cannot be friends if you do not even like the person that I am!

As for another ex, even though he really hurt me, I was over that story since it happened some 3 or 4 years ago. I was even ready and willing to be friends. Till he called me and told me a big bunch of hogwarsh, and all that flew out of the window. The fact that he has discovered my value now really does not count for anything. You snooze you loose my friend!

Then there was another guy who I keep meeting every week grrrrrrr but all we do is ignore each others existence. Well, I was forced to talk to him at blankets where all of your exes converge in one garden  and the dude acted like he had never met me before!! I went along with it, simply because I don’t really give a damn about him smh.

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking getting into these relationships, and why I had to go through them. I understand that such experiences are learning lessons or whatever, but I am so tired of getting it wrong. I need to get it right.

What I need

I do thank the men who have been in my life for showing me that I deserve better, and the traits that I should avoid in my future boyfriends.

I hope the heartbreak was not in vain..

There are also those characters who give me cheap thrills, and this is what I think of them>>>

dont get it twisted

Here’s hoping I do get it right…….


1st of the month

May Highlights

My cousin got married and her wedding was amazing 🙂 I should add that I looked absolutely stunning.

I had an amazing sheesha experience, let us live it at that #WEG Wicked Evil Grin

My room and the rest of the house is being refurbished, it was a messy process, but the finished product is too awesome!

For some reason, I have been trying to think about what I did during the month of May and I am just drawing blanks!!

May Downsides

My friends lost loved ones and it was not the best time for them. It was so hard seeing them go through such a hard time.

I have really been busy this past month, and it is only going to get worse.

May Discoveries

Nairobi is just to tiny for it’s own good.

Chocolate Rose is the nyummiest cocktail ever.

I have zero game lol

What I Look Forward to in June

Dj Cleo in concert, words cannot describe how excited I am about it.

How was May for you? What are you looking forward to in June?