I wish I was in Neverland

This coming Sunday, I will be 4 months short of turning 26. Ever since I turned 25, mid life crisis has never seemed realer.  I have never been the goal setting type of person, so I even wonder why I am panicking seeing that there was nothing I was hoping to achieve by this age. I know you are judging me because I have never set goals for my future. My thinking is, why set a bench mark for life, when you can do whatever it is that you want at a pace which suits you? Yes, I know this reasoning is not sufficient, and I cannot even begin to defend it, but it has worked for me so far. (Even though I have not really come that far). I only have one main goal, to be successful and to create a house hold name for myself.

It bothers me that I have passed the age bracket which is referred to as ‘The tender age of’. I plan on doing something dynamic, and I fear that the older I get, the less dazzling my achievement will seem.

I look at my life for the past 25 years, and I can honestly say that I am not satisfied with what I have achieved thus far.  I wish I could do more, I wish my efforts were well recognized and sufficiently compensated for. I wish I had the courage to pursue my true passions, which I realized truly make me happy.

When we were kids, all we wanted to be was grown up, the adults never told us how hard it is to be a grown up. They never told us to relish childhood because life would get harder and tougher. I honestly hate being an adult, too many responsibilities, and no freedom at all. Now I understand why Peter Pan was so against growing up. I would love to be in Neverland right about now.

There were certain convictions that I had when I was younger which have now changed. My sentiments about certain things, which previously seemed quite clever, now just seem stupid and naïve.  I worry about my future, and now that the future is already here, I am definitely in a state of panic.

The worst part is, the future is not in my hands. I may work my behind off, which I already am, and it does not bear fruit, or it goes unnoticed.  I may set goals, and never reach them.  I may want things, but never get them.

Every day I try to remind myself that God has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me. This bible verse keeps me going, especially when the future looks bleak or when I have no idea where it is headed.

This post was originally meant to be about life tips that I would have wanted to share with the world, but all the stuff I have written has confused me lol so I really do not feel like I have any authority to advice people on how to live their lives. The only thing I can say is, as long as you are living and breathing, you are doing a good job! Keep up the good work 🙂



Thank God It’s Friday!!!

This week was just hard!! I am overjoyed it is finally over!

I am excited

about my friends wedding today 🙂

Today I Am Feeling


My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

These Teddy Bears can dance!!! They brought the house down at the Fahrenheit Party in June! I would love to watch them again!

This Weekend I

have nothing major planned, I just want to take a chill pill.

I am really craving

Spa Treatment

I need a back rub, I dunno what has been happening to my bag, but it’s been killing me. I would love to go to Kaya Spa at The Tribe. My ex took me there during our first month together, it is an amazing spa! Must take myself there soon.

I wish

the sun would shine! This weather is not conducive for getting dolled up!

I hope

things will ease up, and that this new opportunity will make things better..

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fantastic Furahiday!!




Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

So glad this week is finally over!!!

I am excited about

seeing him *swoon*

Today I Am Feeling

I must hug a gorrilla or a monkey once in my life 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Dedix for my current crush :p

I had not watched this video in a minute. It really sucks when you are in a relationship, and one person initiates the break up, and they move on to the next one, and they leave you hanging on the moments you had together smh.

This Weekend I

hope I will find time to make some stuff, but otherwise I have nothing major lined up.

I Am Really Craving

a high low skirt!!! I want them really badly.

I wish

bad things never happened to good people.

I hope

I can conquer my shyness and believe in my flyness #yeezyytaughtme

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!


Hand Luggage

Every Wednesday I always find myself looking for a copy of  the Standard newspaper to read the Eve Gal magazine. I find it interesting, and one of the segments I like checking out is the section where women talk about the contents of my handbag.

I have been meaning to do a similar post, and when I read This is Ess’s post about what is in her bag, I got the necessary push to do it.

I am a huge fun of handbags, purses, clutches and sling bags. My biggest problem is that I feel like I overload my handbags with too many things, and as a result, my good bags are wearing out 😦

Have a looksie at the contents of my bag, and help me decide what I should shed off.


So this is the current handbag I am rocking, I got it from my cousins friend who was selling bags, for just Kshs 2,500 and I was so stoked because I love the red.


The bag cannot even stand properly because it is stuffed with so much stuff!


This is what it looks like inside, it is like an abyss, finding something inside it is close to impossible unless you dump the contents out of the bag.


In a nut shell, these are the contents of my bag, I think I need most of the stuff that is in here.

Behold my drivers license which is aptly closed, the photograph in there is not safe for your eyes, take my word for it 😉 . The green purse is my phone pouch, which I got from For You Chinese restaurant, just before Valley Arcade, that place is awesome!


I have had this vanity pack in my bag for song long, the packet is wearing out. It contains some cotton swabs, cotton buds and a nail file.  A sewing kit is very essential me thinks, in case of funny wardrobe malfunctions it really comes in handy.

The 2 shiny boxes are my business card holders turned upside down, the top is wooden and has my names engraved on it which I didnt want you to see, I still love you 😉 One contains my cards for work, and the other for my side hustle.

I would love to yank your chain and tell you I have the worlds smallest digital camera, but that orange ‘camera’ is a flashlight key holder that I got from For You, yeah that place is just too cool.

Vanilla Lace Victoria Secret hand lotion that I got from my cousin, Victoria Secret splash that smells delectable, Nivea deodorant and Carex hand gel. I am not a big fan of hand gels and sanitizers because they are so bitter, can anyone recommend one that isn’t? And no, I was not tasting it, I touch my face a lot which is a horrid habit and if I brush my hands over my lips, it leaves that bitterness there.

I know wet wipes are a much better substitute, which I sometimes buy when I remember.

My lifelines

These are my cell phones, Torch 9800 and Nokia 5210. The Nokia has my airtel line which I rarely use, it is more like my ‘iPod’ so I use it specifically for the music.  I am in a steady relationship with my blackberry, I am always on the phone be it on Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM, there is never a dull moment with it. I die a little every time it gets a scratch or a dent. As you can see, the screen has a lot of dirt in it, I have no idea how to get it cleaned. Suggestions are welcomed.

The phones are useless without these 2 things. My USB cable to charge my BB since I am always on it, and to transfer files of course and my earphones which I use for the phone and on my laptop.

Those are my pocket tissues, I am sure some of you have seen me ranting about my nose. It runs randomly and bleeds sometime, so tissue is tres essential.

My glasses are always in my bag, though I do not wear them as often as I should, even if my eye sight is very bad on one eye.


I originally was looking for bigger frames for that geeky look, but this was the only frame available at the time 😦


I have had this flash disk since 2006!! It is 256 MB which is like the lowest capacity, I havent found the time to upgrade and buy a new one, but in the meanwhile, this one serves me well.


I have 2 pens in my bag, one I found in my car and decided to possess it 🙂 The blue bag was a packaging for a gold chain and pendant my mother bought me from Tanzania, now I use it as a toiletry bag.


My comb (it needs a wash I know, do not judge me too much), my sunnies and my house key. Kawi does this look familiar? 🙂


That is my wallet which I got from Mr Price after I was robbed last year, and my make up bag. My make up bag is kind of a hot mess right now hence why I haven’t photographed the contents, but it has lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, black mascara, clear mascara, eye shadow, a tiny mirror, perfume, Panadol and Eno. I get frequent headaches so it is a good precaution, as for the Eno, it truly works in seconds!

Finally my handbag holder, because dragging this hand luggage around is no easy task.


There you have it, what do you think I should remove from my bag? And what do you feel I am missing?

1st of the month

Be gentle and delightful…

Good riddance to August, there wasn’t anything nice about it at all. It was filled with trials, tears and tiffs!

August Highlights

I got some lovely new saris from my mum from India, cannot wait to get them properly made 🙂

I discovered a nice new joint for cocktails, Onami at westgate, they are just delicious.

I got to hang with my people for a bit, but other than that, there is nothing much to write home about this month.

August Downsides

I bet you guys saw my melancholic post, I got the most disappointing news this month, luckily I recovered from it, but still it was the worst feeling ever.

Tiffs, so unnecessary… I do not like those things much.. but they are over now, hopefully lessons were learnt.

Work, work and more work, the beginning of the end of my social life.

Many sick people this month, not cool at all.

Violence in Mombasa, thank God my people were safe.

August Discoveries

What is the value of true friendship? Am I a good friend? Are you a good friend to me? I am still pondering on these questions.

For some reason, bad things happen that completely change your mind frame.  Such events are meant to build us I think, and I just hope everything will make me grow into a better person.

I have finally understood why this happened, I think to make me stronger, to make me realise that even if I did not get what I wanted, it is not the end of the world.

Life still confuses me…. wish I could get access to my blue print.

What I Look Forward to In September


How was your August? What do you look forward to in September?

Kisses and cookies,