Oh magic 8 ball ….

I really like meeting those kinds of people who can read you like a book from the very first moment they meet you. I do find it very unnerving but I love finding out how they perceive me.

So on Saturday I got to hang out with such a perceptive person. He is a slore in every sense of the word, which kinda makes him sadly appealing. By sadly I mean he is forbidden fruit and I think he finds that appealing. anyhuu I digress.

I try to be ‘mysterious’ , being an open book is very boring but he called me out on everything and called me Kaspersky because of the guard I put up. With him of course it has to be really up. My pride can also be mistaken for ‘firewalling’ but all of that is just a defence mechanism.

Anyway I like knowing what people think of me, call it low self esteem, self centeredness or whatever, I just deem it as a way to find new ideas of improving myself.

So what kind of person do you think I am after reading my blog??