Melancholy Hill

I have said it before, I am not such a big fan of Tuesdays, that is when reality really hits you with a big smack on your face, all the great weekend memories start fading away,  and you are reminded of the fact that the weekend is still very far away.

I like this song by the gorillaz, it’s nice and mellow, plus it feels like the sound track of my life right now.

*yanks hair*

A lot is going on right now in my life, my tummy is in knots, I feel so knackered, and like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I feel like I need spiritual intervention, like God is the only person who can help me, and I am doing my best to reach out to him. Yes, I know it sucks that when I am not at my best is when I seek him with all of my heart, but I can only have some hope and faith that he will guide me in the right direction and to live according to his will.


I do not know if I should speak for myself but as women I think we are in constant battles with our heads and our hearts and trying to figure out which organs we should think and make decisions with. From experience I think it best to think with all the above before making any life changing decisions.

Side bar:

tihihihi :p

These totally made me smile, if your feeling like me, I hope that turns your frown upside down.

Kisses and cookies,