1st of the month

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Everyone seems to be pretty stoked about the end of Janworry, let us see if they will like this month of Luurrrv 😉

I am not a fan of February because of this whole hullabaloo about Valentines day, but I think this time round I’ll indulge myself, wear red, by myself flowers now that I do not have a valentine lol do not pity me please I intend on being extremely sappy rather than disgusted this Valentines day 🙂

January Highlights

I ushered in the new year in Mombasa for the very first time, went to Diani for the Sundance Festival which was awesome despite a small dash of drama but nonetheless it was quite memorable, I must definitely do it again.

I got to hang with one of my bestest friends who was summer bunnying last Christmas so that was definitely a blast.

Met up with my summer bunny, that is a post for another day…maybe.

Then there was my birthday weekend, awesome does not even begin to describe it, and I drowned in a sea of white forest cake and tequila. All in all many of my friends and family came through which was great.

January Downsides

The second week of January was particularly awful, it felt like I was living my own season of Worst Week, though it was not as bad as the British and American versions but it sucked all the same.

Two of my loved ones are unwell and I found out on that same week.That was basically the worst part of January.

I am now a year older 😦

January Discoveries

Be careful about the words that come out of your mouth, they may be used against you, blown out of proportion or highly exaggerated. In other words, trust no one.

People need to get lives and to stop trying to destroy other people’s lives.

I am done with mind games.

If I do not love myself, who will?!

Alcohol is my enemy!

What I look forward to in February

Pay day 🙂

How was your January? and what do you look forward to in this month of love?? 😉

Brand spanking new year :)


Forever Young!!


I am terrified of growing old, I have no idea what I will do when I turn the big three O, I predict a major mid life crisis lol.

From now on as far as I am concerned, I am twenty fine, if you want me to specify a number, I am sweet sixteen till I die 🙂

It’s been one long birthday weekend, quite memorable as usual the parts i remember 🙂 I love my birthday, I use it as an excuse to get anything I want.

I haven’t gotten much though but it’s no biggy I will focus on the bigger picture, good health, great family and friends and a wonderful life.

I had no resolutions this year, and as I reflect on last year, I had a pretty good time, triumphed over a few hardships, made some mistakes especially menwise but nothing major thank God, made very many friends, it was a spectacular year.

As I turn twenty fine, I really want to focus on me, develop myself, and learn to love myself a whole lot more.  I should definitely stop living for the moment, and become ambitious, and work towards something. I do not know what it is yet, but I am sure it will come to me soon enough.

Here’s to a brand spanking new year 🙂



Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

My last Friday before I turn twenty fine :p

I am excited about

my birthday weekend 🙂

Today I am Feeling

antsy, excited and later on I plan on being very very

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Cheers (Drink to that) by Miss Rihanna 🙂

This weekend I

need you to pray for my liver, my so called friends have evil intentions for it, and I am tres afraid (o.O)

I am really craving

gifts, lots and lots of them.

I wish

for nothing but joy, happiness and good health for all my family and friends. I also wish my friends were here 😦

I hope

things work out well today and I somehow manage to have fun.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Irrelevant questions that need to die

Are you seeing anyone?

Are you in a relationship?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend??


These are the most irrelevant questions one can ask. I think they are irrelevant because most of the time, the response you will get will be a lie, or a fabrication of the truth. Even if you do give an honest response, it may not deter the intentions of the person who posed the question in the first place.

I know the question was precipitated by the need to discover what my current status is, and determine what strategy you will use to pursue me or find out if you stand a chance, and whether I am actually available and yours for the taking.

But I think if your game is tight, you will still pursue me regardless of what my situation is.  If I give in to your advances, then that should tell you the state of mind that I currently am in. If you really want me, then nothing should deter you from chasing after me, regardless of the fact that I am taken or available. Except of course if I tell you to stay the hell away from me and I want nothing to do with you.

To be honest, I suck at reading people, unless they are like an open book, I am really clueless in that area. But I believe someone can tell how someone else is responding to you while you interact with them.

If they are open to your flirtatious attempts, they will probably smile, flirt back, or encourage you to go ahead literally or by not stopping you. On the contrary, if they are not open to your advances, they will shoot your attempts down immediately be it subtly, politely or very sternly so that you do not even get it twisted. I know someone who has been in a relationship for a long time, and she does not give other men the time of day.

I think these reactions can be used to gauge whether someone is available or not.

This may not be a good depiction of their current relationship status, but at least it shows you stand a chance and that you may proceed with the pursuit… if you dare.

I met a guy this year who told me he was single, only to discover weeks later that he was in a serious relationship, with someone I knew! He went out of his way to make me believe he was single, that was the worst part. That experience definitely made me very wary about trusting people, and clearly it made the question in contention seem very meaningless and irrelevant.

I do not like being asked if I am single or not, I usually ask the person if it matters and if the response holds any water. I usually tell them that I am unavailable just to see what they will do with that piece of information. Most times that fact changes nothing and they continue pressing on. This makes me wonder why they asked me that question in the first place.

I am trying to think of witty retorts that I can use to respond to them, like ‘I am a swinger.’ Or ‘I am in an open relationship.’ I will definitely say things like I am bi or I swing for the other team just to see what their next move will be. Feel free to give me more suggestions..



Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

This week has really dragged yo!!! I am so glad it’s finally friday!

I am excited about

my new friend :)She seems really cool!

Today I am Feeling

great, for now, I have no idea how long that will last now that I woke up at 3:40am o_O

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Rocketeer feat. Ryan Tedder


this is such a great jam, leaves me feeling all nostalgic and what not. Ryan Tedder (one republic) sounds simply amazing!

This weekend I

am kicking it with the family, I have not seen most of them this year so I am really looking forward to it 🙂

I am really craving


Words cannot explain how badly I want Chrisette Michele‘s gold mirrored sun glasses! I saw some white dude at The Junction with gold mirrored Ray Bans that turned red when he was far away, I almost considered snatching them away from him!

Her lipstick rocks as well, it’s just the perfect shade of red!

I wish

things work out according to God’s plan.

I hope

God keeps answering all of our prayers.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Nairobi Dating Scene Part 2

This is my attempt to kill the Java and Dorman’s culture that has become so boring and predictable. People need to get more creative, explore new options, and I am here to help you with that 🙂

If a coffee shop is what you are looking for, you can try out The Mug which is on the same lane as Lonrho House (Forgive me, I do not know street names in town, I identify locations via the nearest famous building. Always remember you can never get lost if you spot The Hilton when you look up in the sky and find your way there.)

The Mug has 2 floors, ample space and fairly priced items on sale. They have the ice creamiest milkshakes that go for Kshs. 250 which I absolutely love. I think meals go for between 300 – 1000 Shillings. For the sweet tooths out there, a slice of cake goes for 250 Kshs which is just about the same price as other coffee shops.

You can also check out Tea Spot on Koinange Street, I have only been there once so I do not remember their prices but it has ample space, and their menu comprises of cool recipes made from tea.

The first thing that pops into someone’s head when you mention Ethiopian is Habeesha. It’s time to broaden your thinking. Just before Chaka Place from town there is an estate with a grey gate called Metropolitan Court written in pink. The third house inside there is an Ethiopian Restaurant, it may not really look a restaurant at the entrance, but just have an open mind while you enter, and leave your uppitiness behind. The backyard for the verandah has been converted to seating areas. Each meal costs between Kshs 250 and Kshs 400 and is accompanied by salad and anjeera. My personal favourite is shiro and kitfo (minced meat and thick soup with chunks of meat) each of which goes for Kshs. 300 and can feed 3 people.

Now that we are expanding our palettes, the next cuisine you should indulge in is Indian. I went to Handi’s last week at Capital Centre for lunch. Handi’s is a subsidiary of the Haveli’s ‘Franchise’ if I may call it that. The ambience is lovely, the food is delectable and the prices are kind of fair considering the restaurant and its reputation. The price range is between 400 – 1000 Kshs thereabouts. Food items are priced separately for example a curry may go for 600 Kshs Nan is 110 Kshs and rice like 200 Kshs (These are not the exact prices, but a pretty accurate estimate). So in total a full meal can be priced at about Kshs 1200.

If you are brave enough to eat raw food, then Japanese is just the thing for you. Everybody keeps raving about sushi, and the most talked about place that serves up the best sushi is Onami Grill and Sushi Bar at The Westgate Mall. I finally went there a fortnight ago and the place most definitely lives up to the hype. The interior is superb with oriental paintings and décor. There is a huge sushi bar where you can watch the chef prepare your meals as you seat and wait. If you are going to Onami please come armed with a credit/debit card or enough money because it is on the pricey side so you need to be financially ready. A sushi meal goes for about Kshs 1200 (being the cheapskate that I am I still haven’t tried it) and this is basically the general price of meals there, 1200 Kshs and above. Their cocktails go for the usual price of between 450 – 600 Kshs and they taste sooo good, I’d love a mojito right about now or a cosmo. They serve you complimentary salad which is really yummy especially if you have gone there with a drinks budget alone 😉 Gentlemen if you really want to impress a lady, take them to Onami. I just might consider marrying any man who would wine and dine me there *jumping into the box*.

Photo and great date ideas from here

To explore various cuisines at a pocket friendly price, you can go to various malls which have Food Courts offering everything from Tunisian to Chinese. The food court at Village Market has the widest variety of cuisines plus the added advantage of selling kegs if you are into that sort of thing. I am sure you have all been to The Junction, Prestige, Sarit Centre just but to mention a few.

Cake Plaza is a quaint place located opposite Prestige Plaza that is a bakery come restaurant. They have all sorts of pastries on display like cookies, muffins, bread sticks all retailing at affordable prices from Kshs 40 to I am guessing at most Kshs 300. They have amazing cakes on display as well from Tiramisu to white forest which cost Kshs 250 per slice, plus they also bake cakes for different occasions, wish I had the prices for you 😦

Their prices are wonderful, ranging from Kshs 60 to Kshs 600 at most. Their most expensive burger costs Kshs 350. French Fries are Kshs 60, Masala Fries are Kshs 80. There is this mushroomed chicken dish they make that goes for Kshs 300, so does the chicken curry and you can choose between rice, chips, masala fries or roast potatoes for free accompaniments. It is a wonderful pocket friendly place with great ambience, so now that I have told you about Nairobi’s best kept secret, please do not go filling the place up 😉

I discovered Que Pasa courtesy of my friend, which is a bistro located inside Karen Shopping Centre. Majority of the clientele consists of white people whom I expected to be racist but they let you be and focus on their own agendas. There is a bar at the entrance, and the décor consists of mostly wooden furnishings. They make use of a lot of candle light and there are amazing photographic wall hangings which contribute to the lovely ambience. They do not have a drinks menu, but meals are priced between Kshs 550 to slightly above Kshs 1000.

Tamambo Tapas Bar at The Village Market is also a swanky place to visit. It has 2 seating areas, a terrace outside and the bar is situated inside. Drinks are reasonably priced and if you talk to the waiters they can hook you up with shisha for Kshs 500 from the shisha shop. It is a nice place to just chill out with friends.

If you are in Mombasa, be sure to check out the Moorings floating restaurant in Mtwapa. Just like the name suggests it floats on water. If you make an early reservation you can sit on the terrace which can be detached from the main restaurant and float away. The drinks are reasonable priced, the ambience is magnificent as you over look the ocean and watch boats pass you by, it is definitely a place you must visit!

So those were just a few examples of the cool places I have been to that I thought I would share with you.

I would really love to go to Sankara, The Tribe, Sierra Lounge, Divinos, Meditarraneo, and Karen Country Lodge. Feel free to take me there 😉

Check out the first installment of Nairobi Dating Scene here.

Politics ~ Why I do not give a damn!

On the morning of 27th December 2007, I woke up bright and early, filled with excitement because I was a 20 year old young lady, about to vote for the first time ever. My voters card was my ticket to elect the leaders of my choice, to make my voice be heard and to exercise my constitutional right to vote.

We got to Madaraka Primary School, which was my polling station, at about 8am, and the long queue stretched until Swing House at Junky. As we lined up, voters kept passing us with big bright smiles on their faces, beaming with pride and hoping that the people they had voted for would emerge victorious.

My father and I lined up for what felt like forever, it was exhausting. When the queue was finally within the school, the line was snaking past the lavatories. It being a public school, the stench emanating from the toilets was unbearable. I honestly just wanted to give up and go to the car hoping that my father’s vote will count for the both of us.

But I soldiered on, having given up on holding my breath, and inhaling the ammonia like fumes, knowing that this suffering would somehow be worth it as I embarked on what I deemed as a huge milestone in my young life.

When I finally got to the voting booth, I remember randomly selecting my councillor since I had no idea who the candidates were. My choice for Member of Parliament was based on change, and my choice for President was based on choosing the lesser evil that I knew rather than the one I did not know.

I left the polling station already feeling victorious because I had played a part in a historic event that had occurred in my country.

The results start trickling in, with various disparities and that was the beginning of the end. One dramatic press conference and a hurried inauguration later, and pap, we have a new president and violence sparks across the country like wild fire.

Lucky for us suburbia was very peaceful, but chaos erupted in various parts of Nairobi and the rest of the country. That was the one time I was glued to the news, hoping not to miss a minute of the action.

During that period, all I felt was fear, shock, horror, disappointment, and gratefulness. I was not in a healthy state of mind, no wonder that was the day I started dating my ex, go figure :p

The entire country was in turmoil and anguish, it was truly a horrible time for Kenya. People forgot they were Kenyans first, and the member of a particular tribe second. Blood was shed, lives were lost, property was destroyed and people lost their homes and their livelihood.

Personally, I felt like my vote did not count. The people I voted for were either not elected or were accused of rigging. It became evident that those in power will do everything they can not to relinquish that power and make things work in their favour. Standing next to a stinking toilet for almost more than an hour had proved to be futile and a freaking waste of my time.

I actually vowed never to vote again. Right now I have no idea whether I will still stick to that vow or not. But my plan is/was to start a travel fund to be out of Kenya in December 2012. The balance is currently Kshs. 0.

I did not participate in voting for the new constitution. I made no effort to even get registered, but I did attempt to read some parts of the proposed new constitution. I had none of that hope and pride that people had when they got registered, and eventually voted, waving their purple pinky swag with pride. I viewed the whole process as a waste of time because like I said previously, those in power will manipulate their results in their favour, just like the 2007 elections.

Turns out I was wrong, people voted peacefully, and the new constitution was implemented. This gave me some hope that our election process is not completely flawed. It is the reason why I am now rethinking my vow.

I have not really decided if I will vote come 2012. The strongest reason that would compel me to do it is if someone I know was vying for a seat. Yes, feel free to insert your judgement here!

Otherwise, going by the by-elections that have taken place this year, the leaders who are openly corrupt and stupid will always be voted back in.

Fresh new faces will most probably vie for seats because they also want a piece of that seemingly delicious cake that our MPs have been greedily feasting on.

The people who honestly want change are very few, and it is difficult to judge whether they are being sincere or not.

Impunity prevails in our country and parliament keeps making terrible and selfish decisions without taking the common mwananchi into consideration.

These factors compel me to stay true to my vow. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, KPLC Kenya Power and Lighting Company has switched it off.

2012 is still very far away, the world might end, I may fly off to the Maldives Islands or I may even decide to vote. We will never know till we get there…