1st of the month

November, I can already taste the awesomeness that you have in store for us 🙂

October Highlights

Nairobi Fashion Market was amazing, this year I got even more cool stuff as compared to last year, I cannot wait for the March 2013 edition 🙂 I gave my mum the green make up bags for her birthday, she loved them 🙂

I had one week off during the 2nd week of October and I totally loved it, I think I can be a professional bummer 🙂 I chilled out, made some stuff, and kicked it with my friends. I cannot wait for my next break hopefully in December *fingers crossed*.

I did not work for 2 Fridays!!! How cool is that?!!!

I also went for a small getaway in the wild, over indulged in alcohol and food, it was great, really wish it was longer than just one night.

A herd of elephants, my country is beautiful 🙂

I also got to go for The Sunday Sundown at The Tribe Hotel, electrafique djs killed it as always, plus I got to kick it with some friends I had not seen in a while, I hope it will be a regular gig.

The last weekend of October was legendary!!! My friend treated us to drinks at Serena, went for a Halloween party at the embassy after that. I went dressed as a devil, which I will never do since there were like 4 other devils smh. I even had a tiff with one because she thought I stole her devil fork, as if she is the only one who went to Toy World to buy one mscheuww. The party was really cool, and guys were really dressed up in some awesome outfits.

Just A Band launched their album Sorry For The Delay at KICC last Saturday, and it was phenomenal!! I had so much fun, the music was great, plenty of optical nutrition 😉 and I got to see my friend do his first Deejay set at a major event and he rocked the house down, proudest moment ever!


Listen and buy their new album, Sorry For The Delay here. I think I love like every song on their, and I am not exaggerating!

So yeah October was a big ball of fun 🙂

October Downsides

My aunt passed away 2 weeks ago, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few years ago, had a masectomy, but it eventually came back and got the best of her. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Some of my friends have been going through some struggles, I hope they will get through them.

October Discoveries

Do not drink and drive!!

What I Look Forward To In November

Summer bunnies 🙂


How was October for you? What are you looking forward to in November?


Of The Martians

That title stems from

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

It is actually a category I have had on here ever since I started this blog and I wanna talk about the unfairer sex :p I love engaging men about how they relate with women, it is great to get their input for I still am extremely clueless, even after all these years smh. It is interesting picking their brains, plus they are very interesting as well.
I have noticed men seem to be drawn to crazy women, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what is so appealing about them. I’m pretty sure it has to do with their talent in the bedroom, but yo! Dudes need to think about how these women will still be loco in the outside world too. They tend to be especially dramatic and violent, and with several mentions of knives from some guys I know, maybe that is the appeal? *Kanye shrug*.

Someone explained it to me yesterday, that being with someone deemed as crazy let’s you experience all the things you would have wanted to, but was too afraid to ask for. That explanation seemed kinda legit, knowing that you have met someone who is just as crazy as you, but is not ashamed to admit it. But where does that leave us stable minded normal people? Oh ya, single and friendzoned ha!

My guy friends sometimes make me believe that there is probably some hope for the men out here. They really fight with all their might to be faithful to their significant others, some even if they have been friendzoned (which I totally don’t get but still respect).

I sort of decided to consider whether the next guy I should be with should be one of my friends. I know some very cool and hot guys, and this new ‘decision’ has totally confused me, but anyway we will see if some transitions are possible. Turning friendships into relationships is tricky in my opinion. The familiarity has its pros and cons. The biggest con is that I think friends would not really make an effort in the relationship since you had already established a routine as friends. (Think of that white chic in single ladies ssn2 when she started dating her friend and how things were weird at first). I have a couple of relafriendships with some guys, you know that ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ typa thing going on. It is interesting, yet confusing all the same.

Fellas, what do you guys feel about women who step up to you? nyemelearing My guy friends were telling me about how they prefer doing the chasing, and not being pursued. Personally, I do not like doing the chasing, I have too much pride for that. Yet sometimes this may be challenging seeing that so many men today just sit (seat?)  there staring at you without even attempting to make a move. Why are there so many non starters? and yet all the douchy men are the ones who are daring enough to actually make the first contact?

These friends of mine also claimed that most men can tell when a woman is ‘the one’. I wish I asked them why they believe in the one, my sentiments have never changed about that issue, there is nothing like the one, maybe the one right now 🙂 Anyhoosmu they were telling me the emotions elicited by ‘the one’  was how they knew those girls were the one. Like if they felt extra shy or fidgety etc. I must look out for such signs in future :p

I have come to realise that guys  in their mid twenties are currently in the process of building themselves and their careers. Some of them have chosen to focus on that and do not have time for silly things like relationships, but they have time to chipo though smh. I know a couple of guys who have decided on focusing on achieving their goals and opted out of anything that will distract them, like girls.

So some men want us to find them when they are at their financial peak, with great jobs, that awesome whip and the huge mansion in the suburbs. Yet when we try get at you at that level, some of you will say that we are gold digging?!

I wanted to come to the gym but you chose to focus on your exercise alone! Without a partner!




A woman is meant to help a man and support him in all his endeavours, she will be behind you every step of the way. Do not view us as distractions but as a support system. We understand your current situation, and some of us would actually like to play a part in building you. I think a man will enjoy reaping the fruits of his labour with the person who helped cultivate them, right?

I know men do not like to struggle, hence why they feel the need to work hard to provide us with what they think we need. But sometimes it is not about the money. You may think choosing to work hard now so that you are in the perfect financial situation to be in a relationship will pay off, but you may risk losing that woman whom you have pushed to the curve for future ‘use’.

Now, let us talk about honesty. Some men are not honest. (See how I DONT generalise by saying some men? :p) They will do and say anything to get the cookie, hence why I take everything ya’ll say with a pinch of salt.  Just be honest, you will be amazed at the results.

I am definitely looking forward to more conversations with men 🙂


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!


I am excited about

Halloween 🙂

Today I Am Feeling

happy, excited 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Jack Rooster is fast becoming one of my favorite deejays, his house mixes rock, make sure you tune into his show Cafe Mocha on Homeboyz Radio every Saturday from 1pm – 3pm. I had the pleasure of meeting him last Sunday at The Tribe for Sunday Sundown, he is not only easy on the eye 😉 but very humble too!

This Weekend I

will be that chic giving my pal mad groupy love as he djs for the first time at a gig, so excited for him 🙂

I am really craving


I wish

Today was a public holiday le sigh.

I hope

I find some cool things when I go shopping kesho.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future.’

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!

Humpday Musings

  • We all have our Judas moments sadly.
  • Westgate cupcakes and Onami cocktails are the truth.
  • Once in a while, people will surprise you, and not necessarily in a good way.
  • Do not pee in the wild, there are prickly things and passersby.
  • Nairobi is extremely small, it is now 2 degrees of separation.
  • You can have fun even at your brokest moments. I really lived beyond my means this weekend, but somehow I still managed to have fun and not remain with zero bob as I thought I would.
  • BACON!!!!
  • Cancer needs to be taken down, before it kills all of us L My aunt lost her battle with Breast Cancer on Saturday, she had been suffering for a while, but I am glad she is at peace now. I spotted this picture and it has almost killed me!

  • Sometimes you may get what you yearned for, question is, what will you do with it once you get it?
  • Dj Cortega really looks and dances like David Guetta. Electrafique Djs and the beat parade have the most awesome gigs.
  • His and hers outfits are extremely lame, let that ish die!
  • Sometimes you can sleep for a short amount of time and feel like you have slept forever, then a few hours after you woke up, the burn out hits you!
  • I wish there was no S.I. Unit of what the best body shape is! IRN I need to go back to the gym lol
  • Matte nail polish!!!  A big shout out to my friend, who I know will read this for hooking me up, my nails look so fab!


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

and I am in bed 🙂  it does not get sweeter than this!!!!

I am excited about

a possible get away soon, fingers crossed it works out.

Today I Am Feeling

lazy, getting out of this bed is a task! Plus I am sad, how has this week just flown like that?!

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Antenna by Fuse ODG, the youtube videos for the dance competition are awesome!!

I stumbled upon this one today. But I still prefer this one below, they dance better.

I am that chic who is going to cram these moves and burst a move on every dance floor :p

This Weekend I

wont do so much, sema broke :p

I am really craving

something from Big Square, I swear that place is addictive, shindwe!

I wish

my holiday was not ending so soon 😦

I hope

next week will not be too rough on me.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘If they treat you like an option, leave them like a choice’

Have a Fantastic Friday 🙂

Nairobi Fashion Market Finds

Nairobi Fashion Market went down this past Saturday at the Impala Grounds and of course I found my way there. Various exhibitors were showcasing their goods and services there.

Majority of the exhibitors were selling clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and toiletries.I found some awesome things at such a great price. If I had more money I would have bought so much more.

A Blue Collar necklace going for Kshs 800 I have been dying for a collar necklace
I LOVE Butterflies! I got this necklace for Kshs 500
I got these studs at Kshs 100 each.

Move over Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works, there is a new line in town. The I Love…. line is a new entrant in the market and they have an assortment of products retailing at affordable prices. They had very good deals at Nfm. I got this Blueberry lotion and Coconut body butter at Kshs 799 in total! I have already started using the Blueberry lotion, and they make me smell good enough to eat! You can find these products at the Mimosa Pharmacies located at most of the major malls, and at some beauty product shop next to Super Cosmetics whose name I forget.

Make up bags Kshs 700 for all 4

I was partciularly happy about getting these bags because some stalls were selling the 4 bags at Kshs 2000 and another one was selling them at Kshs 1500 si i thought 700 was quite the bargain.

Purple earrings @ Kshs 350
Green earrings @ Kshs 350


I hope you now believe me when I say that Nairobi Fashion Market is an event you should never miss out. The next nfm will probably be in March, and God willing by then I will be able to display some of my goods. I will keep you posted 🙂






Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

I am excited about

taking a well deserved break 🙂 I am soooo amped \o/

Today I Am Feeling

happy go lucky, and I hope this stays the same all day.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

This was the first song I heard today, such a big tune 🙂

This Weekend I

will be going to the Nairobi Fashion Market, if you love everything fashion, this is definitely the place to be. Come with money :p


There will be free health checks as well so this is a great opportunity to come get checked out and shop as well.

I am really craving

Are there still men who say such silly cute things?

I wish

for good health and tidings for me and for all 🙂

I hope

traffic will not be so bad today, but all signs show that it may be horrific!

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!!