2009 The year that was…

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i cant generate number texts 🙂

2009 highlights

2009 was an amazing year for me! I am actually kinda sad to see it end, but such is life.

I am one of the lucky few people in the world who has two birthdays, the one on my birth certificate and my actual birthday. My dad got it wrong by a day so legally I age one day earlier than I am meant to. Anyhoosmu, on birthday number one I went for a house party in my hood, and on my real birthday I got to kick it with people close to my heart at Westlands. It was awequitealot and I got drunk for the first time ever 🙂

March 13th was my last day in University and I cannot even begin to describe the euphoria!!! That marked the beginning of some serious partying which set the pace for the rest of the year.

On the last week of March my friends and I went to Mombasa and it was the best trip ever!! We went by train which was my first time and I loved it. The trip involved daily trips to Bobs, and the beach, sleeping on pool decks I think i slept on a bed like once. I got to use a tuk tuk and boda boda for the first time, went to Club Lambada the hottest club in East Africa in my opinion and Casablanca where my male friends got hit on by an Izzo look-alike lol. Mombasa Raha.

My beautiful nephew was born in March and he is such an adorable blessing in our lives.

April was the month I discovered Eric Wainaina is not overhyped. He is an absolutely great performer.

In May I got a job which was quite a blessing considering how fast I got it.

May also marked the start of Rugby Mania in Nairobi from Under 21 World Cup to Floodies. Those activities kept my weekends busy, great place to drool and socialise, oh and watch sports lol. Floodies Finals was an awesome night. Harlequins hosted a slamming party, the music was oh so deadly danced till my feet hurt with my friends, and finished the partying off in Westlands.

The month of June is synonymous with the Tusker Safari Sevens now its Safaricom Safari Sevens? I wonder How it will be next year.. This year I was so ready for Sevens, got there by 9am, got great seats at the Tusker Stand for the first time ever. I actually watched the rugby which was a first for me. For the first time this year I went on both Saturday and Sunday. I have never attended a sevens final so I was so blessed to see Kenya win. I made many new friends that day, and it was quite an experience 🙂

I graduated in July 17th, that day was definitely LEGENDARY. The ceremony wasn’t so boring, and I had an amazing party, so many people showed up, big up to all of them for sharing that experience with me. I also must say congratulations to the Class of 2009 worldwide, we did it!!!

July also marked the beginning of some serious parties, birthdays, graduations it was so insane, every weekend something was going down. I definitely had the time of my life from July through to August. I also got over my crush in August which was extremely liberating, it had become borderline obsession.

I started blogging in August, and it was the best thing ever!! I love my blog and I love my readers, thank you so much for reading 🙂

The beginning of September was also quite memorable, kicked it with some cool peoples and that is always fun.

In October I got to treat my mum for her birthday at TPF3 finale and she had so much fun, I am so glad she loved it.

November was cool, experienced new things.

December finally checked in and my cousin came home after ten years!!! I need to kick it with her more.

So wrap it all up, 2009 was a year of new experiences, awesome parties, meeting new people, and embracing adulthood bleh.

2009 Downsides

Final year project and eggzams sucked balls wololo The reading, programming, the papers themselves, what an awful time that was.

My friends who did not graduate, that must have been so hard, I cannot even begin to fathom.

I am not cut out for this 8-5 business that is the corporate world. I barely have any free time, two days in never ever enough so I really have not had enough me time this year. Worst part was working over Christmas, I will never stop whining about this. I also feel sad about not being made permanent, but I will continue praying about it.

Meeting men who did not think I was worth keeping in their lives.

All the people who have lost friends this year, why can’t we all just get along??

I am never hosting a party anytime in the near future at my house or anywhere with limited space.

Not getting to go to Mombasa for the new year. I had such great expectations, now all I can do is feel kimnyathe as people wild out at The Rica 😦

2009 Discoveries

My wardrobe expanded this year and it now contains more dresses, I am embracing the girly side of life.

I am not going to make people a priority in my life when I am only an exception in thiers. The only people you need in life are the ones that need you in theirs.

God is an awesome God. He has been so good to me, even if I may not necessarily deserve it. He has blessed me abundantly and he deserves nothing but my gratitude and praise. Thank you Lord.

I love my family and I love my friends, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in 2010.

2009 was 2000 and mine.

What I look forward to in 2010

I will be on leave for the first two weeks of January and I am ecstatic, I can hardly contain myself. I need to catch up with so many people, and I will finally get to meet my nephew 🙂

My birthdays, but of course, January is going to be a long month, with many birthdays, I can’t wait.

I really hope my cousin will be able to come to Kenya this year with her son who I have never met.

I have no idea what 2010 has in store for me, but I really pray it will be yet another legendary year. It will be a great year, by force, hence the boxing gloves 🙂

Sayonara 2009



First up 600 hits wuuuuhuuuuuu thank you thank you thank you

The lovely Miss Magaribina finally tagged me i’ve been longing for someone to tag me to reveal stuff about myself which some of  my readers do not know about moi. So since she did 10 things about herself, I think I will stick to the same number.


  1. Anonymity

When I first joined twitter, not many of my friends in the real world were members, and the first thing I noticed about most people was their anonymity. Well, I joined the band wagon, or at least I tried to be anonymous, I do not know how great that is working out for me though. Anyway if you follow me on twitter, and do not know me in the real world, I may shy away from revealing stuff about myself. I am not trying to be rude, I think i’ve just embraced the anonymity thing too much. So do not take it personally.

2.  I appreciate

People are always telling me how boy crazy I am simply because I am always talking about men, Ooogling men etc But it is all talk, I am quite the good girl, I am very shy when it comes to relating with the opposite sex those who express any interest in me. So even though I may sound ‘hungry’  like someone once told me, I do not really devour. 🙂

3. My biggest phobia

is death!! I hate death! Death of a family member, friend, acquintance, or friend of a friend, celebrity etc. I am especially afraid of the death of my parents. I have this weird thing, I do not know where I got it from, but in my head if I do not think about death or chant this silly Mantra ‘I hope they do not die’ in my head like every day, something bad may happen. It’s not something I strive to do daily though, but I do it a lot if I become aware of a situation which could be dangerous in my opinion.

4. Mwanya

I had a gap in my teeth until I was 14 years old thanks to my retainers. Wish I never got those things 😦 It was not a very big gap, but a toothpic could pass in between my teeth. I kinda miss it.

5. I hate neo soul

Yes some of you may have seen my #neosoulsucks tweets, and here I am reascounding my strong belief! I am not a fan of neo soul, especially for a long duration of time like on thursdays on the jam on capital fm hiyuck. Neo soul is slow, boring and monotonous, same tired beats in almost every jam. I guess it does not really touch me because I never listen to lyrics when I listen to music. I may know all the lyrics to a song but I do not take in the meaning. I listen to the famous neo soul artists like India Arie i love her, Lauryn Hill, Musiq, Maxwell isn’t bad, but not listening to any of their songs for a long period of time would really  not move me.

6. Spoilt Brat

I am an only child, but I like to think I am not a spoilt brat. Most people who meet me for the first time actually think I have some siblings.

I must admit that I have noticed that I like getting my own way, but that is in situations like deciding which radio station to listen to, or where to go. Otherwise, I do not get everything I want. Maybe its because I live by my parents means, so I try to understand their current situation before I actually ask for anything. And if I cannot have it, I simply wait until they feel they can give me what I want. why does that make me sound even more spoilt??

What did you think after reading my blog?? Did I sound like an only kid?

7. I love dancing

I really love dancing a lot!! I go out just to dance and to meet people. I do not drink, unless it is peer pressure which I had successfully managed to ignore till last weekend.. But anyway music makes my world go round, and dancing is how I embrace it, and set my mood.

8.  Really Clueless

I started this wordpress blog last year in July, with one draft post which I have no idea what it was about. So when I moved here from blogger I retained the title because I still think I am clueless.

I have no idea what I want with my life, I have no short or long term goals, I have no idea where I want to be in the next 5 years. I have no idea where my career path is headed. I am still very clueless about men, in fact I have reached a point in my life where I have to consult a book to know what to do when it comes to men tsk tsk lol So I still am very clueless…

9. Bananas

I hate those string things in bananas, and that funny cottony feeling it leaves in your mouth when your done eating, it makes me want to eat something else. I love smoodhies though especially Strawberry Shock from Rendezvous.

10. Cats and Dogs

I love both cats and dogs. They are cute, furry and nyu. I also like cats tongues, I used to like sticking my finger where the cat is cleaning its self. I really want a cat, but mummy won’t let me get one 😦 I also want a cute furry dog that I can carry around in my purse 🙂

Finally i’m done!! That was actually really hard, trying to decipher what to say, and how to put it. Now comes the even harder part, who to tag, how to tag, will you know if you have been tagged??










Unfettered Sultana


The Memoirs

Archer Mishale

Mo-Mo Baggins






I hope I haven’t left anyone out, I’ve mentioned most of the bloggers I read, so TAG YOUR IT!!!!

Tupac or Biggy? The once great debate..

I grew up in a predominantly West Side family. All the songs I heard were for Tupac, all the posters in my cousin’s rooms were for Tupac, the East Side and all those rappers were not very popular in my circles.

When Tupac was gunned down I was in standard 4, I still remember watching the story on TV, but I do not really remember what I felt about it.

I do not remember what was going on in my life when Biggy died, but it did not have such a big impact in my life.

I really liked Tupac, in the East Coast, West Coast debate I was always West Side for Life west sayiiiidd

Then came high school, and there was this friend of mine who was crazily in love with Tupac. His music was always being played 247 in the dorms, it reached a point I just got sick of him. I cannot stand California Love, or Dear Mama, those top the list. But I still love songs like Me and My girlfriend, Hail Mary, and that song for

How many brothers fell victim to the streets, rest in peace ya’ll niggaz there’s a heaven for a G, realize if I told you that I never thought of death, my niggaz we the last one’s left.

So with time Notorious BIG started growing on me, especially after the release of The Biggy Duets, I really started taking a shine to his music. To be honest I’v only heard three songs from that album, Switch your game, Nasty girl, and Micasa feat R.Kelly and Charlie Wilson one of my favorite jams.

Last weekend I finally watched the movie ‘Notorious’ and I am now a fully fledged Biggy Fan hands down.

I learnt so much about him through the movie which I had not known, like the fact that he died at the tender age of 21. I had no idea that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was the one behind his success. Okay I guess they were both responsible for each others success.

This movie really exposed me to the prowess of Biggy’s rhymes, and the fact that he had game 🙂 who would have ever thought?!

Biggy Smallses

The kid acting as the little Notorious is actually his son Christopher Wallace Junior, I think he is soo adorable, such a cutie.

Christopher Wallas Jnr

I also never really knew the relationship that Biggy had with Lil Kim. When the movie came out I remember hearing that Lil Kim was unhappy with how the movie depicted her in a very slutty manner, which was very true after I watched the movie, the Marilyn Monroe of Rap. It is so pissing that he had been sleeping with her for so long, then he meets Faith Evans and marries her after 9 days wth?! And she still stuck with him and Bad Boy, she is very strong. She must have some major issues though, look at what she has done to her face?!!

Biggy and Kim Jones

I also finally got to learn the major cause of the beef between Tupac and Biggy, Tupac got attacked in a studio where Biggy and the Bad Boy crew were, and he held them responsible for it since he saw them there after it happened.

Anyway I can only imagine how the Hip Hop industry would have turned out if none of this went down, they used to be friends so I am sure they would have made beautiful music together.

From friends to foes
The bone of contention

In a song hitting out at Biggy, Tupac claimed he allegedly slept with Faith Evans. According to the movie, it wasn’t true, what do you think?

I am glad though that all that East Coast, West Coast beef died a fast death after the demise of two hip hop greats who inspired dozens of other artists who have also risen to fame. I cant really say their demise benefitted the likes of Diddy or Suge Knight though.

I also discovered some new things about Tupac today, he was actually born in New York. He was very close with Jada Pinkett Smith, and he dated Madonna!!

So yes in the debate which is not so great anymore, I am for Biggy for now

Anyway I’d really like to know, who do you guys like better? Tupac or Biggy?? Why?


Today I woke up mentally with knots in my stomach, due to built up anticipation and excitement, only for it to get crushed and set the pace for a very irritable day 😦 Moral of the story, NEVER GET YOUR HOPES UP!! Do not get excited because most probably shit will blow over.

I do not feel like doing TGIFridays today 🙂 but it seems I have set some kinda trend so check out my girl Kawi’s TGIFriday post here

I have never waited for 5pm like today, I have no particular agenda, but I am definitely wilding out in my own mild way. I plan on dancing my troubles mood swings away, i’l exorcise those demons ruining my mood :p

Why don’t boys pierce their tongues?? as in why??

I once met a guy who had all the attributes I like, long hair, tattoos, and a tongue ring, but he wasnt so easy on the eye, and he was short. Anyhoosmu got that from my ‘stalker’ whose not stalked me for a whole day 😦 he insisted on taking my number and asking me out for coffee *yawn* and yes you guest it, he did not call. If he only knew the kinda sports I would have undertaken with that tongue of his tsk tsk his loss. But yes I would really like to know how it feels to kiss a man with a tongue ring. If I find you, get ready to be prounced on 🙂 This here is what made me start raving about tongues just so you know.

OMG please visit fmylife for an instant pick me up, it has faster relief than ENO it works in microseconds lol. It definitely helps to learn that other people have more screwed up lives than I do.

Anyway today Its all about rambling, all the things I am pondering about whether to say or not.

Like when you meet someone new of the opposite sex, I personally think it’s irrelevant what their relationship status is nowadays. People lie, people say the truth and still lie to someone else, so does being single or in a relationship even matter anymore if no one really takes that commitment seriously??

I also learnt something about myself from work, I am not exactly the most patient human being. It is not something I am very proud of, and I really want to work on that so I will pray for patience, and incase I forget, please pray for me too.

I am also one of those people who are very mindful of other peoples feelings, and I was just thinking I should become even more mindful, but it’s hit me, why should I if no one is going out of their way to be mindful of my feelings??

Today I was also reminded of something that I did a few months ago to a friend that I was not very proud of 😦 Though I was totally provoked, It is still no excuse and I am definitely gonna apologise the first chance that I get, even though we are actually cool and everything, I think I need to clear the air anyway.

Wah this idea has just popped into my head, why not go and get toffee vodka shots today?? hmmmm. Ngai these female hormones are already making me nuts imagining adding alcohol into the equation? It might be electric 😉 Am I even thirsty or just bored?? This feeling is not very nice.

I have been writing this post for like an hour, and I must not be making any sense right now.

And the ramblings continue….

I think I have now lost the ability to decipher whether I like someone as in a guy or not. I think my judgement is clouded by various actions or trivial issues which I overthink about constantly. If you only knew what is on my mind now tsk tsk. Anyway I wish things would be crystal clear, and that such things like feelings never freaked me out, or held me back from getting to know someone or putting myself out there, that would be amazing.

But I must say I have grown a bit these past few months, contrary to what I say, I am not boy crazy as I sound. Finding a man is not number one on my agenda, but I do oogle a lot and that I will not deny.

I have a fabulous idea for a post so please stay tuned if your a music fan you will love it!!!

So here is to a fabulous friday BY FORCE


Thank God it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!

It’s here finally!!!

I am excited about

this weekend, and next weekend, and the other weekend 🙂

Today I am feeling

a mix between excitement and nervousness, but more on the nervous side, my stomach is tight, the butterflies have just broken free from the cocoon, and are getting ready to take flight.


photo from here

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Big Shot by Madtraxx.  ‘Who will be confident in you, if your not confident in yourself?’

This weekend I


am not going swimming in a bikini lol, but I just want that release, and enjoy the sun on my face as I relax. If I was at a beach, that would even be better but that ain’t happening 😦

I am really craving

Rihannas tattoos

This lady just has some awesome tattoos I must jock those things. Check out more of her tatts here

I wish

I did not have vehicular phobia, and that I had a car to be able to get around easily.

I hope

all our prayers are answered.

Today’s inspirational quote is

‘ The secret to getting ahead is getting started’

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!

✩✩✩ V✩✩✩

Taking you way back into time……

First up I must recognize the fact that this is my 51st post #woopdiduuuhh. Twitter is bad for you, makes you wanna talk in trends when your not even on the site 😉

Yesterday my workmates and I started reminiscing about how we’ve come from far tumetoka mbali.

Remember the days when mobile phones were none existent, and the kiosk owner used to be like you telephone operator so you tell your pals

Nipigie saa kumi kwa hiyo kiosk ya Mama Njoro

Translation, Call me at 4 o’clock at Njoro’s mum’s kiosk lol Because that was the only way you could be reached those days, by scheduling phone calls.

Remember how almost every landline was locked till you had to master where all the buttons of the phone were so that you put like a long stick through the phone cage and try dialing numbers without seeing the buttons. Or you dial using the button for kataing calls so if you are dialing 227122 you press the button twice for two, seven times for seven etc.

I remember how the TV wall units back in the day all had doors which could be locked with a padlock thus restricting your TV time 🙂 I wonder why those units are not sold anymore and the way this younger generation are just a bunch of psychos. I Kid.

Drinking chocolate

This drinking chocolate tins made the best sufurias when playing chamama, you never used to burn much while cooking bourganvillia stew over the candle stove lol. But thank God for Drinking chocolate because Cocoa was just too bitter albeit it made the best mixture if you were in a government boarding school, you MUST know what mixture is.


Yeah back in the day it was Roiko Mchuzi Mix. You will never know the value of this spice till your forced to cook a meal without it. Kenyans in the diaspora suffer the most because food is just not the same without it.

Who remembers Roiko tomato sauce?? Aki for real it used to be there and it was delicious. I was heartbroken when they stopped making it, heinz, zesta all those had nothing on it!

Vaseline Hair Tonic

Ha ha ha whose dad never used to use this mafuta for real?? I think even women used to use it. I still remember how it smells.

Who remembers Vaseline Mosquitoline? It was mosquito repellent but it used to smell so awful, being bitten by mosquitoes seemed like the better choice.

EAI products

Tree top was the nyummiest juice ever! Till today I do not understand why they stopped making it. Okay word has it that just like quencher, pregnant women could induce abortions by taking it conc concentrated without diluting but why not just keep an eye out and make sure any women who are preggers did not drink it??

And why was everything in a can back in the day? Plastic had not yet been discovered?? But thats a lie because there was plastic cutlery, buckets, etc.

My dad used to work for this company so we used to get these products in plenty. I think my dad was the most loyal employee ever!

Toothpaste had to be Close up, cooking oil was either Kimbo or Cowboy, bread spread was Blueband, petroleum jelly was Vaseline, soap was either Lux or Geisha, juice was Tree top, Spices Roiko of course, lotion was either Vaseline Intensive Care or Lady Gay. Yuck I hated Lady Gay slimmiest lotion ever bleh

Cowboy Spesheli, who remembers that advertisement where they show some nyummy mandazis, then some delicious looking chapatis which were so soft they could be raruliwad with ease mmmmhhhh

The Hairglo wave, you've got to feel it!

First up why couldn’t they just take a picture of their products rather than draw them?? The film could only fit the one picture of the couple??

I am one of those rare children who can say that I did not taste hairglo, apparently it was really sweet. I know someone who tastes gels and shower gels ever since she tried hairglo in the hope that they might taste just as good hi hi.

Hey men! what gives your hair that cool shine??


ha ha who remembers that advertisement?? I remember my P.E teacher from primary school was in that advertisement:)

Ni wakati wa tusker

Hebu jitokeze! Jionyeshi! Simama mbele ya watu!

Whoever was responsible for ads in KBL EABL needs to be brought back!! They were so cool and catchy. Remember the one for kazi! kazi! and Celebrate good times come on! Then compare them with the current ad, with funny people who don’t look East African dancing dancing, it is very lame.

I do not drink beer, it tastes like shit but beer drinkers make it look so nyum nkt!

I dunno why but for some reason ding’oing’o’s always remind me of Tusker.

Remember Fanta apple, Fanta strawberry, Fanta cream soda yuck, Fanta passion, Fanta spurberry. I miss the variety. Was there Fanta pineapple?

Finally what I really miss from the good old days is goody goody, that delicious caramel chewy goodness. What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on that. Cadbury’s can you hear me??!! we need goody goody!!

check out more throwback pics from here

xxx V xxx


Thank God it’s Friday!!!!

Today my day started out weirdly,

I left all my 3 cellphones at home 😦  but luckily my daddy said he will drop them off for me here at work i’m still waiting, feel like a piece of me is missing!

Then when I got to work the net was down for like an hour, it was officially the most boring morning ever! Thank God for the office radio.

Anyhuu I have been debating all day whether to write a TGIFriday post today or not. Why? Because I have been wondering, will anyone miss it?

What’s the point if no one actually comments as prescribed and says what they are excited about, craving, doing over the weekend etc?

But despite that, there is no way I would not have written this post, it is a tradition that I plan on continuing, even though Friday passes, TGIFridays can be done in past tense 🙂

Well today I would like to thank miss lil burdy for actually noticing this post was not up, and doing a TGIFridays post on her blog, I am very honoured 🙂 This post is actually up because of you 🙂

So today my TGIFridays post is featured as a comment on her TGIFriday post here

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!

xxx V xxx