12 ways tumblr has changed my life

Tumblr is one of my favourite websites. It’s awesome yet horrible at the same time, and I cannot get enough of it. Here are a few reasons why it has changed my life:

Turns out I am not the only loser out here

We all have those moments where we feel like we are not hot enough, smart enough, or perfect, and people on tumblr are not afraid of saying that. Users there are not ashamed of their weirdness or aloneness, it is like one big community of weirdos, what’s not to love?!



These people are so relatable!


I need a cat and a dog in my life

I have come across millions of cat and dog pictures, gifs and videos of them doing cute, adorable, funny things. This just makes me wanna get one of my own who I can eventually make an internet sensation. Check out how awesome this cat is, where can I find one like this in Kenya?


Thanks to tumblr I have a need for things that I could never own

Like these stiletto nails


or this ring


or this hair set in the most perfect high bun ever


I have cravings for food that I can never devour or drinks that I can never indulge in

like this oreo like dessert


Soco in a can *slurp*


Tumblr is the best source for gifs!

Yes, that is where I still all my cool gifs from. There is like a gif from every video, movie, show that ever existed. Plus there are dumb gifs like these ones:


Some of the coolest ideas stem off of tumblr

like this cool game which I MUST try out


good parenting skills


interior design



this bra I would kill to have


This site also kills my self esteem at the same time

Like seriously, how can there be such gorgeous people on this earth?!




and adorable, cute babies. I swear I will be so sad when I give birth and my children dont look like this!


There are so many quotes that I stumble upon

especially the days when I need encouragement about certain things, and I just stumble upon it on my dashboard.



Tumblring is also a great source of embarrassment

you can just be innocently scrolling through your dashboard then BAM!!! a naked, weird picture just pops up and you have to hurry up and cover your tracks before people assume you surf weird stuff 0_O

It has increased my chances of going to heaven

coz there are so many sinners on tumblr, the blasphemy is on a whole other level. Is it a sin if sometimes I kinda find some of the posts funny?



This place is plagiarism gold

All the cool meme’s, pictures, tweets, or trends that you see on  twitter, instagram, facebook where all stolen from tumblr, do not let anyone lie to you!

It’s a cool place to ‘meet’ people

It’s nice to know that there are people out there with the same thoughts and interests as you. The Kenyan population on tumblr is also increasing too which is awesome 🙂



I can go on and on about how much tumblr rocks and why I think it’s awesome, this list may never end.




Tumblr has brought too much joy in my life, I love it!



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