1st of the month

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It is a brand spanking new month, hip hop hooray 🙂

I really like this song, are we not all searching for that elusive pot of gold?

Chris Brown seems to be the golden boy for hooks nowadays, and he is doing such a great job.

August Highlights

I must admit I had a spectacular month, totally redeemed myself from the melancholiness of July.

The first weekend was just about loosing the plan, partied back to back, which was something I had not done in a while.

We went for blankets and wine where we were the full TID groupies :p

Finally got to indulge in some KFC, yes it was soo good I had to blog about it! Though I discovered the larger meals are way better than 1 piecer, 2 piecer meals, us guys bought the 12 piecer and the chicken was humongous!

I think the best term for this month was Adrenaline August, there was too much physical activities going down.

I went for a 10km bike ride, white water rafting and quad biking which were all such amazing and fun experiences.

My driving has drastically improved and my vehicular phobia is almost gone.

I am in the process of reviving something that I really love, and I really hope I can remain serious about it.

August Downsides

My body has taken a beating, it is not  used to so much activity :p But the pain is almost over.

Punctures! That is my biggest phobia now. The car got 4 punctures this month! Yes, we are looking into purchasing new tires :p

There has been a bit of drama, but all in all, this was a terrific month, all I remember is the good.

August Discoveries

The universe keeps showing me how selfish people are, people keep doing things without considering how it affects others, specifically me :p

I am not saying I will be bad or selfish, I am just saying if they insist on doing things without considering how they affect others, why should I give a hoot about how they feel?

I still get freaked out by speed, but I think I have really made good progress.

Say what you feel and speak out.

What I look forward to in September

Earth Dance \o/

To continue living my life like it is golden.


How was August for you? What do you look forward to this month?

kisses and cookies,


This must be a sign!

This may be classified as drunk blogging, though I am not drunk, despite the fact that that was today’s mission!
Today was surreal to say the least, it totally did not seem like it would end this way.
I feel like I drank tequilla which is not the case at all.
So yet again I have come to realise just how selfish people can be, and i honestly believe they do not deserve any of my goodness! You get back what you put out! If you hurt me intentionally, I will not necessarily retaliate, but I will think twice before doing nice things for you!
Shucks I just fell asleep for a minute there, you cannot blame me because it’s almost 5 am!
Anyway during the last couple of months I learnt that some people have misconstrued perceptions of who you are as a person, so they try to change you to get to fit that preconceived notion that they had.
Well this never works and nothing good comes of it.
Good riddance to bad garbage!

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Quad biking in Lukenya

Early Saturday morning, I picked up my cousin and drove down to Lukenya which is at the outskirts of Nairobi, in Athi River. I hope you did not miss that part, where I said I drove to Lukenya! That is the furthest I have driven so far, it was fun, a bit confusing because of the road construction and kinda scary, but my cousin being there put me at ease, because he is very good at all things vehicular.

We were headed for Lukenya Motorcross for an hour of quad biking in the Lukenya hills. An hour of quad biking costs Kshs 2000 and Kshs 6000 for 5 hours. The place has about 5 quad bikes, or should I say those are the ones that we saw there. We were scheduled to bike at 11:00 am but we found a group of kids just starting so we had to wait for noon to go on the bikes, so we chilled by the pool.

Yes, the weather looked very ominous, but it worked in our favor because it did not rain, and we never did the course under the scorching sun. We got suited up in jumpsuits after we saw how dusty those kids who had ridden in the previous hour came back looking, and us guys had a party to attend in the evening so we could not afford to get too dirty. They have jumpsuits, riding jackets, riding boots and helmets for the riders.

So we got a briefing from the instructor on how to use the quad bikes.

This is a typical quad bike, a mini car with handle bars. It practically functions like a car, it is fueled with petrol. It has an ignition key between the bottom of the handle bars which you switch on. The bike has gears and you have to step on the lever clutch to switch gears from front, neutral to reverse.

The handle bars have gears just like mountain bikes, but we never touched them since the bikes were already set. The left handle bar has the ‘on button’ which you press after switching the bike on. To accelerate, there is a switch you press down on, on the right handle bar, it sort of looks like the switch for switching gears on a mountain bike. The brakes are just like for regular bikes, the left break for the back tires and the right one for the front tires.

We went for a practice run for about 5 minutes. I am not a fan of speed as you may all know so the whole time I was just winging it and screaming :p.

So we set of with the instructor in front of us on his motorbike, with me behind him and my cousin on my tail since it seemed like I was not so good at it and if I was last they were afraid they would leave me behind.

At first I kept veering off the track and into ditches before I got a handle on the bike. My thumb got so tired of accelerating, but otherwise it was quite a ride. We drove off into the hills, past a group of giraffes, and zebras, such a beautiful sight to behold.

The giraffes


We could not get too close to the animals so as not to scare them off or agitate them.

We also drove into a quarry like place, which I hated because I kept driving into dunes and getting stuck. I freaked out a lot because I felt like my bike was going to topple over so I kept putting my foot on the ground. The instructor warned me against doing that, you should never put your foot on the ground. I kept driving over shrubbery and once I was so sure my bike would flip and I would get thrown off.

The 1 hour ride felt like 2 hours, we drove up to the main road on the highway, and back into the terrain. It was an awesome experience, even for me who is terrified of speed. My cousin loved it and he vowed to try go there at least once a month.

If you like speed, adventure, adrenaline, quad biking is definitely worth trying out. Get all the information from Lukenya MotorCross.

The one without a title

Today I have accepted the fact that despite how much people can be inconsiderate, I cannot stoop to their level.
I will not do things knowing they may affect you negatively, that is just who I am.
Moving on swiftly, I need to know what it is that I want in my life, in my career, in man.
It is time to test that theory, of attracting what it is that I want in my life and see if it actually works. To be honest I am usually afraid of wanting things, because I rarely get what I want. Let us see if that will change.
I need something to be excited about, something to care for, something to look forward to.
There’s nothing I am passionate about, and I think that needs to change.
In other news, I am ending my man fast this Ramadhan. It was not even a fast really because you would first have to have something to refrain from right?
Well, I had nothing, or should I say no one. I just needed a time out, to heal, to forget, to grow, but none of them worked completely.
Sometimes I wish I was a serial dater, you know, those people who rarely stay single for more than a month. It is kinda weird that such people can never be alone, but you must give it up to them for always being able to draw people into their lives.
I like to refer to myself as a proverbial single girl, a serial single person. I am accustomed to being alone, sometimes I even like it, but my equilibrium is thrown off balance every time someone comes into my life, and leaves.
So here I am, not sure if I want to remain alone, the safest option. Or to be with someone, who will eventually leave and I will be right back where I am, here…
I have really digressed, in a nut shell, breaking my fast means I will embrace whatever/ whoever the world throws at me. I will try not to run away, avoid or evade.
Why am I blogging about this??!!!

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Adrenaline rush!!

I finally got a chance to go white water rafting this past weekend at Wild Waters in Sagana and it was the most awesome experience ever!!!

When you reach Sagana, the instructors give a briefing of what you are meant to do when you go water rafting.

The raft, a life jacket, helmet and a paddle

First up, before you enter the raft, you must wear a well fitting helmet that will not fall out, and a properly fastened life jacket which is very important because this will save your life in case you fall out of the boat.

The rope around the raft is the one you are meant to hang onto for dear life when the rapids get too crazy. The instructor, a hilarious Brit, managed to put the fear of God in us by telling us about how there are crocodiles in the Tana river who may grab our paddles with their teeth. The really large crocodiles may try twist the paddle out of our hands, and he was telling us how to wrestle with the crocodiles Crocodile Dundee style rolls eyes. We were also warned about snakes and how they may jump into the raft and how we should all move to one side of the boat.

We were told about how one must lie on their back in case they fall into the water, and we were warned against trying to wade in the water since the river bed is reminiscent of  Nairobi’s bad pot hole ridden roads but even worse. There is also a safety rope that is about 20 meters long that is kept in the boat which is used to rescue people who fell out and are far away from the raft.  By the end of the brief, I was terrified of getting into the water.

We had to drive out of the camp to get to the starting course, where the river is upstream. It is about a fifteen minutes drive from the White waters camp. We wore our helmets, securely fastened our life jackets and picked out our paddles. The next step was getting into the rafts, where the river guides gave us more in depth instructions.

If you look at the picture of the raft, the front is the side right next to the man with the AIG shirt. The handle is what the person seated infront should grab a hold of if the rapids get  too rough. The round tubing inside the raft is where you should secure your feet under in case you feel like the raft is about to tip over. We were instructed to sit on the rim of the raft, but if things got too rocky we were told to seat inside the raft (like where the life jackets are).

We were also taught how to hold the paddle correctly and how to forward and back paddle.  Forward paddle steers the raft frontwards and back paddle means vice versa.

We were 7 people in each raft, inclusive of the river guide. Our river guide was this cheeky, funny old British guy, he was really cool. So we set off into the Tana river, which looked like this:


It is advisable NOT to carry any valuables when you go water rafting since they could get wet or lost in the water so I could not take any pictures 😦

The start of the course was pretty calm, our river guide did most of the paddling for us. The river bed was reminiscent of the Amazon, think of that river in the movie Anaconda. I was seated at the front which was not the brightest idea because when the raft veers into the bushes, we were the shields for everybody else. I was so scared I would come face to face with a snake, I absolutely abhor snakes *shivers* and that briefing they gave us did not help matters.

I am glad to report we did not come across any snakes or crocodiles, those guys were just yanking our chain.

The river was rocky, and we reached sections where the rapids were high, and yours truly fell out of the raft. We had gone over a large rock  and the boat tipped over on my side, I thought we were capsizing, but I was the only one who fell out. I touched the floor of the river bed and in my mind I was thinking ‘Oh God I have landed on a crocodile’.

The guide was instructing everyone loudly to hoist me into the boat using my life jacket, he said it with such urgency which freaked me out even more. But thankfully they got me back into the raft.

We reached a section which was rocky and we had to get out of the rafts and let them float past the bad terrain, then we got back into the raft and headed over to rougher parts of the water. I shifted positions so I sat in the middle which was much better.

The sections where the rapids were high were so much fun, the guys on my boat were hilarious. There were 2 people who could not swim so they were a bit more scared then the rest of us but they were good sports! We went down this section of the river in this photo, which is right next to a small waterfall when you take the corner. There is a very beautiful rainbow right next to the waterfall, such an amazing sight to behold. We steered the raft right under the waterfall.

After that section the water was pretty much calm, and we attacked other rafts and pushed them into the water, our guide is just evil, he threw me into the river twice! He attacks when you least expect it, like when you are hoisting someone up and he pushes you so you all go back down into the water 🙂

The course was about 28 km long and it was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I suggest you try it one of this days. It costs Kshs 6000 and you can get all the details on their website White Water Kenya.



Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

It is a cold morning in Naitown, it is extremely nippy, but hey, the weekend is here!!!

I am excited about

my new bathroom! It has just been refurbished because it was a hot mess, I cannot wait to take a shower when I get home 🙂

Today I Am Feeling


My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Tiwa Savage - Kele Kele


This Weekend I

am finally going white water rafting 🙂 I am excited and scared all at the same time. But that is one thing I can knock off my bucket list :). Plus I have graduation parties to attend. I am thinking of going quad biking too, but let us see what state I will be in on Sunday.

I wish

my sinuses would stop acting up every morning, it sucks!

I hope

the sun comes out, I miss basking in it’s warm rays.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Four things never come back: The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life and the neglected opportunity.’

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Peace out,

DIY – Studded Purse

My first DIY, how excited was I when I stumbled upon this DIY Studded Suede Purse online yesterday?!

I bought a pink purse like 4 years ago in Toi market, which I never used to use much because I found it to be too plain. But after I saw this DIY I knew metal studs would spruce it up.

My pink purse

My mum bought me a studded belt a few years back that got worn out. So I have been removing the studs and putting them on my clothes and anything else I can think of.

Remove the studs from the belt

The studded belt minus some studs

You will need a sharp metal blade to cut slits for the metal studs on the purse. I used a cutting tool that I bought with my beading kit which is really sharp.

Cutting device

Since I had ruined my nails doing this DIY, and I wanted to save some studs for a rainy day, I decided to add some embellishments if I may call them that. I bought them a while back at Biashara Street at some store there I forget the name, they cost 5 Kshs per bead.

Stars and Circles

After slaving away all night last night, here is the finished product, which I have just noticed is not symmetrical O_o I am anal about symmetry but it is no biggy,  I will just change it if it becomes too much of an eye sore.

My DIY Studded Purse 🙂

DIY is so much fun, I have always loved crafting my own things since I was a kid, so look out for more DIY posts on here 🙂

Side Bar

Ya’ll know I hate monotony, so it was time to switch things up and get myself a new signature:)

Kisses and cookies,