I am down with a terrible flu 😦 My eyes are all watery, my sinuses hurt so it’s just a constant headache all day uuurrgghhh I am so not feeling work today.

Productivity is at nil for me.

I switched phones this week with a friend of mine, and it is a bit confusing. I have her Nokia E63 and she has my 5230, but now we keep calling each other to get phone numbers from our address books lol. I am trying to avoid someone so every time I get a call or text from a number I do not know, I freak out because I do not know whether to ignore it or not, and I do not feel like finding out who it is.

So after declaring how I am gonna stay single and focus on me, men are just knocking at my door, and I really do not need this right now.

I was telling my cousin how the world seems to be shifting balance or something, and she was like it’s Jesus giving me a hint, and I should enjoy now while stocks last. No thank you

I am actually choosing to stay single. As much as I am basking in the compliments and the attention, I just do not need this right now. I like my life drama and stress free like it is now. I should be the poster child for ‘you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy’.

I wanna go home, I feel like crap, and then some (0_O)


The foolish games men and women play

Nothing ever seems to be simple, and straight forward when it comes to the interaction between men and women. Things always have to be complicated!

Love games

Men chase after women just to see if they can succeed, women play hard to get so as not to come off as easy, or maybe even to see if there is a guy out there who is persistent enough to break those barriers.

And you wonder why things are usually so complicated. No one ever wants to be honest and straight forward. because it will just be used against you.

Personally I find all this crap quite tasking. I have to like analyse and think about what to say, or how to act aaaarrgghhh.

I think I am starting to see how men feel. For the longest time, men have gone around breaking women’s hearts, but now the opposite is true. Women are leaving a string of broken hearts all over Nairobi and the rest of the world? they are literally eating men’s hearts out.

The feminist side of me thinks, way to go!! Finally men can see how the shoe fits!!!

The rest of me however keeps witnessing the damage done to men by these women, and faces the aftermath of those effects. I’ve been meeting men who have lost their faith in the existence of good women, and have no trust in them at all. Who knew men are all so vulnerable and soft and the way ya’ll front about being hardcore and wat not :p

Now I kinda know how men feel, being stereotyped even before anyone gives you any real chance to prove yourself, it is not a good feeling actually. I guess it then reaches a point where we have to choose who to trust despite our past experience, and whether you will make an effort to break down those guards people put up, and prove that you’re a cut above the rest. If we can’t trust each other, who is there to trust?


Au revoir

Goodbye, Good and Bye. It’s an ending and a beginning; a constant cycle of pain and joy.

Yes once again I sayed goodbye to someone else yesterday didn’t i tell you february is a sucky month for me?? and next week I will be saying farewell to another friend of mine too 😦

This was an ending to something that I really cannot put a label to because I barely know what the hell was going on.  But in short……


photo credit



photo credit

is not a good idea. never ever again

xxx V xxx

Weekend Shenanigans


Miss Jolie-Pitt

Aren’t those like the sexiest lips ever?!!! I’m an African, and luckily we are blessed with luscious, full lips, even better looking than hers sometimes lol but I still cannot help but covet her lips.

Sometimes when I’m watching a movie or when I drool at random caucasian men, can’t help but notice how some of them barely have lips, it’s like a line was cut on their face just to permit them to eat, talk etc. I can’t imagine how kissing someone with thin lips like those would feel.

On the other hand, African men miro’s have the fullest lips, and I was also wondering how it would feel to kiss a man with really big lips. I remember there was this one guy I kissed who has averagely sized lips, but when I kissed him, it seemed like his lips were so big, still dunno why it felt that way, but there has never been a round two.

Anyhuuu my weekend was grande awesomous, my friends birthday rocked though she refused to down her tequilas lol. I met some cool new people as well so i’m looking forward to getting to know them better. Now I am even more excited about December!!

I also found out that I was fed wrong information about someone, which actually affected my relationship with him. So now I really have to dig deep and figure out whether that information was the problem, or if he was himself.

I also discovered that I can summon people with my mind lol!! When I least expect it. I was very stoked boredom is bad for your health and your pride but now I just really have to be strong and try not to break and hola at him 😦

Although I feel like crap today price to pay for my weekend shenanigans I do not have the monday blues yet..fingers crossed they do not strike

Have a great day everyone!!


xxx V xxx



The dawn of a new era….

Just look at her, she looks so free, without a care in the world. Thats what I want for myself starting from today.
I’m done with worrying about stupid things like if he will get mad if I do not hola. Or wondering why he came back and never bothered to tell me but shiyet he was looking so fwyne!!
Yes I am taking a break from men. I do not need that drama, I prefer my life stress free thank you!! I thought having options was fun, but I think I bit off more than I could chew. The current situation is, one guy’s girlfriend psycho stalker sent me a message telling me how she’s not threatened by me who is she kidding?!. Anyway she should know she’s only ‘with him’ because I’ve not even tried to get with him. I never will!

The other guy is not speaking to me what nerve!! I’m not talking to him either, he has really really disappointed me, but good thing is I really did not invest much in any of them. But thank God the quagmire is officially over!
I am really trying not to generalise, and categorise all men as punks, but it is really hard. Reading Pedestal Patty made me realise how it really isn’t fair just judging men on the onset of meeting them without actually giving them a chance.
But right now I just do not feel like giving anyone a chance. I’m tired of searching for men to give chances to, I just want to focus on me. I want to go out just to have fun with my friends, not to attract men and get hit on or whatever.
I am tired of getting my hopes up, just for them to crush and burn. I’m sick of feeling obligated to do stuff, not because I honestly want to, but to avoid drama and feeling guilty.
I just want to be free. Free to dress badly when I go out, free to dance without some guy invading my personal space, free to plan my calendar the way I want without having to factor you in, free from hoping that I will here from you today, or that I will see you, free from trying to figure out corky, funny things to say to you. Puuhh I am done!
I just wanna continue living my life with no goals, without focusing on anything, just taking things one step at a time, with no obligations to anyone but myself, and of course my first love, my TV!
So here’s to the next phase of my life! cheers!

xxx V xxx


Yesterday a million things were running around in my head that I needed to blog about, but now I’m almost blank almost.
Anyway these thoughts particularly weighed on my mind my grammar is going to the dogs fyi:
I met him, got to know him, and kinda started liking him. Then, communication was reduced to a minimum, and all the deal breakers I had noticed could no longer be ignored. + emotional men scare me. I thought he had also gotten bored just like me, but now all of u sudden, he’s interested again i think telling me all these things, and I’m just shrugging them off kinda because I dunno if I can be more than his friend, and I do not wanna lead him on aaaarrggghhhh If this was happening like last week, before I knew what I know now, then I would have been more excited rather than panicky.
I met another him, cute, sweet, ambitious, and my over active imagination was already going ahead of itself and conjuring up a future for us I never do that usually. So he left the province, haven’t seen him since August, got bored, and thats where I am at now, waiting to see what happens when he comes back. It’s Wednesday now, i’m still not surprised. If he was giving me fake promises of pudding remember that facebook application called superlatives? I will not be amused at all, and will never take anything he says seriously.
So before I had no idea who I was leaning towards, now that I do, it doesn’t seem so feasible bummer
I think some of these things I wish them on myself. It’s easier when I am just dealing with my family and friends. These maneno for boys…..

Peep these shoes i stumbled upon on the net:

I would never in my right mind wear those. What happens if I need to take off my shoes when entering someone’s house? I would have to walk around pantsless??
I think the jeans would look really cool if they weren’t attached to sneakers.
xxx V xxx

The razzle dazzle has fizzled out…..

A time like this last month, i was in euphoria. I had met two gorgeous guys and i was being showered with attention and so many compliments, and I was excited because of all the numerous possibilities these men promised. I was also starting to be guilt ridden because I’m pessimistic so all I could do was predict complications.
Now I am happy to report I am feeling guilt free, but all the excitement has faded away, with a very slim chance of a possibility with just one of them. I no longer foresee any quagmires arising since one of the factors in the equation it seems, is not a factor anymore.

The activities of this past week has really made me evaluate myself. First up, I cannot hack long distance, I can only stay so long without having you here with me, it is just too hard. Secondly, I think I get bored really fast, without excitement I loose interest, and without interest is it really worth the effort? 

xxx V xxx