Scandal: Take a bite and savour

Olivia: “I am not a toy that you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done.”
Fitz: “Sit with me. Sit with me and lets run out the clock. Sit with me and watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.”

This video samples Olitz in all their fiery glory. Scandal is currently one of the most talked about series, until Game of Thrones came and took over rolls eyes.

Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, hot shot lawyer also known as the fixer. She is smart, a no nonsense force to be reckoned with. The fact that she is gorgeous keeps most of us glued to the screen. I love how she is always looking so prim and proper, not a single hair out of place.

let us talk about the way she struts!

let us talk about the way she struts!


She truly is a gladiator, confident in herself and her abilities as an exceptional lawyer. She is in control of her team, thinks quick on her feet, and all that she asks for from her clients is complete honesty. I think if I watched Scandal at a younger age, I would have kept my dream of becoming a lawyer alive. Olivia Pope is incredibly inspiring.

She would almost be perfect, until Fitz and Mellie come along. This is where Shonda Rhimes succeeded in making this character more human, because ultimately perfection is a lie.

It always amazes me how Olivia unravels in their presence. I get particularly disturbed whenever she interacts with Mellie, in fact I do not like her much. She becomes weak, which is contradictory to the gladiator we are accustomed to when she is fixing things. She seems ashamed, embarrassed and sometimes even afraid when she talks to Mellie. Which goes to show that she is very aware of her place as the mistress, Fitz may have her heart, but he does not truly belong to her. Also, despite the intelligent woman Olivia is, she still makes poor decisions when it comes to men like us normal people.

Let us talk about Fitz, oh Fitz sluuurrrrp


This man!


This is the man with the power to make Olivia Pope weak in the knees, and disregard her better judgement. The way she unravels in his presence is just amazing, scary even. The moment she sees him, it’s like you can feel her heart beat racing and how it overwhelms her to the point of tears. This really bothers me because I hate her crying face, she almost gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

Fitz and Olivia are the S.I Unit of having chemistry. I never used to understand what people meant when they said they wanted chemistry when it came to selecting a partner, but after watching Olitz live in action, I totally get it. The chemical reactions they elicit within and around each other is like a fire, consuming them and the rest of us voyeurs. In fact, people who want chemistry are setting themselves up for failure. I have never witnessed that Olitz chemistry in real life, it just seems made for tv.


Watching the 2 of them makes me yearn for that kind of intensity, where you cant take your hands off each other and nothing in the world seems right unless you are in each other’s arms. I doubt I would be able to handle it well, look at Olivia. I am not anywhere near being as strong as she is, yet Fitz is her kryptonite. Okay, I do not want a Fitz in my life, or do? I dunno..

Sometimes I wonder if their interaction is heightened by the fact that being together is them indulging in the forbidden fruit, and they make it seem so delectable. I am certain if Olivia and Fitz Olitz went public with their relationship, it would not be as hot.

I cannot wait for Season 3 of Scandal, if you are as impatient as I am, check out this fan fiction I discovered on Tumblr here. They have decided to continue the story for us, and it’s pretty interesting.



There is more to the internet than Twitter and Facebook, and you guys get to be the recipients of the cool things I discover on the web.

Check out the newly released trailer for the 3rd instalment of Hangover 3, when is memorial day?

Can you believe this is his wife?!!


And there is a second instalment of cloudy with a chance of meatballs \o/ check them out doing the Harlem Shake 🙂

Here are some other weird pairings, I call them weird because we expect the hollywood bombshells to hook up with the hunks, and vice versa, ok I am babbling, just look at these couples and be in the know.

XTINA madmen zach2

Another shocking discovery I stumbled upon on the internets are these stars who happened to be related!

The Skarsgards

The Skarsgards

Stellan Skarsgard is popularly known for his role in the movie Mama Mia, and his son Alexander is the very delicious Eric from True Blood.

The Mcarthy's

The McCarthy’s

Turns out Melissa and Jenny McCarthy are actually cousins!

Remember Lara Flynn Boyle? Look what she did to her face!!!



Rob Kardashian has really put on the pounds! Word is that him and his sister Khloe have joined The Game’s boot camp to loose weight, all the best to him.


Zooey Deschanel, the pretty star of the shoe New Girl is actually in a band called She & Him, check out one of their songs below.

Thank you for letting me entertain you 🙂

Django Unchained – I know why the D is silent


Because it is secretly meant for the male audience?


There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of Quentin Tarantino‘s new movie Django Unchained and I fell victim to it too, and got a copy of it yesterday.

The main theme song and the opening scene was a tell tale sign that I was not gonna enjoy the movie so much. The song, coupled with the scene showing a group of black saves chained together brought back memories of how I really disliked the movie Roots when I was growing up. I could already tell I was going to witness a lot of oppression in the movie bleh.

Soon afterwards we see the scene where Django meets the German dentist, and then there was this


This scene was shot in such a dramatic way, the way the shawl? blanket? falls of his shoulders, a symbol of all his troubles falling away. The scars on his back, chilling reality that this probably happened to slaves in America centuries ago. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this movie, and it’s portrayal of slavery and it’s use of the N word.

When I decided to review this movie, I did a quick search on the internet and stumbled upon a few reviews. Someone noted that there was the blatant use of the N word by black people, the white people, but there were no negative words used for the white people, who were mostly the oppressors.

The violence in this movie is not for the weak hearted people like myself. This film is so gory and graphic. The blood! It’s like the actors were filled with balloons of blood which burst in the most dramatic of fashions when the characters were shot.





A bit over the top don’t you think?


The look on my face after every bloody scene

Then there was the whipping, sigh, the whipping. Especially when Broomhilda, Kerry Washington‘s character was being whipped and she was crying out loud. Then there was the scene where Hildi was being taken out of the hot box, this is the ish the slaves used to go through?!!  Clearly I did not have the balls to stomach this movie. Justice was served when Django went ham on this guy.


Someone mentioned in another review that, the black men suffered horribly in this movie, they were beaten, whipped, eaten by dogs (yet another eeky scene), but the white men barely suffered. Calvin Candie was shot once through a flower, yet he was the main oppressor.

This movie has spurred a whole lot of controversy evidently. The scene below after Calvin Candie discovers that Django and Schultz are just after Broomhilda has had a lot of people talking. Leonardo DiCaprio smashed his hand on a glass, and his hand begun to bleed for real, but they just continued shooting the scene.


He proceeded to smear his blood all over Kerry Washington’s face. I really hope she did not have any open wounds on her face, the paranoia in me cannot help but wonder. Some people viewed the act as oppressive, I just think Leonardo was trying to make the scene as authentic as possible, albeit disregarding health and safety.


Each year Leo is always snubbed at the Oscars, he didn’t even clinch a Golden Globe for his role in Django. Hopefully for his sake, his fate will change during this year’s Oscars.

The Django Unchained soundtrack is something else. It seems like John Legend is really good at belting out tunes for movies, he did a great job on this one.

Anthony Hamilton also did an amazing job on this track

And finally, this was my favorite jam, 2pac and James Brown, Unchained.

You can listen to the rest of the movie’s soundtrack here.

I didn’t finish the movie because it turned out that I had not copied all of it. To be honest, I will not bother finishing it, I already conceded that I am not the target audience, and it is okay. Die hard Tarantino fans say that it is a good movie, so if you are a fan then you will probably enjoy it.

These are my own views and opinions, I even saved you the trouble of reading my sentiments on the mandingo fighting and the scenes shot between Jamie Foxx’s really well toned legs :p You’re welcome 🙂

Cool things I stumbled upon on the internet today

Nothing like some good old internet to start your Monday off on a high 🙂

My friend shared a link about celebrity couples who people may not know about, and it was a surprisingly good read, I live for such information.

Here are a few couples who I would have never imagined were dating.

They’ve been married for 11 years!!! Their household must be filled with nothing but laughs!

I have always loved Mathew Perry! Chandler was one of my best characters in Friends, and I loved him even more because he reminds me of my cousin who passed away.  I would never even imagined him and Liz Caplan would ever have dated!

From Ryan Gosling to this? Racheal McAdams down graded #imjustsaying

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross was definitely the biggest shocker. She is 29 and he is 48!!! Age is clearly just a number!

Check out other surprising celebrity couples here.

Some people take their obsessions too far. Valeria Lukyonova, a Ukranian woman underwent intensive plastic surgery to transform herself into the human Barbie doll. She had some excellent doctors because she looks exactly like the doll!

The AMAs went down last night, and here are my 2 favourite outfits of the night.

I loved Pink’s hairdo, so cool, I wish my hair could do that. I dug her dress too, the sheer skirt made her look tres feminine.

I love everything about Ginnifer Goodwin‘s look. Her pixie cut is so pretty and this dress!! She looked elegant in her pink dress, her legs are to die for and her purse is so fetch!

Fight the Monday Blues with this awesome mix by Dj Ray, music is always good food for the soul. It is such a  shame mixcrte doesnt have an embedded music player smh.

Someone shared a very awesome short sci-fi film from youtube. It always amazes me the talent the world has, the storyline is out of this world and the implementation is even more awesome.

Hope you enjoyed my internet finds. Happy Monday Lovers :-*

Olympics Optical Nutrition

Everyday we keep spotting more and more eye candy, so I decided to do another post thanks to people’s awesome suggestions.

Marcel Nguyen is half German, half Vietnamese but was representing Germany in this years Olympic gymnastic games. He has such a cute smile, hot bod and I am digging his tattoo!

Ashton Eaton from the USA is a decathlon participant in London 2012, quite the looker as well.

Christophe Lemaitre is a 100m runner from France, those dimples my gosh!!

I have just discovered Park Tae Hwan, a swimmer from South Korea.

I had to add this Ezekeil Kemboi gif because it is simply hilarious, and it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Look at his knees, they look like they can hurt someone ha ha ha. But big up to him, he won us our first gold medal \o/

After spotting this on the interwebs, I wish I watched soccer. Lucas Moura is a soccer player from Brazil who has just been signed to PSG. I like…


These French men good God!!! Florent Manaudou won a gold medal in swimming. Look at those washboard abs, that tattoo and he has a tongue ring!!! More men need to get those! It’s hot!


He has dimples too!

yebo yes!

Great Britain’s diving team boogey woogeying ha ha ha


Tom Daley is one of the divers, he can giiirrrit!

And he was born in 1994!!! Forgive us Father!



Ni hayo tu kwa sasa 🙂


Olympic Appreciation

I will not lie, I had not been bitten by the Olympic bug in the beginning, but now I am totally hooked, simply because I am routing for my country Kenya, and because there is so much eye candy!!!! It all began with swimming, sadly our Kenyan reps, the Dunford brothers did not get any medals, and I cannot find any nice pictures of them online 😦 The highlight was definitely Ryan Lochte, he can soo obtain it.

*wipes drool*


I watched a video mash up of his interviews, the dude is sort of a bimbo (manbo? mimbo?) but with a body like this, he is allowed!


Michael Phelps won 4 gold medals during the London 2012 and 18 gold medals in total to mark the end of his stint in the Olympics.


Chad Le Clos from South Africa totally gave Phelps a run for his money, and he is quite the looker too!

The track and field event also had enough optical nutrition 🙂 To start us off, the very handsome 18 year old Adam Gemili who gave up a career in soccer to run. He is sooooo cute, that smile!!


Mr Ryan Bailey was another looker from the USA.

He cleans up so nice 🙂

Yohan Blake is the young Jamaican cat who has been giving Usain Bolt a run for his money, literally!

Those lips….

Some brand new entrants to the hotties list. I have just tspotted them during the men’s 200M semi finals. James Ellington definitely stood out, the lad from Great Britain is a hunk!

He has 200 tattoos!!

There’s also Mr Jared Connaughton from Canada who made it to the final, I am definitely not missing out on that!


Hamilton Sabot is a French gymnist who has just won a medal, I think silver or bronze, anyhuu he is tres hot!


oui! oui!

These are my favourite  Olympic hotties thus far, if there were some I missed out on, kindly let me know on the comment section so that I can give these games the attention it deserves :p

I also have some eye candy for the fellas, we women are secure enough to spot hot women when we see them, and Katarina Johnson Thompson is definitely gorgeous.

I will definitely be sad once the Olympics come to a close ..

Representing the A

Musically speaking, we have awesome talent in Africa. These artists are showing the world that we are a force to reckon with, and that they should be moving to the beat of our drums. I just want to take some time to share with you a couple of artists who have blown me away with their prowess.

Toya Delazy is a pianist, songwriter and composer from South Africa, the only reason I discovered her is because her song is currently on heavy rotation on Trace Tv. This joint will definitely get international recognition, you would definitely not think it is from Africa once you hear it. She sounds similar to Natasha Beddingfield and her style is similar to the next artist I want to shed the spotlight on.

Keko hails from Uganda and she is definitely making a name for herself as one of the best female rappers with her tight rhymes and sick flow.

Liquideep are no strangers to Kenyans, they have headlined the rising South African House music that has taken over most Kenyans with their hits like BBM, Settle for less and Alone. Still is one of their newest releases, with the sweetest lyrics that any girl would love to be serenaded with. Liquideep headlined the December edition of Blankets and Wine and they totally killed it! The lead singer Ziyon can obtain it!

Evidently South Africans are really making headway when it comes to music. Mi Casa is yet another soulful band hailing from the south, comprising of a Dj come producer, vocalist and a trumpeter. Their most popular songs from their debut self titled album Mi Casa are These Streets and Heavenly Sent which is getting a lot of airplay on MTV Base and Trace TV.

I have really been searching for their album, and I stumbled upon this song which I totally love, it is nice, sultry and mellow 🙂

This post would not be complete without some Naijo music and of course Naeto C has to make an appearance.

Given the popularity of Nigerian music you would think I would be fluent in pidgin. I was so sure he says ‘Me and you, I tend to go.’ yes, I know it makes no sense but that was what it sounded like he was saying :p

Naeto C has been in the game for a while now, making hit after hit. He prides himself as being the only MC with an MSC which is befitting seeing that he graduated with a Masters in Energy Studies. But he followed his heart and chose to pursue music.

Ice Prince is yet another talented rapper from Naija, popularly known for his hit song Oleku. He is definitely someone to watch out for.

Now let us shift the focus to Kenya, my home town 🙂
J’Mani has been in the game for a couple of years and his music has definitely grown. He has a dynamic sound and great flow, and in this song he teams up with Lyra Aoko, a very talented vocalist and Collo who is finally living up to the name King wa rap. 

The best decision Nonini ever made was to leave Calif Records. His music has really grown and gained a global appeal, he even got to perform at Big Brother Africa in last year. The quality of the tracks he produces has become superior, and his videos have graduated from the antics of Luche and almost always get international airplay. This track Pole Pole has a very unique Afro sound, and the whole idea of a genge shuffle will make it a certified club banger.

Nonini is currently spearheading a campaign to stop discrimination against Albinos and to encourage the use of sun screen which I think is very admirable.

Just A Band can pride themselves for being the first band in Africa to go viral with their hit song Ha He which made them an internet sensation. They are one of the few bands who have exploited the full potential of the internet by organizing a Google+  hangout Boxing Day Special last year, featuring various artists singing your favorite Christmas carols. Take a listen here.

Huff and Puff is from their sophomore album 82 and it features my favorite video vixen 😛

Just A Band are the humblest band you ever did see, and their fame has not infiltrated their heads. They are just a cool group of geeks making good music.

This post would not be complete without talking about these young cats making waves in the music industry, Camp Mulla. They have a fresh sound,    and a global appeal, not to mention a whole lot of talent. They were recently chosen to perform  alongside J. Cole at the Big Brother Stargame show, and I think they were the perfect candidates for the job. I am really looking forward to their album dropping, I would BUY that ish!

Gospel music has grown exponentially in Kenyan with various artists thinking outside of the very stringent box associated with gospel music. MOG and Juliani are some of those artists producing hit after hit, which are not only a form of worship, but you will find Djs in clubs playing their records! My Call is currently one of my favorite gospel songs at the moment, quite catchy and I love the dancers in the video.

I hope you enjoyed my musical journey through Africa. If you feel there are some artists I left out, kindly let me know in the comment section.

Peace. Love. Light.