Adrenaline rush!!

I finally got a chance to go white water rafting this past weekend at Wild Waters in Sagana and it was the most awesome experience ever!!!

When you reach Sagana, the instructors give a briefing of what you are meant to do when you go water rafting.

The raft, a life jacket, helmet and a paddle

First up, before you enter the raft, you must wear a well fitting helmet that will not fall out, and a properly fastened life jacket which is very important because this will save your life in case you fall out of the boat.

The rope around the raft is the one you are meant to hang onto for dear life when the rapids get too crazy. The instructor, a hilarious Brit, managed to put the fear of God in us by telling us about how there are crocodiles in the Tana river who may grab our paddles with their teeth. The really large crocodiles may try twist the paddle out of our hands, and he was telling us how to wrestle with the crocodiles Crocodile Dundee style rolls eyes. We were also warned about snakes and how they may jump into the raft and how we should all move to one side of the boat.

We were told about how one must lie on their back in case they fall into the water, and we were warned against trying to wade in the water since the river bed is reminiscent of  Nairobi’s bad pot hole ridden roads but even worse. There is also a safety rope that is about 20 meters long that is kept in the boat which is used to rescue people who fell out and are far away from the raft.  By the end of the brief, I was terrified of getting into the water.

We had to drive out of the camp to get to the starting course, where the river is upstream. It is about a fifteen minutes drive from the White waters camp. We wore our helmets, securely fastened our life jackets and picked out our paddles. The next step was getting into the rafts, where the river guides gave us more in depth instructions.

If you look at the picture of the raft, the front is the side right next to the man with the AIG shirt. The handle is what the person seated infront should grab a hold of if the rapids get  too rough. The round tubing inside the raft is where you should secure your feet under in case you feel like the raft is about to tip over. We were instructed to sit on the rim of the raft, but if things got too rocky we were told to seat inside the raft (like where the life jackets are).

We were also taught how to hold the paddle correctly and how to forward and back paddle.  Forward paddle steers the raft frontwards and back paddle means vice versa.

We were 7 people in each raft, inclusive of the river guide. Our river guide was this cheeky, funny old British guy, he was really cool. So we set off into the Tana river, which looked like this:


It is advisable NOT to carry any valuables when you go water rafting since they could get wet or lost in the water so I could not take any pictures 😦

The start of the course was pretty calm, our river guide did most of the paddling for us. The river bed was reminiscent of the Amazon, think of that river in the movie Anaconda. I was seated at the front which was not the brightest idea because when the raft veers into the bushes, we were the shields for everybody else. I was so scared I would come face to face with a snake, I absolutely abhor snakes *shivers* and that briefing they gave us did not help matters.

I am glad to report we did not come across any snakes or crocodiles, those guys were just yanking our chain.

The river was rocky, and we reached sections where the rapids were high, and yours truly fell out of the raft. We had gone over a large rock  and the boat tipped over on my side, I thought we were capsizing, but I was the only one who fell out. I touched the floor of the river bed and in my mind I was thinking ‘Oh God I have landed on a crocodile’.

The guide was instructing everyone loudly to hoist me into the boat using my life jacket, he said it with such urgency which freaked me out even more. But thankfully they got me back into the raft.

We reached a section which was rocky and we had to get out of the rafts and let them float past the bad terrain, then we got back into the raft and headed over to rougher parts of the water. I shifted positions so I sat in the middle which was much better.

The sections where the rapids were high were so much fun, the guys on my boat were hilarious. There were 2 people who could not swim so they were a bit more scared then the rest of us but they were good sports! We went down this section of the river in this photo, which is right next to a small waterfall when you take the corner. There is a very beautiful rainbow right next to the waterfall, such an amazing sight to behold. We steered the raft right under the waterfall.

After that section the water was pretty much calm, and we attacked other rafts and pushed them into the water, our guide is just evil, he threw me into the river twice! He attacks when you least expect it, like when you are hoisting someone up and he pushes you so you all go back down into the water 🙂

The course was about 28 km long and it was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I suggest you try it one of this days. It costs Kshs 6000 and you can get all the details on their website White Water Kenya.





‘I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.’

*Insert Morgan Freeman voice*

I have never watched the movie Invictus, but for some reason these words just resonated in my head today morning.

I always keep wondering how I am meant to know what God’s plan and purpose for me is in this world. Should I wait for a sign? A push in the right direction? How do you know what a sign is?

I would like to believe God lives through me, and he will direct me towards the right path. He is the driving force behind my every decision.

Thus therefore everything that I do, every course that I choose to take, be it the right one or wrong one, must be enforced by the Lord Almighty.

I am kind of at a crossroads right now, I have no idea where I am, what I am doing and where I am going in many areas of my life, but one area particularly bothers me.

Today may be a difficult day for me, I cannot even hope for something awesome to happen because many other emotions are clogging that ability.

This is a reminder of joy, happiness, contentment, fun, sadness, tears, failure, hope, loss, fear, excitement, luck, hopelessness and many other emotions which are driving me nuts right now. Anyway I will try not to focus on the past, and to think positive.

I noticed people seem to expect a lot from me. I wish they knew how much I expect from them as well, I cannot always be expected to step up.

Pride is a terrible thing…

Good things must happen today, it is after all humpday 🙂 Wherever you are I hope you are smiling.

He has such a cute smile





My day with the elephants

Remember during last week’s TGIFriday’s post I mentioned how I was looking forward to doing something really cool this weekend?

Well a friend of mine invited me to go see baby elephants with her at The David Sheldrick Wild Life Trust on Saturday morning. The trust is situated at the KWS Banda School gate, towards Rongai and the session is usually held between 11am and 12pm.

We got a bit late and arrived there at about 11:30am, and we found the place was packed! Entry fee is 500 Kshs per person and it is advisable to go there with some form of identification.

I was really excited about going there, I originally thought I would get to interact one on one with the baby elephants, get to feed them and play with them. This was sadly not so, there were so many people, it was a struggle to get to the front of the line.

Nonetheless, the baby elephants were cute, adorable and spectacular! Turns out they have hair, all around the trunk and towards the ears. They have tough skin, and an affinity to small children as some of them tried touching them with their trunks.

At the watering hole

I was waiting for it to take flight

Look at all the people

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Time to say bye bye

It nearly grabbed that kid

Time to say bye bye

(photos taken by my trusted Blackberry 🙂 I think I should christen it now that I love it so much)

These baby elephants are so intelligent. When it was time for them to go back to their pens, all the wardens had to do was to clap their hands and the elephants formed a line and walked back to their pens!

Moral of the story, there are very many cool unique things Nairobi has to offer, you should take some time out to explore Kenya.

And if you are looking for a white man, this is the place to visit 😉


Life is a party, crash it like a champion in 7 easy steps!

Wedding Crashers


Who did not love this movie about two men who crash weddings to pick up chics?? It was hilarious!! If you did not know, weddings are a great place to meet people. The occasion requires you to dress to impress, there is free food and drinks and a great atmosphere, what’s not to like about it??

On Saturday I attended my relatives wedding at a famous hotel in the outskirts of Nairobi. It was pretty nice, but it being a family wedding, chances of meeting new people are kinda slim. The church ceremony, reception and evening party were all held at the venue which was strictly guest list only.

At the same grounds but outside at the gardens there was an Indian wedding which was taking place. The setup in a word can just be described as majestic and out of this world!! Thousands of fairy lights were draped on the grass, covered on the pillars, all over the tents, the lighting consisted of fairy lights shaped like chandeliers.

Wedding entrance

The fairy lights..

Such awesomeness cannot just be viewed from a far, my cousins and I decided we must get in on the action and experience it in real time.

Step 1: Do not be shy

We sashayed into the wedding like we had our wedding invitations in our handbags, though at the back of my mind I was thinking of some random Indian name just in case we would need to drop one. We had gotten word that there were about 1500 guest who had been invited, and the shocking thing was there was no security, or ushers or whatever. We strolled in and there was no one there to stop us.

Step 2: Act like you belong

That was a bit difficult since it seemed like all Indians in Kenya had come for the wedding, so the fact that we were Africans  made us really stand out.

It helped we had checked into the place at 9pm, and we were already dressed for a wedding so that helped us blend in a bit. But we were surrounded by gorgeous Indian women in dazzling sari’s and hot well dressed men in turbans or spiky gelled hair. I have never seen so many Indians in my life.

Step 3: Make sure there is an open bar

It does not make sense to crash a wedding without freebies, it really beats the purpose!

Open bar was the main reason we crashed the wedding but boy was that one hell of a bar!!! Damn my 2 mega pixel cellphone camera, I wish I took a picture of the bar.

It was the epitome of a well stocked bar! A wide array of drinks were lined up on the bar, not these regular drinks we are used to here like viceroy, smirnoff red label, gordon’s dry gin, ha! There was none of that.This bar was stocked with grey goose vodka, Johnny Walker black, red, green label, Mattel, Absolute Vodka, Jameson, Jack Daniels and so many other drinks which I could not remember.

One of the guests told me that each table had a bottle of Don Perignon, and like 150 of the guests had been booked for rooms at the hotel.

Step 4: Befriend the bar tender

The bartenders were all Asian, I think they had been shipped in from India with part of everything else.

We took advantage of the free alcohol and ordered whatever cocktails popped into our heads. I took a shine to cosmopolitans, and this one bartender made some really delicious ones.

Step 5: Exhaust all the freebies

The wedding had a dorman’s stand so there was free coffee on the house.

They had an ice cream dispenser so we went for enough rounds of vanilla ice cream cones.

The buffet table was operational all night and they had coated drumsticks, coated prawns, bhajia, curried chicken, of course we took a doggy bag home 🙂

Step 6: Be the life of the party

Indians really know how to party!!! Some Indian artists and a deejay had been flown in from the UK to perform at the wedding, there was even a huge stage set up decorated with hundreds of fairy lights, spotlights, and they had those pictures of hindu gods and what not.

The stage

I love dancing and I dragged my cousins to the dance floor to unleash some bhangra moves. It was so much fun : ) Where do Indians party because I really want in!

Make sure you have fun, and enjoy yourself.

Step 7: Mingle with other guests

Okay so I did not really excel in this arena, being the only black people was kinda intimidating. But I had met some Indian guy before I crashed the wedding party who had been asking for directions, next thing I know the dude was performing on stage!! I was super jazzed cheap thrills and I got to speak to him after the show.




We left the wedding after 3 am after the music was switched off. It was quite the experience and I doubt I will ever get to witness such a spectacular wedding ever again!!

With these 7 steps, wedding crashing and crashing any other party will get much easier, I dare you to give it a try.

A little chat with my 13-year-old self

I was tagged by the lovely MizCassandrae to go back in time and send a message to my 13 yr old lil self, so here goes nothing.

Wasup little girl,

First up, I am sure you realized that Y2K was just a bunch of nonsense. The world is not ending, apparently it’s going to end in 2012, so you can stop partying like its 1999, and party like its 2012.

It is really important that this message gets to you days before you turn 13. You may not know it now, but you are about to lose someone very close to you. So if this reaches you in time, when guests come home to visit you for chama, go hang out with Tea bags, get to know each other and have fun together, because it will be the last time you will ever see him, touch him, talk to him, so make it memorable and enjoy it to the fullest, otherwise you will regret having never really interacted with him before he died 😥

You are in standard 8 now, so you need to start taking your studies seriously. Just because the exams have multiple choice does not mean you have to wing it missy. Mocks are not a mockery of exams, they are an insight to what K.C.P.E will be like, so when Mr. Warutere tells you that what you score in Mocks will be what you score in K.C.P.E, take him seriously. Do not just laugh at how his butt wiggles when he writes on the blackboard.

I know right now your very shy around people, even your own family, but do not worry, you will get over it. In a few years, you will be the life of the party.

Cherish the friends you have now, because in a few years you will kind of drift apart, but not to worry, Nairobi seems to have shrunk, so you will keep bumping into them. In fact, all the ‘cool dudes’ that chics used to chase after, are your good friends now. So even though you barely talk to them, it ain’t no thing, you will have more meaningful conversations with them, after puberty has destroyed their youthful good looks :p

By the way, not that you care, but 10 years from now shit I’m old you will look stunning! I know it sucks that mum won’t let you perm your hair, but she know’s what she is saying. When you join high school next year, all permed out everything, your hair will fall out. So cherish that nappy hair, because you are going to lose it soon.

Maybe I should give you a heads up, you’re going to fail K.C.P.E, do not give in to your illusions of grandeur once you hear results are out. Just because your school performs well, doesn’t mean you will to. In fact you should just go register in Isiolo, you may emerge at least in the top 10 of that province lol. But you do not need to do that, even if you will feel like the world is over, it really is not. It is all part of the grand master plan that God has for you.

You will go to great high schools, and you will have the time of your life so do not worry about it one bit.

I am glad to inform you that your infatuation with accessories will grow, you will actually start buying your own make up rather than getting it from shout magazines 🙂 You will become so obsessed with jewellery as you will soon come to discover, so let your creative juices flow because soon you will be making your own stuff 🙂

Take care of Vinnie and puss because they will not be there forever, so every time you hold puss, do it like it’s for the last time, and do the same whenever you play with Vinnie.

Make sure you attend all the Safari rallies that your uncle participates in, he may not do it forever. So enjoy perks like going to the service park and hanging with the service crew, and hanging with him, you may learn a lot about cars.

I won’t lie, this will be a tough year for you and your family, but you guys are strong, you will make it by God’s grace.

I must say though, you are such a good kid, I barely knew what advice to give you. Keep doing what you do because your mapping your way to a good future with few regrets.

Yours faithfully,

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What a game!!! What a show!!!

This years Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament over exceeded my expectations, all that excitement definitely paid off.

KQ foam fingers

Everyone thought it would suck because the title sponsors had changed from EABL to Safaricom, ticket prices had shot up, and rumors of no alcohol during the tournament had spread like wildfire. Kenya is practically a drinking nation so alcohol is a must in such functions.

Personally, I did not give a rats ass as to whether or not alcohol will be available, I am not much of a drinker, especially during the day, I was just ready.

We have to give it up for Safaricom for building the new stands, for years people have been forced to stand and watch the games from afar. KRFUEA was generally spruced up, there was a digital score bored, and TV stands were mounted at the main stands.

Safaricom Network was actually functioning and the way I had no faith in it. By the way for those who attended 7s, the green and white haired chics and green tee wearing dudes giving people the ‘Safaricom 7s’ tattoos were paid 20,000 Kshs just for doing that!!

Speaking of hair, I think I saw all types of hair do’s don’ts, of different colors, shapes and sizes.


And the outfits?!! Kenyans really went all out this year, people were dressed in Kenyan regalia, tusker memorabilia in support of the former sponsors, other’s were in the latest fashions supras, plaid, and of course the freeze and shiners.

Egyptian dude

Where is his butt??

How he was breathing was beyond me!

This year, I think I watched 75% of the rugby that was played during the tournament handclap Of course the best matches were those involving Shujaa and Kenya teams, the frenzy it caused was just epic! All their matches started with us singing the national anthem and heeee heeeeeing you had to be there every time they scored 🙂 Hospital’s must be making turns of money on losenges and sore throat medicine.

The Kenya Vs Shujaa match was very interesting. It was insane, majority of the crowd were cheering for Shujaa so every time the Kenya team scored, guys first booed then celebrated because it was a win win situation either way.


Of course the cake taker was the final match between the Kenya Team and Emerging Springboks. Kenyans went wild, cheering, chanting, in the pouring rain. I was well sheltered high up the stands so I was very dry

Kenya Team

The rain was a blessing in disguise, the game got more exciting and nerve wrecking, and people started taking their clothes off and wilding out 😀

The best moment was when Kenya emerged as the victors, never have I been so proud to be a Kenyan!!! Everybody broke into a frenzy, you just had to be there I do not think words can describe it. watching it on tv is not the same!!

Usually no one is allowed on the pitch until all the matches are over, but this one white guy jumped in and ran across the pitch with security guards hot on his trail trying to stop him. He managed to reach the other side, so he escaped. But he just set the pace, one by one, few people attempted to do the same and they ran into the pitch attempting to make trys lol and just for the fun of being chased by the guards. Enough people were tackled, and eventually so many people ran into the pitch, the guards just gave up and let them wild out. I managed to catch all that on camera, watching it still cracks me up. will try upload a video.. eventually.

That was definitely a legendary experience, I cannot wait for next year!

You live and you learn…..

Age is only important when it comes to dead fish and good wine 🙂

I had a truly unforgettable birthday weekend this year!!!! My birthday’s have really been rocking ever since I turned 21 and this year I was definitely not disappointed. Many people did disappoint me though, I am trying not to let it bother me so much, I will just keep telling myself that not everything is personal, and hopefully I will get over it soon.

Many people did come through for me though, big up to all of them, they made me so happy I doubt they have any idea. The fact they spared time to come out and kick it with me was a big deal!! I also really appreciated all the gifts and the wishes, I actually replied to all my birthday wishes on facebook!!!

I turned 23 years old yeah I know you were wondering I do not know however if growing older means I have grown wiser..

Have you ever noticed how many people die on their birthday, days close to their birthday,  a month or two to or after their birthday. I usually kinda freak out in my own subtle way during birthdays of the people that mean a lot to me. I pray really hard for their lives during that time.

When it comes to me though, I only freaked out at one point during the weekend when that death thought crossed my mind, but it was just a passing thought, my death doesn’t freak me out as much as that of others.

Anyway here is to yet another great year, I hope things will go great for me, and that I will get to see many more years!

On Saturday something interesting happened. We were in a pub somewhere in the outskirts of Nairobi, and my friends and I were seated on a table just catching up and stuff. So this hot white guy and his Kenyan friend sat at a table near us. Then the white guy came and asked if he could join us. He introduced himself and sat down with us and we all introduced ourselves and began chatting. His friend also came and joined us and they proceeded to tell us stories about themselves. After a few minutes it was pretty obvious they were very young, just finished high school. The white guy was the more extroverted of the two, he told us about how he was expelled from school, how he had to see a shrink and how they hypnotized him and what not. Then all of a sudden he took of his shirt to show us his brand new tattoo. It was of some flower with like an Indian symbol in the middle, and he had a very good explanation of the meaning, which I honestly do not remember 😉 ha ha my friend was busy looking at his pecs lol.

He had to leave early so he walked to the bar, took a coaster and proceeded to write his number down and then he goes like ‘So here is my number you guys can feel free to call me anytime..’ ha ha he definitely made our night, too bad he is soo young.

So why don’t any men my age and above ever pull such stunts?? That is why women are cougaring nowadays, younger men are more fun, exciting, daring, 9 series children born in the 90s is definitely the way to go! That does not mean I am gonna call him, but I have saved his number for a rainy day 😉

xxx V xxx