First of the month
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It is a bright beautiful day on this 1st day of February, the month of love uuurrghh hence the gory bloody look 🙂

January Highlights

New years was fun, got to usher in 2010 with my family then my friends, I definitely had an awesome night.

The first 2 weeks of January I was on vacation so my days were spent in bed watching TV, reading great books, and meeting up with my friends, thinking about it now just makes me feel very nostalgic 😦

I finally got to go for Uptown Thursday, yes it is a highlight because I doubt I will ever get to go again, but trust me I had a ball, the music was to die for!!! If your a guy and your looking for women, just go to rezorus on a Thursday night, as in we were so many women on that dancefloor. Nairobi men #fail!!

Had a fun day out with the girls, Ethiopian, Rugby, sleepover, it was so amazing just hogging, chatting up people and lounging about in our pyjamas all day.

To usher in the birthday weekend, my friend and I went for a website launch at the gpkarting place last Friday night. First up us guys are the maddest ninjas, we were in dresses, yet we got into those jumpsuits and got into those gpkarts is that what they are called? The adrenaline rush was insane, and I am proud to say I did not crash unlike some people lol. But they did not give us the stats like they usually do after you race. The party was great, Code Red held it down as usual, I think I heard like every song I love. I danced like a nonsense.

My birthday of course was the biggest highlight of January.  It was legendary, I got to hang out with all the people closest to me and it was definitely memorable.

I have also gotten the chance to get to know a very cool guy and its definitely been a nice experience.

January downsides

I am such a woos, still trying to work on that defect which keeps holding me back :p

Still no stability.

No dstv 😦

January discoveries

I still have a low threshold for disappointment, I doubt that will ever change.

If a man wants to be with you he will do everything he can to make it happen. I am so over those men who just waste my time, play with my mind and never make anything happen.

Once a tiger, always a tiger.

On my birthday I got to meet someone I know on twitter for the  first time. @Tininai is such an amazing person, she bought me a whole birthday cake, just like she promised!! Thank you dear and I appreciate it with all my heart, you have no idea.

What I look forward to in February

I have nothing happy to look forward to this month, just an overrated pretentious ‘holiday’ which puts pressure on people, and saying goodbye to people which I am really not looking forward to.

Anti Valentines

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I pray good things will get to happen this month.

What did you experience in January? What do you look forward to in February?

xxx V xxx

You live and you learn…..

Age is only important when it comes to dead fish and good wine 🙂

I had a truly unforgettable birthday weekend this year!!!! My birthday’s have really been rocking ever since I turned 21 and this year I was definitely not disappointed. Many people did disappoint me though, I am trying not to let it bother me so much, I will just keep telling myself that not everything is personal, and hopefully I will get over it soon.

Many people did come through for me though, big up to all of them, they made me so happy I doubt they have any idea. The fact they spared time to come out and kick it with me was a big deal!! I also really appreciated all the gifts and the wishes, I actually replied to all my birthday wishes on facebook!!!

I turned 23 years old yeah I know you were wondering I do not know however if growing older means I have grown wiser..

Have you ever noticed how many people die on their birthday, days close to their birthday,  a month or two to or after their birthday. I usually kinda freak out in my own subtle way during birthdays of the people that mean a lot to me. I pray really hard for their lives during that time.

When it comes to me though, I only freaked out at one point during the weekend when that death thought crossed my mind, but it was just a passing thought, my death doesn’t freak me out as much as that of others.

Anyway here is to yet another great year, I hope things will go great for me, and that I will get to see many more years!

On Saturday something interesting happened. We were in a pub somewhere in the outskirts of Nairobi, and my friends and I were seated on a table just catching up and stuff. So this hot white guy and his Kenyan friend sat at a table near us. Then the white guy came and asked if he could join us. He introduced himself and sat down with us and we all introduced ourselves and began chatting. His friend also came and joined us and they proceeded to tell us stories about themselves. After a few minutes it was pretty obvious they were very young, just finished high school. The white guy was the more extroverted of the two, he told us about how he was expelled from school, how he had to see a shrink and how they hypnotized him and what not. Then all of a sudden he took of his shirt to show us his brand new tattoo. It was of some flower with like an Indian symbol in the middle, and he had a very good explanation of the meaning, which I honestly do not remember 😉 ha ha my friend was busy looking at his pecs lol.

He had to leave early so he walked to the bar, took a coaster and proceeded to write his number down and then he goes like ‘So here is my number you guys can feel free to call me anytime..’ ha ha he definitely made our night, too bad he is soo young.

So why don’t any men my age and above ever pull such stunts?? That is why women are cougaring nowadays, younger men are more fun, exciting, daring, 9 series children born in the 90s is definitely the way to go! That does not mean I am gonna call him, but I have saved his number for a rainy day 😉

xxx V xxx


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

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yep yep it’s my birthday weekend and I am beyond stoked!!! It’s the one time I can use the fact that it is my birthday to get anything I want 🙂

Today I am feeling

very happy!! 1 extra week 🙂 I am also kinda nervous..

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

He made this song just for me 🙂

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His body is the truth!!

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This weekend I

am gonna have an unbelievably fantastic, legendary time!!!

I am really craving

nani 😉

I wish

2010 would stop being so tragic, all these earthquakes, accidents, deaths, we need a break!

I hope

that God answers all our prayers, and that things work out well and according to plan.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘The older you get the better you get, unless your a banana’ 🙂

Have a Fantabulous Friday!!

xxx V xxx

In memory of my late cousin, I love you and miss you!

Jibber Jabber

I have been dying to blog all week, the urge was stronger than my need to twit or to facebook which is very strange, and now that I am finally doing it, I seem to be blank.

I will just wing it..

No matter how hard I try I never seem to understand men. Their actions just confuse me every time. You have not spoken to me in I don’t know how long and all of a sudden you decided to start talking to me again?! I just wish I had the guts to just ask ‘What the hell do you want from me?’ because I am tired of over analyzing and coming up with nothing!

On the flipside, the promise of something new is always appealing and exciting, but is it worth it if there is no promise of the future? And by future I mean in a month or less?? The lack of time is kind of a relief for me though, I can be brave enough to do whatever I want and not really have to face the repercussions, or I can do nothing and have no regrets, but have something to look forward to in the further future. For now I choose to do something, just a bit 😉

I hate brown bread!!!! I know it’s the healthier option and what not but I hate it because I have to keep on spitting out dry grass or whatever those particles are. Once I crunched charcoal in my bread, I almost gave up bread all together, it was so disgusting. The worst part is, that is the only bread my mother will buy so I am sucking it up for now till I finally get fed up and decide to be buying my own loaf.

I also hate the fact that I have to spend the first 5 minutes of my meals picking out the onions in my food! Why can’t people just finely dice onions and cook them till they are well done? I do not mind eating them if I cant see them, or crunch them.

I heard an interesting discussion on radio today, the topic, which was mainly centered towards women was, if your girlfriend (friend who is a girl) was cheating on her man, would you tell him??

Personally I would never ever snitch on my girls!!! It was her choice to cheat, and it will be her choice as to when to confess to her man, so I will back her up to the end. The funny thing was that most women who called in said they would snitch on their friends. That just goes to show how some women do not have true friendships. Due to envy they would rather sabotage their friends than actually be their friend tsk tsk.

Don’t you just hate it when you are really anticipating something, then it does not come to pass?? It makes you give up hope on hoping all together because the disappointment is just too much.

What the hell is going on with Heidi Montag Pratt??? She had 10 different surgeries done on one day, and she claims she is not addicted to plastic surgery??? She was already gorgeous, I do not understand why she felt the need to remodel herself.


photo credit here


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People magazine cover

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The name of her debut album is called Superficial why am I not surprised?!

So I am now savouring my last two days as a 22 year old, and the last few days before my dear friend flies out 😦  and I definitely plan on living it up to the max!!

xxx V xxx


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

It’s Friday already, I am amazed!!

Today I am feeling

sick 😦  Serves me right for going out jiexposing when I could feel the onset of a flu, and sleeping for 3 hours. But I had a ball and I have no regrets at all.

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My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Taking it off by Akon, it is such a catchy tune, I think I like this trancy side of his music.

This weekend I

am gonna spend it with my friends and I will cherish every moment because it may almost be the last for now 😦 🙂

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I am really craving

Burn, an energy drink. I may not be feeling the effects of sleep deprivation just yet, but a pick me up like that would really go down well. By the way was I the only one shocked to discover Burn is not red in colour?? It tastes like it should be.

I wish

I could stop time, and all my prayers came true.

I hope

there is nothing wrong with my knee, it has been acting up since last Saturday and I seem to have made it worse.

Today’s inspirational quote is

✿If you are not ready today, you will be even less so tomorrow✿

Have a Fabulous Friday

Miscallaneous Monday Musings

Last week at a time like this I was still asleep in my cosy bed, now I am at my desk, and it is not so bad but of course being in bed is way better.

I am not as sleepy as I thought I would be after barely getting any sleep last night. But my legs kinda hurt though, who needs to go the gym when you can work out on the dance floor like I did all Saturday night long 😉

I had a funny conversation with a friend of mine elicited by my strong desire to be able to pee while standing 🙂 Thats one thing I really wish I could do, it would really be handy when I am pressed which is like all the time and there is no lavatory in sight. So we talked about everything from Tyra, gadgets which can be used by women to pee while standing, to some men being able to pee with their hands free. That was when a bit too much information was divulged that I really did not need to know men and their big egos, but needless to say he is one of those men who can achieve this ‘fete’ if you get my drift.

I really hate it when people make promises they cannot keep, hence i tend not to have a lot of faith in people defence mechanism So whenever anyone makes any promises, I never believe them till they deliver. If they do not, I never have faith in them from that moment, until they prove me wrong. In retrospect, I also make it a point not to make promises that I know I definitely cannot keep. Of late people keep making me promises, and so far none of them have been kept…

2009 was not so great for some people. Many hearts got broken, and many friendships were destroyed. I really hate drama especially between my mutual friends, so if its in my power, I will find a way to help them mend their broken friendships. As for the broken hearts, it is not in my place, I will just give them a shoulder to lean on and a happy distraction.

I am really starting to freak out. After the horrible earthquake in Haiti last week so sad please pray for them, there have been earthquakes in Venezuela, Argentina, and I learnt today China as well. What the hell is going on?? I really hope Kenya will never be next because we would definitely not be able to handle it.

I feel like I am one of the few people who have not watched any movie from the twilight saga, but I have been reading the books. I read on the net that thanks to Twilight many young women have been encouraged to save themselves for their one true love.  As much as the books are interesting, they are just disillusioning millions of women everywhere!!! The love between Edward and Bella cannot possibly exist, and no one can tell me otherwise. If vampires existed in the real world, maybe I would have believed a bit.

I was telling a very close friend of mine about how I think my life is kinda boring and needs some oumph. He told me if I wanted to change something about my life, I should do something about. That is not so easy, fear is something that REALLY holds me back, that is something I have been trying to work on for a very long time, but clearly I am not strong enough to overcome it 😦 Anyway I want to at least try, I do not know what I will do to colour my world yet, but when I do find out what I need to, I pray that I will have the courage to do it.

xxx V xxx

TGIFridays 2010 edition

Thank God It’s Friday

Who does not love being in that Friday state of mind??! The promise of a great weekend to come is always very exciting

I am excited about

meeting my nephew for the first time tomorrow. He is 2 years old and he came into the country for the first time and I cannot wait to meet him.

Today I am feeling

lazy and relaxed and I must say its an awesome feeling. I am in bed right now, watching tv as i write this 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

the remix to A-Game by Drake featuring Serrani. Serrani’s verse is the only thing I like about this song, it has a very cool ragga feel to it, and I think they should have just made the whole song like that. Earlier this week I was surprised to see Drake in a movie ‘Charlie Bartlet’ (2007). He came on for like 10 seconds and only said a sentence but I was still pretty stoked to see him on screen.

This weekend I

am gonna have my game face on. If I see him tomorrow I am definitely gonna bring it, he will be eating from the palm of my hand by the time I am done with him 😉

I am really craving

red/rouge lipstick. I will forever talk about how much I want this till I get it. I visited a popular beauty shop to purchase some, but I realised it is really hard to shop for lipstick.

I tried looking for a screen shot of Soshi from Timberland’s song ‘Till the morning after’ to post here but I could not find any. She looks so gorgeous in blood red lipstick, a hot black dress and red hat, and her tattoo running from her bicep down to her back is a thing of beauty.

I wish

time would slow down already,, and that I would have 2 more weeks of vacay rather than just one 😦 I am really loving the free time and getting to meet up with my people.

I hope

that this year i will get the job security that I am really really yearning and praying for.

Today’s Inspirational Quote is

‘Destiny is the bridge to the one you love.’

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!

xxx V xxx