Django Unchained – I know why the D is silent


Because it is secretly meant for the male audience?


There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of Quentin Tarantino‘s new movie Django Unchained and I fell victim to it too, and got a copy of it yesterday.

The main theme song and the opening scene was a tell tale sign that I was not gonna enjoy the movie so much. The song, coupled with the scene showing a group of black saves chained together brought back memories of how I really disliked the movie Roots when I was growing up. I could already tell I was going to witness a lot of oppression in the movie bleh.

Soon afterwards we see the scene where Django meets the German dentist, and then there was this


This scene was shot in such a dramatic way, the way the shawl? blanket? falls of his shoulders, a symbol of all his troubles falling away. The scars on his back, chilling reality that this probably happened to slaves in America centuries ago. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this movie, and it’s portrayal of slavery and it’s use of the N word.

When I decided to review this movie, I did a quick search on the internet and stumbled upon a few reviews. Someone noted that there was the blatant use of the N word by black people, the white people, but there were no negative words used for the white people, who were mostly the oppressors.

The violence in this movie is not for the weak hearted people like myself. This film is so gory and graphic. The blood! It’s like the actors were filled with balloons of blood which burst in the most dramatic of fashions when the characters were shot.





A bit over the top don’t you think?


The look on my face after every bloody scene

Then there was the whipping, sigh, the whipping. Especially when Broomhilda, Kerry Washington‘s character was being whipped and she was crying out loud. Then there was the scene where Hildi was being taken out of the hot box, this is the ish the slaves used to go through?!!  Clearly I did not have the balls to stomach this movie. Justice was served when Django went ham on this guy.


Someone mentioned in another review that, the black men suffered horribly in this movie, they were beaten, whipped, eaten by dogs (yet another eeky scene), but the white men barely suffered. Calvin Candie was shot once through a flower, yet he was the main oppressor.

This movie has spurred a whole lot of controversy evidently. The scene below after Calvin Candie discovers that Django and Schultz are just after Broomhilda has had a lot of people talking. Leonardo DiCaprio smashed his hand on a glass, and his hand begun to bleed for real, but they just continued shooting the scene.


He proceeded to smear his blood all over Kerry Washington’s face. I really hope she did not have any open wounds on her face, the paranoia in me cannot help but wonder. Some people viewed the act as oppressive, I just think Leonardo was trying to make the scene as authentic as possible, albeit disregarding health and safety.


Each year Leo is always snubbed at the Oscars, he didn’t even clinch a Golden Globe for his role in Django. Hopefully for his sake, his fate will change during this year’s Oscars.

The Django Unchained soundtrack is something else. It seems like John Legend is really good at belting out tunes for movies, he did a great job on this one.

Anthony Hamilton also did an amazing job on this track

And finally, this was my favorite jam, 2pac and James Brown, Unchained.

You can listen to the rest of the movie’s soundtrack here.

I didn’t finish the movie because it turned out that I had not copied all of it. To be honest, I will not bother finishing it, I already conceded that I am not the target audience, and it is okay. Die hard Tarantino fans say that it is a good movie, so if you are a fan then you will probably enjoy it.

These are my own views and opinions, I even saved you the trouble of reading my sentiments on the mandingo fighting and the scenes shot between Jamie Foxx’s really well toned legs :p You’re welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Django Unchained – I know why the D is silent

  1. How can you like the music? Especially that last one? Rap sucks by itself, but putting it in a western is a whole new level of suck.

    If they wanted to do a spaghetti-style western, why didn’t they make a soundtrack in Ennio Morricone’s style?

    Ennio Morricone knows how to compose. Listen to the theme of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Ecstasy of Gold (from the same film).

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