Facebook – the best wingman you will ever have

That is according to Justin Hartfield the writer of  ‘ The complete guide to picking up girls on Facebook’, and ebook I randomly came across on the internet one day when I was bored.
Now this dude thinks the best place to meet ‘high quality’ women is on Facebook forget the bar. 
This revolutionary social network has made the art of picking up chicks way easier because:

nearly every girl you want to date is on Facebook, so the selections is practically unlimited.

most women love Facebook and check their profiles at least once a day hoping that guy of their dreams has sent them a charming private message (not a poke)

there’s little risk of hurt feelings because it’s much easier to deal with digital rejection via Facebook than it is in real life.

 on Facebook you have the ability to prescript your questions and answers so that you can get a girl in bed without the difficulties associated with being spontaneous, funny and attractive to a stranger in real life.

So here is what you need to do in order to score at least a date a week on FB:

  • Get your Facebook profile right

 The goal of your profile is to not have anything that would potentially turn off the women your trying to get with. Your profile should highlight the best parts of your personality and minimize the worst. It should showcase the your most unique qualities.
Set your relationship status to ‘single’, and your ‘Looking for’ to ‘Friendship’. Include some humor in your ‘About me’ section. Do not least your phone number, it makes you look desperate ha ha ha. Be sure to smile and look like your having fun in your pictures.

  • Make friends

 Have at least some hot girls writing on your wall every week. This can be achieved by making as many friends as possible. When you meet someone in real life, send them a friend request on Facebook that same night. Don’t seek to pick up girls, seek to become their Facebook friends. wth? my facebook username is now more valuable than my digits?! Once you begin chatting on FB then you can ask for her number if you plan on meeting up.
If the girl is not responsive or your stuck in the friend zone, go through her her pictures and find all of her hot friends, and inbox her to find out if her hot friend is available. I swear ask me that and I’m removing friend!!! Apparently a woman is the best wingman, not even Facebook. Get this girl to pimp you out to all of her hot facebook friends.

  • Initiating conversation

 If you come across a friend of a friend who is hot or your interested in, send her a friend request, and after it has been accepted, hit her up on her wall, and comment on how you both like the same movies, or series etc lame. Or you can create an invite only group for something you both share common interests in like ‘Lil Wayne’s special fans’ lol. This will strengthen your bond before you ask her for her number NOT!

You can download a copy by searching for it at Free ebooks.net

My personal take is, I would never take you seriously if you asked me if I am on Facebook rather than just asking me for my number. But come to think of it, maybe that would be more pro-active and would reduce the chances of me waiting for my phone to ring.
My Facebook profile is something I secure and protect because I think it’s kinda personal so all the friends I have are people that I know personally. I have enabled all the privacy settings, so you cannot see my profile picture it’s too hot for strangers, you cannot send me a friend request or a message, and you cannot search for me. yeah i’m paranoid like that, utado warr??
I do not even use my real names on Facebook. I have become so afraid of exposing myself to my family like my parents, my aunts and uncles, and my workmates. I have the most insane pictures up, I have a total of 39 albums on FB, and I would prefer the good girl image the said people think I have. and I wanna talk crap on my status update.
I will not lie, if I meet a hot guy, I would search for him on Facebook but I would have a good reason, I walk around armed with a camera so I have to be his friend to tag him in his picture right? he he he
Anyway I think this whole concept of using Facebook as a wingman is just making men lazy!! Why can’t you just call me? Or hit on my friends without my assistance? Put your game in check turn your swag on, and use every tool of communication do not just focus on one!
xxx V xxx