Follow Friday~Blog Lovin

Today I would like to turn the spotlight on cool blogs which I discovered, or which I knew about that do not get the attention they deserve, and basically just share with you stuff that I now read on a regular.

Simple Vintage Virgin

Leez rocking her lace dress

I discovered this blog this week and I loved it! Leez chronicles her love for thrift shopping, vintage and fashion. I love her outfit posts, one day I will go raid her closet soon.


Hi. I hate you all.

That was his debut post on this blog, that alone should tell you that this is a blog worth reading. He claims his blog is for all the loosers, but if you think you are a cool cat I think it is for you too. Despite the hurl of insults he hurls at us readers, he is witty and hilarious, which makes it all worth it.

That Angel Girl

Do you guys remember Me, Myself and Isis ? Well she moved on to this new blog where she shows us the cool stuff she does with her mother’s clothes, which unwillingly makes you want to raid your mothers clothes.  I love how she can make one clothing item, wearable in like five different ways. She has some really hot shoes too!


Kbaab is a lady who likes music, and writes about her fun nights out, her relationships with men and her interactions with different people. Her writing is quite captivating and is a mighty good read.


The tag line speaks for itself.

These are his musings fueled by vodka and his relations with women (I am waiting for you to ask me about this). He claims to speak on behalf of other men, sometimes. He has a way with words, that paint a mental picture in your brain. I like his blog despite the fact that it has no pictures in it and we all know that I am a visual person. As you read his blog, you can tell he has an excellent command of English, feel free to point out his grammatical errors :p He dabbles in a bit of poetry in his first posts so be sure to check those out, and encourage him to write more if you like it.

(studs and pearls)

I am a big fan of DIYs, I think it is so original when you can make your own things. This lady here has some brilliant DIY projects it is insane!

DIY studded trench coat



So there you have it my friends, brand new links to feast your eyes on. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Coz we are living in a superficial world

Today I  realized again how God is fair, he blesses us with other things to write off our shortcomings. Nobody is perfect. Those who you think are perfect, also have their insecurities and imperfections.

Beyonce hates her big ears, David Beckham is gorgeous in every single way but with a pre-adolescent voice, Alicia Keys has terrible achne,

these are just a few examples of how perfect people are just like you and me. Do not be fooled by the make up, photoshop and all the lies that the Entertainment world feeds us.

Even those people we deem as imperfect have other qualities going for them, but we are all so immersed judging them that we never get to witness them.

Trust me I am as superficial as the next person, I pay attention to the gorgeous people, and get creeped out by the ugly ones. I get scared away before I give them a chance to impress me with their charms, jokes or whatever will make me forget about their shortcomings.

I also fall under the imperfect bracket, always trying to hide what I find imperfect about myself, yet hoping to be accepted for what I am.

I have come to learn, that not so good looking people are as superficial as the hot ones!!!! That explains why some people who are not so easy on the eye walk around with trophies in their arms.

I wish I wasn’t superficial, but am I actually willing to change that? I may have the opportunity to do it, but I am sort of afraid. His face is a big problem for me. For what it’s worth, I have identified many great qualities about him, that should out weigh my major obstacle.

All God’s creatures are beautiful so I am sure this must be some kind of sin, let us all bow down our heads and pray that I will one day overcome this.

Of DnG and other mindless musings

I think God answered my prayers this week, there has been an improvement, I am not so melancholic anymore, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and I heard from some people which I really appreciated.

Since yesterday, I have been swamped with work, how I am able to spare this minute to blog is beyond me!

Safaricom has a very cool 2010 calendar, it shows you the various stages of the moon on each day from crescent to full moon. Guess when the next full moon is? yup 14th February, Valentines Day, can it get any cornier?!! barf

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am not a fan of the whole concept of showing love on just one day, in an over the top way.When I told someone I know that love should be appreciated and expressed daily, not just on Valentines day, she asked me why don’t we celebrate Christmas every day lol. You cannot celebrate Jesus’s or any other person’s birthday daily so it’s a totally different thing 🙂

D&G Light Blue

I wore this scent today, and I must admit I smell delicious! Sadly I have had the tester since like last year January, and I mice it like a nonsense because the original costs Kshs. 7000 at Lyntons in Westgate, and the imitation is kinda off. So if you have some loose money, and you feel like spoiling me, pwetty pweez go the D&G way.

Have you ever given your views about something, then if they happen to change, your previous opinion is used against you?! It is like the worst feeling in the world, makes me even afraid to actually say what I feel, but it does not stop me though. One day I will blog in depth about what who I am talking about..

I realized something about myself today. I do not think I will get married anytime soon, I have never been one of those girls who fantasize about their wedding day and what not. I told this guy i like/liked i dunno about how I am not planning on getting hitched till maybe after the next 15 years, he started talking about how he will come for my wedding next year and what not.

Just because I do not want to get married until it is absolutely necessary, does not mean that you should rule out thinking about marrying me!! But now that I have thought about it, If a guy told me he was thinking of marrying me, I most definitely would take to the hills so I cannot throw away my cake and throw it away again what is the opposite of you cannot have your cake and eat it? that is what I mean.

Anyway women are considered to be the complicated gender, but I really beg to differ. Men are complicated, always act macho but yet deep inside they are just soft mushy centers. You think you got them all figured out, then they surprise you the next minute. It is quite exhausting and draining. After next week, my life will go back to it’s usual drama free cycle that I think I should love and never bitch about.

xxx V xxx


Yesterday a million things were running around in my head that I needed to blog about, but now I’m almost blank almost.
Anyway these thoughts particularly weighed on my mind my grammar is going to the dogs fyi:
I met him, got to know him, and kinda started liking him. Then, communication was reduced to a minimum, and all the deal breakers I had noticed could no longer be ignored. + emotional men scare me. I thought he had also gotten bored just like me, but now all of u sudden, he’s interested again i think telling me all these things, and I’m just shrugging them off kinda because I dunno if I can be more than his friend, and I do not wanna lead him on aaaarrggghhhh If this was happening like last week, before I knew what I know now, then I would have been more excited rather than panicky.
I met another him, cute, sweet, ambitious, and my over active imagination was already going ahead of itself and conjuring up a future for us I never do that usually. So he left the province, haven’t seen him since August, got bored, and thats where I am at now, waiting to see what happens when he comes back. It’s Wednesday now, i’m still not surprised. If he was giving me fake promises of pudding remember that facebook application called superlatives? I will not be amused at all, and will never take anything he says seriously.
So before I had no idea who I was leaning towards, now that I do, it doesn’t seem so feasible bummer
I think some of these things I wish them on myself. It’s easier when I am just dealing with my family and friends. These maneno for boys…..

Peep these shoes i stumbled upon on the net:

I would never in my right mind wear those. What happens if I need to take off my shoes when entering someone’s house? I would have to walk around pantsless??
I think the jeans would look really cool if they weren’t attached to sneakers.
xxx V xxx

Deal makers and deal breakers!!!

What is the first thing that catches your eye about a member of the opposite sex??
I’ll speak for myself, one of the first things i notice about a guy is his face. Lets face it, in Kenya there is a shortage of gorgeous men so women’s standards have been forcefully reduced! Anyway what i look for in a face, good skin, nyummy lips, average sized nose, great hair. I am obsessed with hair, so if you have long hair i will be so smitten. I also like clean shaven heads, it looks nice and neat. Eyes are something i do not particularly look out for because majority of all the black people have the same brown eyes except some lucky few.
I also look at the attire. There are some men who are so well dressed it’s insane. What catches my attention in particularly are suits, preppy dressed boys, or even simply a nice shirt wit pants, or a cool tshirt with a waist coat. There is just something about a man in a tie, it is very hot, but only when I am out, in the office there’s nothing jazzing about it at all!
I think i am one of those women who really do not pay attention to a man’s shoes. I only notice them if they are exceptionally hot or like really really bad!
There is nothing sexier than a man who can dance!!! No matter how injured you look, if you can dance then you have definitely caught my attention.
Of course if the man smells good thats a definate plus, there is no bigger turn off than body odour 😦 or sweat, I really do not want to be wiping my hands every time i touch your hands.
A man who walks up to me and speaks to me definitely arouses my interest. Nowadays it seems like men are just waiting for women to come and hit on them (watangoja!!!).
The voice definitely counts, if you step up to me with a girly shrieky voice i defintiely will never take you seriously. But if you have a deep sultry baritone, I will definitely be hooked. The way you talk is also important. I will not give you the time of day if you sound like some funny dodgy ob, or if you shrub, I know i may seem stuck up or whatever but those things are important. I think it is important that i can at least have a conversation with you without bursting out laughing because you have shrubbed, or having to ask what that sheng word means.
No woman is attracted to a shamelessly drunk guy, so if you know your one of them get your act together.
A man who will protect you from trouble will win a girls heart, not the dude instigating the fight for no reason, be man enough to walk away.
Gentlemen always turn heads. It is so nice to find a man who will pull up your chair, open your door.. okay to be honest sometimes i find it weird but i still feel like i am being pampered.
Height only becomes an issue if the man is shorter than me, I do not wanna look down on you. There is something hot about having to tiptoe to give a guy a hug or a kiss.
Of course a man’s body is very essential. Many women have different tastes, and luckily there is a lot of variety in that department.
Lucky for men, women are not as biased when it comes to body type. You will find a gorgeous woman dating the most ridiculous looking guy ever!
Anyway you will be surprised by the little things that can turn people off. Different people have different pet peeves.

xxx V xxx