Just a day..

Today was a good Monday 🙂

Nothing special happened, but there was a significant change in my schedule which I embraced with open arms.

I also may have a chance to help out a friend, and I really pray things will work out for the best.

I cannot wait to get home to my bed right now, this is a perfect depiction of how it looks right now…

Blankets full of sunshine

So as you have clearly noticed, this post is not about anything in particular, I am just writing whatever pops up in my head chances to blog are rare so im ceasing the day.


I came across this picture on the net, and it was like the universe was just speaking to me. Damn my bloody conscience, i would probably just drive by rather than ran him over which he so totally deserves.

Anyhoosmu I lived and I learnt, and I am definitely far better off now.



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