1st of the month


Chapter 4 of 12 begins now

*disclaimer: I started writing this on the 1st, then wordpress lost most of the post and i had to do it again grrr

March Highlights

March was beyond epic. I spent two weeks of it abroad and I loved it. It was pure bliss, I can totally see myself spending my life travelling, eating, shopping and exploring. I pray I get to do it again someday soon.

I got to spend a week with my cousin and my adorable nephew, and they were such brilliant hosts. I spent the second week at a hotel with my mum, and it was nice getting pampered and stuff.

Foodwise I think I had everything, all my food dreams came true. From fajitas, to sushi, ben and jerrys, hot pockets, twizzlers, pop tarts, frappacinnos, coca cola cherry and lots of other yummy good stuff.

Blew a lot of money there, I think i will be broke for the rest of the year. It was totally worth it though, I had the time of my life.

Brand new career path, I am excited and very happy about it.

March Downsides

Malaysia flight MH370 went missing a day before I started flying. During my vaycay I had 8 transit flights and during that period, 2 other planes had weird mishaps, airlines which I was travelling with at the time.

It was really some freaky shit, I have always liked flying but all these events just made me paranoid. I really thank God I got home in one piece.

I pray for the families of all the MH370 passengers, may God give them peace and comfort during this trying time.

My mother missed her flight so as a result her trip was shorter and I spent like 4 days alone in a foreign country, and had to travel back home alone.

My trip messed with my usual Lent rituals, hopefully I will be able to identify a 40 day period to do it properly.

March Discoveries

  • I have a mean American accent. Takes a lot of work though. Decided I need to make it more permanent, apparently accents get you places.
  • If you travel, as much as social media has made us serial exhibitionists, dont do it.
  • I am not Santa, but I will be damned if I dont try.
  • Apparently people fly out to eradicate dry spells, not me :p
  • I prefer seeing the good in people before judging them.
  • Drama has a way of finding itself into your life.

What I am looking forward to in April

Seeing you again, 1 more day 🙂

Easter, which I have no plans for, and plus i am already broke smh


How was your March? What’s  April looking like?