12 ways tumblr has changed my life

Tumblr is one of my favourite websites. It’s awesome yet horrible at the same time, and I cannot get enough of it. Here are a few reasons why it has changed my life:

Turns out I am not the only loser out here

We all have those moments where we feel like we are not hot enough, smart enough, or perfect, and people on tumblr are not afraid of saying that. Users there are not ashamed of their weirdness or aloneness, it is like one big community of weirdos, what’s not to love?!



These people are so relatable!


I need a cat and a dog in my life

I have come across millions of cat and dog pictures, gifs and videos of them doing cute, adorable, funny things. This just makes me wanna get one of my own who I can eventually make an internet sensation. Check out how awesome this cat is, where can I find one like this in Kenya?


Thanks to tumblr I have a need for things that I could never own

Like these stiletto nails


or this ring


or this hair set in the most perfect high bun ever


I have cravings for food that I can never devour or drinks that I can never indulge in

like this oreo like dessert


Soco in a can *slurp*


Tumblr is the best source for gifs!

Yes, that is where I still all my cool gifs from. There is like a gif from every video, movie, show that ever existed. Plus there are dumb gifs like these ones:


Some of the coolest ideas stem off of tumblr

like this cool game which I MUST try out


good parenting skills


interior design



this bra I would kill to have


This site also kills my self esteem at the same time

Like seriously, how can there be such gorgeous people on this earth?!



and adorable, cute babies. I swear I will be so sad when I give birth and my children dont look like this!


There are so many quotes that I stumble upon

especially the days when I need encouragement about certain things, and I just stumble upon it on my dashboard.



Tumblring is also a great source of embarrassment

you can just be innocently scrolling through your dashboard then BAM!!! a naked, weird picture just pops up and you have to hurry up and cover your tracks before people assume you surf weird stuff 0_O

It has increased my chances of going to heaven

coz there are so many sinners on tumblr, the blasphemy is on a whole other level. Is it a sin if sometimes I kinda find some of the posts funny?



This place is plagiarism gold

All the cool meme’s, pictures, tweets, or trends that you see on  twitter, instagram, facebook where all stolen from tumblr, do not let anyone lie to you!

It’s a cool place to ‘meet’ people

It’s nice to know that there are people out there with the same thoughts and interests as you. The Kenyan population on tumblr is also increasing too which is awesome 🙂



I can go on and on about how much tumblr rocks and why I think it’s awesome, this list may never end.




Tumblr has brought too much joy in my life, I love it!


Coral Mullet ensemble

Coral Mullet ensemble

I love this mini mullet coral dress, it’s simple and playful. The turquoise wedges blend beautifully with the colour of the dress. The beige and the yellow bag would go really well with this outfit.

Every girl has got to have arm candy, layering bracelets look amazing. I really loved this chunky gold necklace and the arrow head earrings. Do not get me started on these sunnies!


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

This felt like a 10 day week yo! So stoked it’s over!

I am excited about

going out of town for the weekend 🙂 Someone say ‘RnR’!!!

Today I Am Feeling

so sleepy and tired, cannot wait for hometime.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I was really sad this song was not in T.I.’s new album, the way I went to great lengths to download it.

This Weekend I

get the pleasure of celebrating the life of a very awesome man 🙂

I wish

I would get to oogle at nani tomorrow ..sigh 😉

I hope

everyone gets their prayers answered.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘You cannot dream yourself into character; you must hammer yourself one.’

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!

6 ways to wear a Leopard Peplum

Leopard Peplum

Ermergaaahd!! I had forgotten how awesome Polyvore is. This is a little ensemble I created over there this morning because I was bored, so I decided to play around with clothes I can never wear.

So we have one classy leopard print peplum top, and here are the different ways in which you can rock it:

  1. This lovely green circle skirt will create a nice layered look when paired with the peplum top, and the bright colour will make the outfit pop.  The deep mustard heels will blend perfectly with the skirt and elongate the legs, and the suede envelope clutch provides a perfect finish to the outfit. This is outfit is perfect for a night out.
  2. Leather is a hot trend right now. This black leather pencil skirt is elegant and can be paired with basically anything. The heels and the lace box clutch create a beautiful ensemble. This is a great outfit for a gala event like an awards show or fashion event.
  3. Brightly coloured skinny jeans are the latest fad, the brighter the colour the better. I think the yellow looks fabulous against the leopard print. These pretty ankle strapped, nude sandalled heels are gorgeous and the shopper bag completes the outfit. You can wear this for a date or to work depending on your dress code.
  4. I really dig how nice shorts look when paired with peplum tops. White shorts, knee high suede boots and a quilted channel bag, the outfit just speaks for itself.
  5. Coral is one of my new favourite colours, these coral shorts are cute and spunky. The yellow wedges and the multi coloured cross body bag add a nice colour blocked touch to the outfit. You can wear this for a random day time plan like brunch or events like blankets and wine.
  6. Golden skinny leather pants, I have no clue where you can find this in Kenya, but I really loved the colour. The blue heels add a pop of colour to the outfit, and I added a black studded bag for some pizzazz.

I think I am ready for my ‘Fashion Blogger’ title :p

Blog <3ing

I needed to share some amazing blogs I stumbled upon on the internet. Whenever you visit a blog, make sure you check out their blogrolls, they may lead you to even more awesomeness.

Meek – N – Mild

Shirley Eniang is a gorgeous blogger from the U.K. Her dress sense is spectacular, her make up is impeccable and she has great style tips and videos. Her facial features are unique to say the least, but I love how well she works with them, and brings out all her beautiful features.


She has numerous tutorials on her youtube page about hair, makeup and beauty. Check this one out below, a hair bun tutorial. What I loved about it is that it’s simple and doable for some of us without long thick hair.

Our Style Kenya

This is a blog by Joy Kendi, a Kenyan actress, famous for her role in Changing Times.

Picture 1

I really dig her style, it’s edgy and unique. She is beautiful and knows what clothes will bring out her strongest features. What I love the most about her is her accessories!  She has the most amazing collection of rings and necklaces, there is nothing I covet more than jewellery.

Picture 5 kendi


Gabby Fresh

Gabby is a fashion blogger from America who doesn’t stick to the the norm and completely ignores fashion rules. She is a beautiful plus sized blogger who is confident and does not suffer from body shame. What started out as a hobby for her is now a source of income as she gets sponsored by brands on her blog, and is covered in main stream fashion magazines, she is definitely an inspiration.


My afro and I

Aisha is a Tanzanian who currently resides in South Africa and her blog takes us through her natural hair journey. Her afro is gorgeous and inspiring, reading through her blog makes me want to cut my hair and grow it naturally.

I like her style, she takes amazing pictures too, but what I dig the most about her blog is her hair challenges. She did 30 hair accessories in 30 ways and now she is currently doing 30 days, 30 updos.  If you have natural hair, this is a brilliant source for inspiration on how to style your hair.

30 days 30 accessories 14


Attire Club


This is a blog for everyone, but it’s main focus fashion wise is men. It has cool handy tips like ‘How to wear a bow tie.’, ‘How to choose the right underwear.’ , and ‘How to shave.’. I encourage my few male readers to take a looksie, I am sure there is one or two things you can learn from here.



The Bantu Girl

Neema is a Kenyan girl living in America, I just read in one of her posts that she doesn’t consider herself as a fashion blogger, but I think she fits the bill but with some extra perks. She blogs about her life, her interests, prince charming, gluten free and healthy living. I learnt what gluten was from her blog, to be honest I had no idea Kenyans have such allergies, she is also allergic to coffee too, I cannot imagine how she lives.



I think Neema is gorgeous and photographs beautifully. I love how she always incorporates something African in her outfits.

Thought Catalog

Though Catalog is a collection of various articles by different writers. As the name suggests, the posts on there really give you food for thought on everyday issues like life, love, humor, music, careers, you need it, they’ve got it. Here are some of the articles which I loved:

  1. 23 ways to feel better instantly
  2. Why you shouldnt be so freaked out about your future.
  3. 11 responses to “Why are you single”
  4. 5 things I want girls to wear more of
  5. 10 things Facebook, Twitter and Instagram addicts fear
  6. How we criticise men Vs How we criticise women
  7. 9 Destiny’s Child Lyrics that belong in a self help book
  8. A close reading of 2 chainz lyrics
  9. Girls get friendzoned too, and it sucks
  10. Dont be the other woman
  11. Don’t write about the people you have loved

So make sure you take a second to check out these blogs. Happy Monday 🙂


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

if this doesnt make you smile, i dunno what will :p
if this doesnt make you smile, i dunno what will :p

4 blog posts in 1 week, can I get a round of applause? 🙂

I am excited about

going to Mama’s for the first time this weekend.

Today I Am Feeling

a bit stressed because I have not read enough for my CAT tomorrow, but it aint no thang but a chicken wing :p

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is


This Weekend I

will have to work on my social awkwardness, so help me God!

I am really craving

meat 😦

I wish

this cool weather remains, I am so glad I can now wear my sweaters, that heat was a problem!

I hope

you all have a fantastic weekend 🙂

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fabulous Friday 🙂


The 20/20 Experience ~ Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake dazzled us with Future Sex /Love Sounds six years ago, an album which could best be described as eargasmic. I doubt there is anyone who didnt love every record on that album.

Then, come 2013, he dropped Suit and Tie as the debut song off his new album The 20/20 experience and some of us were left wondering why Justin was trying to sound like Robin Thicke. It was not the sound that we are accustomed to when it comes to Justin, and despite the fact that the song features Jayz still does not make it any more spectacular in my opinion. Even if i am a major jigga stan 

To be honest, Suit and Tie made me think that maybe Justin Timberlakes album would not match up to the success of his last album, then he dropped Mirrors which renewed my faith in his vocal prowess, and I stumbled upon a full album stream which JT was kind enough to share before his album drops, and I cannot stop listening to it!

Justin has teamed up with producer Timberland, and once again they have managed to create musical gold!  Just like in FSLS (Future Sex/Love Sounds) the songs features intros and outros which is like a bonus because you get the benefit of listening to two songs as one.

Pusher Love Girl

This song has a neo-soul feel to it, with a twinge of Southern flow. The song breaks out into an intro featuring Timberlands signature sounds, with JT spitting some lines.

Suit & Tie

I must admit, this song grew on me, so I do not hate it as much as I did at first. JayZ‘s rap is luck lustre in my opinion, but the song has a nice mellow feel to it.

Dont Hold The Wall

The song begins with a beautiful acappella, followed by some Arabic like, tribal instrumentals and beats. Justin’s vocals and Timberland’s beats are just magical, you can clearly see how awesome their collaborative work is.

Strawberry Bubblegum

This is my favourite song off this album. From the intro to the outro, the lyrics, the beats, nothing but amazing. I never pay attention to lyrics of songs, but this one definitely reached out to me.

‘Don’t ever change your flavour coz I love the taste’

He is basically telling some lucky woman somewhere that he loves her for who she is, and she shouldn’t change anything. Sigh, JT should have just married me!

The songs fades out into a soothing jazzy beat, as Justin serenades us with his sensational voice. Baby making music right here!

Tunnel Vision

It’s hard to miss Timberland’s ad libs in this song, and the harmony in the vocals is simply splendid.

Spaceship Coupe

JT puts the Rhythm in this blues, a lovely ballad with an impressive electric guitar solo towards the end of the song.

That Girl

The repetitive chorus tends to stick in your head, I do not mind the southern feel to the jam.

Let The Groove Get In

The compilation of all the instruments and the vocals is simply magnificent, and a joy to listen to. The outro, do not mess with Justin’s soprano, he hits all the right notes, and blends in perfectly with the acappella.


What’s not to love about this song? It speaks for itself, it is everything.

Blue Ocean Floor

This mellow tune gives you a greater appreciation for his voice, it’s so lovely and serene.



Given that I had the worst expectations for this album, I am pleasantly surprised and deeply in love with it. I give it an 8/10. I strongly recommend you read this track by track review and 20 things you need to know about the 20/20 experience to get a greater appreciation for this album.