Thank God It’s Friday!!!

I have had a very interesting week, some would call it life changing even. or the beginning of the rest of my life.

I am excited about

the weekend, getting some sleep, and going to church.

Today I Am Feeling

easy breezy, kama mandizi

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

G I R L Pharrell William’s new album, the music on there is everything!

I am craving

something that I cant have..

I wish

there wasnt so much traffic, so tired of frying in my car.

I hope

he is doing okay, despite his situation.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fantastic Friday 🙂


A funeral and a wedding

silence ageordinary


The past 2 weeks have been hectic, and that is an understatement even, so I barely had time to blog, though these pics above were part of a post I had been attempting to write.

I think the best way to sum it up is a very big emotional roller coaster, so many happy and yet incredibly sad moments.  My week started off with a funeral on Monday and ended with a wedding on Saturday.

Here are just a few things that stood out for me:

  • I am truly blessed beyond measure, this is something I need to be more appreciative of.
  • Even my worst day cannot compare to some situations that other people are in, although it’s not good to compare, this fact just has to be acknowledged.
  • Always have a plan B.
  • Not everything is personal.
  • Not everybody gives a damn.
  • People in this world can be so selfish.
  • Always look out for number 1, simply because when you are busy looking out for others, nobody has your back.
  • I cannot always be the bigger person, so if some ish is bothering me, I will give it time and hope I get over it.
  • Massage chairs are everything!!!
  • My friend really embodies the term ‘Blushing Bride’.
  • I’ve been having some qualms about some friendships, which has made me realise I really need to be a better friend to the people who do matter.
  • Nothing sucks as much as watching a coffin being lowered into the ground.
  • Write a will, you never know when you will kick the bucket.
  • No matter how hot you look, once you are knee deep in the sibling zone, you can never find your way out :p
  • Pretty hurts.
  • I thought I was a crier, till I saw my friends weep at the wedding.
  • I am blessed with amazing parents.
  • Photos for government documents have no filter and they dont let you smile! I am destined to look horrid in all my legal documents.
  • That awkward moment when you see your instagram follower that you have never met in real life, then ignore..
  • I need to stop oversharing.



Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Finally I can catch up on my sleep!! Yay to the weekend!

I am excited about

diplo, if i do decide to go, and curious to see what my boy got me for my birthday, he claims he has a gift for me -_-

Today I Am Feeling

soooo sleeepy.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

your choice, tell me what song you are currently digging.

This Weekend I

hope i will get to buy my cat from KSPCA, birthday gift 🙂

I am craving

a spoon.

I wish

there were more days to the weekend, 2 just isnt enough.

I hope

traffic wont be so bad today.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

I dont have one today, too lazy to find one, blame the itis..

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!


Nairobi Restaurant Week: Day 4 – Monikos

Yesterday, us guys decided to go check out Monikos in Valley Arcade, just behind the Java. I had been there once before and their NRW menu seemed interesting.

I forgot to take a picture of the soup I had as a pre starter if I could call it that. I had the water cress and lemon soup which was simply delightful. I especially loved Monikos bread, it was so fresh and it tasted like cake.

Goat cheese served on a bed of beetroot and rucola, then drizzled with raspberry and balsamic reduction

Goat cheese served on a bed of beetroot and rucola, then drizzled with raspberry and balsamic reduction

I decided to go with a salad for my starter, such a horrid idea, I really should have gone with the ham. I had no idea goat cheese was so, for lack of a better word, goatie .. bleurgh. The leaves were also too vegetative for my palette, the only thing I enjoyed was the raspberry drizzled on the top. Needless to say, I barely touched this salad.

Grilled fillet of laikipia beef served with porcini mushroom and red wine sauce, topped with crispy onions and served with croquette potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Grilled fillet of laikipia beef served with porcini mushroom and red wine sauce, topped with crispy onions and served with croquette potatoes and grilled vegetables.

For my main course I had the beef fillet, it is buried under the crispy onions. The round looking thins is the croquette potatoes, I think they should have served 2 of them and not just one. The grilled veggies did not taste so good, specifically the egg plant bleurghh. The beef was perfectly done, soft, succulent and juicy.

My cousin had the duck dish below, which tasted amazing.

Duck braised in tree tomato, lemon grass and star aniseed, served with vegetable rice and a spicy vegetable spring roll

Duck braised in tree tomato, lemon grass and star aniseed, served with vegetable rice and a spicy vegetable spring roll

Monikos had listed the kenya tea parfait as the dessert, which to me sounded uber boring. Turns out they had 3 items on offer under that ‘umbrella’ if I could call it that. Icecream with ginger biscuit, tiramisu and cheese cake. Given the Nairobi heat we have been experiencing lately, I went with the icecream.


I think those were strawberries, and they were delicious. As for the ice cream, it was the strangest thing, and colour. It really did not have a distinct flavour, and for some reason it wouldnt melt. We ate this dish with a fork and knife. There was nothing spectacular about this dish, I actually wish I went with the tiramisu.

Overall, I had a really lovely night with my girls yesterday 🙂

This is the last day I participated in NRW, my wallet may not allow me to continue, and my body hates me right now. But if you never got a chance to check it out, good news, Nairobi Restaurant Week was extended, check the site out for more details.

New Findings

So I stumbled on this blog yesterday and you know me and my excitement about new fashion blogs.

The blog is called Nairobi’s Fashion Geek  and is run by a lady called Nelly. Here are a couple of looks from her blog that I really liked.

nfg6 nfg5 nfg4 nfg3 nfg2 nfg1

She has great fashion sense, I cannot believe she isnt a repeat offender, most of the clothes seem to be new. I think the best thing about fashion blogs are getting to know where the bloggers by their clothes. She seems to buy most of her clothes online so if you like her outfits you can just search for those shops online.

Nelly is currently running a competition on her instagram page in celebration of her 1st bloggerversary , the lucky winner gets to walk away with a tube of Mac Ruby Woo (i have been dying for this lipstick) and a dress. Take a look here and find out how you can win it.

Nairobi Restaurant Week: Day 3 – Lucca : Villa Rosa Kempinski

#NRW was the perfect excuse for my friend and I to check out Villa Rosa Kempinski, the new majestic looking hotel on Waiyaki Way.

The place is quite stunning, but I had to act like I am not all star struck so I did not take too many pictures.

sorry i was busy tryna pretend i am not taking pictures

sorry i was busy tryna pretend i am not taking pictures

To be honest, the NRW menu for Lucca was not very appealing, checking out the place was the primary motivation to go there.


For your information, you cannot just walk into that hotel and go have a meal, you need to make reservations as they do not accept walk ins.

We sat outside at the balcony which faces Waiyaki Way, seeing that Nairobi is insanely hot and humid.


There was only 1 starter on offer, so we really had no choice but to eat this toasted bread with tomatoes. It was good, but it really needed some meat on it, like ham or something. I do not know how vegetarians do it.

This yummy cocktail teremshad the food very nicely

This yummy cocktail teremshad the food very nicely

For the main course, I had the red snapper covered in black olives, with mashed potatoes.

Dentice alle Olive: Black Olive Crusted Red Snapper with raisin caper sauce and mashed potatoes

Dentice alle Olive: Black Olive Crusted Red Snapper with raisin caper sauce and mashed potatoes

The black olive crust tasted like bread, and the fish was steamed to perfection. The sauce had a good zing which complimented the entire meal. The garnish on top of the fish was actually lemon/orange, I thought they were carrots when I first looked at them, but they tasted really good.


Dolci Cassata Siciliana: Sponge cake, layered with ricotta cheese, candied peel and fruits and chocolate topped with marzipan

There was also only 1 option for dessert. Marzipan is the icing they use on fruit cakes, it’s very sweet and kind of overwhelming. To be honest, I left most of it. The sponge cake was delicious, loved the candied fruit bits, though I wish the cheese would have been creamier.

The service was spectacular, the waiter, the manager, and I guess the manager’s boss all kept on checking up on us. The ambiance was very lovely as well. Lucca actually has a reasonably priced menu when it comes to food, ranging from 1200 to maybe 200, and the cocktails range from 600 and above.

I am definitely going to go back there someday soon.

What restaurants/hotels have you checked out for Nairobi Restaurant Week? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section 🙂

Nairobi Restaurant Week: Day 2 – Sierra Brasserie

My friend took me out to dinner at Sierra last night situated at the Yaya Center Shopping Mall, on 2nd floor. It’s a lovely restaurant, I do not know why everywhere I go seems to be perfect locations for dates. It has two floors, so there is plenty of space inside, and sitting space outside on the balcony as well.

The Sierra #NRW menu seemed very appetizing, check it out here. I like how most of the menus also incorporate vegetarian dishes, though they should have also included gluten free desserts on there as well.


All participating restaurants are giving away a free copy of Up Magazine, and this month’s edition is quite interesting. They have showcased all the hotels and restaurants participating in #NRW, and have some interesting articles on wine, cheese, restaurant reviews etc.

For my starter I had Pea and mint soup – grilled bacon, bacon cream, garlic croutons. I forgot to take a picture of the soup, but it was very creamy with a light green hue, garnished with grilled bacon and a small leaf of parsley. The soup was delicious, and I loved the chunks of toasted bread in it.


For my main course I had a healthy portion of Slow cooked pork belly with ginger red wine reduction, creamed potatoes, and crispy onions. Like I said in the previous post, I really expected a smaller portion so I was really happy to get this. The pork was done well, and the top had this delicious crunch. The veggies were cooked just how I liked them, crunchy and not overly done. The mashed was soft and yummy, went very well with the pork. I’m not a fan of onions, but these crispy ones were everything. The meal was excellent, I actually couldn’t clear my plate because of how full I was.

Finally for dessert I had Sticky date pudding with vanilla, rum caramel, vanilla fudge ice cream. The presentation was amazing, I wish I took a picture. It was a square piece of cake floating on the rum caramel with a scoop of ice cream placed next to it, garnished with a piece of caramelized sugar on the top. It tasted divine.

The food was awesome, the only thing I had qualms about was that the fire alarm went off while we were there, and after everything our country has been through I kinda freaked out. Apparently the fire alarm has problems so it keeps going off, they really need to get it checked. We also experienced black outs twice, their generator takes a minute or 2 to start up. I guess we really cannot blame Sierra but Yaya itself for not maintaining the building properly.

Overall, if you are participating in Nairobi Restaurant Week, I definitely recommend Sierra.