1st of the month


I know I have been away for far too long, forgive me?

October Highlights

I had a spiggin good time this month no lie.

I went for Earthdance which was in Migaa, and I was so jazzed that for the first time i made it till morning! Left there at like 10am. Sadly I dont think I will attend another Earthdance event again, never been surrounded by so many youngins before.

Have you ever seen someone good looking around often, then one day you go for a meeting and find them amongst the presenters? Yeah this situation deserved a mention, it was a very cheap thrill but it made my day!

I went for a day trip one Saturday, made some new friends, had a lovely meal and went dancing there after.

My friend’s baby turned one this year, so proud of her and the lovely young man she is raising.

Surprised my mother for her birthday and she loved it 🙂

This was a great month for concerts, I went for Wizkid’s concert during shujaa day weekend. Him and Heavy K were nothing short of spectacular. Attended the Talib Kweli concert as well, I honestly didnt expect him to be as awesome as he was.

Im also happy for the people in my life who have good things going for them.

One of my family members was unwell, but it looks like he is well on the way to recovery, and we are giving God nothing but praise.

October was really good to me 🙂

October Downsides

I scratched my car against a pavement, there’s a huge scrape at the back door 😦 It’s also making a funny noise 😦

October Discoveries

Dont judge people based on your first impressions of them.

When people mess up, learn from it, let it go and keep it moving.

God work’s in mysterious ways.

What I look forward to in November

My close friend’s birthdays.

My friend’s traditional ceremony.

More fun times.

How was your October? What are you looking forward to in November?