Word of thanks

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of my guest bloggers who took part in the 12 guest posts for Christmas, it was kind of short notice, but you guys still came through and for that I am extremely grateful and I really appreciate it.

To everyone who reads this blog, you now have 11 new blogs to add to your reading list/ blog rolls, and I hope you liked my Christmass gift to you.

There are many other bloggers whom I would love to feature on my blog, so look out for more guest posts, and if you are a blogger, get ready because I will hala at you soonest.

Have a blessed Christmas, filled with nothing but good cheer.

Kisses and cookies,


12th guest post for Christmas: Suetiful

I almost did not have a 12th guest post by Christmas, which was my original target, but one of my bestfriend’s came through for me in the nick of time 🙂

Suetiful is beautiful, just like the name suggests, and has an excellent command of the English language. The coolest thing is, she does not go all grammar police on your ass when you spell something wrongly or incorrectly, which I tend to do often.

Her blog Coloured in Sepia is a stellar example of her prowess, I have no idea what/where Sepia is, and I usually pronounce it as one word, insepia :p

She writes beautifully, and I am not being biased just because she is my really good friend.

Suetiful is one of the bloggers who does TGIFridays on her blog and she will be doing today’s edition of TGIFridays.




It’s Christmas eve and my favourite time of the year..normally..this year I don’t know so much.. I’m so far away from home and it made me realize Christmas is spelt F-A-M-I-L-Y

I am excited about

Christmas..it brings out the best in people.

Today I am feeling

Content.. it’s a nice feeling 🙂 and considering recent relevations about boys I thought I could love this is a good feeling 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Coming home by diddy dirty money (who in my opinion needs to see a therapist for his Multi Personality disorder)

This weekend

I will spend my very first Christmas alone. Like no friends, no family..alll ALONE!!!! It doesn’t feel like Christmas but it gives me a chance to start a tradition of my own..

I am really craving

Nairobi- java, westlands (and I hateee westy..lol) , warmth, my cab guy (stop with the side eye..he was soo cool)

I wish

I knew better than to get involved with boys with bad habits..jeez..they ALL have my number and I always pick up 🙂 hee hee

I hope

Staying here for Christmas bears fruit..I really pray it does

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

The only thing that should be attached to gifts is ribbons, not strings (the remixed version of the actual quote) ..by someone.

This Year

I think I found my best maid 🙂

Next year

I’d like to find the groom 🙂

Have a Fabulous Friday and a lovely christmas!!!!


11th guest post for Christmas: Disaster103

Next up is the very first person to grace Revealed with a guest post, Mr not 101, not 102, but Disaster 103, formerly known as my secret admirer, currently referred to as my twove 😉

He once had a blog, but deleted before ever giving me the link yeah i’m not letting that slide.   I really think he should start one up, because he writes really well as you will come to read below, and has great stories to tell.



My Year In Review

The year is coming to a close. It is not uncommon to hear people say that a certain year went by in a flash and what not. Though I find the statement extremely cliché I can honestly say that this year went by so very fast. It’s hard to believe, for example, that it was only last year when I had the misfortune blessing of meeting….nay, tweeting the author of this here wonderful, glittery blog. The year went by fast but that doesn’t mean that little happened.

Last year right around this time I would be curled up in my bed, music playing on my laptop with my phone either on Twitter™ or Mxit™(am paranoid about being sued) One year ago one of my shortest but most emotionally engaging relationships was in budding stage, the catch? She was older…and I was being charged 8 bob per 10 Mb or something by Safaricom for being in love. I was in love, online…which btw sucks…sucks worse than my punctuation. That came, and woke up my heart which previously had achieved the great fete of playing dead for decades…she turned my world upside down, literally. Last year Cold Play was just a band with attachment issues to me but thanks to her I found myself at that point in life where songs like Fix You started making sense. Again, not cool. Brothers I assure you, you don’t want to be in that pace where coldplay’s ‘The hardest; part applies to your life. That ended with a little heartbreak and a few coldplay songs on my playlist. Right now though only coolish songs like talk remain coz am Wolverine like that and I uuuunghed!!! out the pain….anywho that’s that and I moved on.

Met a lot of cool people this year, mostly thanks to Twitter™ which kicks Facebook™’s(?) ass by a mile btw. Nature allowed me to meet this girl/lady who I would only describe as peer pressure in a very beautiful package…she is sugar spice and everything alcoholic and I look forward to successful future inebriation sessions with her, in 2011 and beyond. Also met a few cool dudes…one especially stands out coz of his marginal propensity to perpetuate muhahe on a major scale. He actually makes a living out of it so no guilt there. Met a few more LGBT-ians, always a pleasure to meet people brave enough to live their lives as they want to.

I fell in lust with a girl who ended up becoming a very good friend. Then fell in lust with another one and secured her conjugal rights and a little bit of her heart which is still hung up somewhere else. Am not in any rush to secure that part, all good things come to those who connive and plot and launch takeover bids..so yeah in time Coldplay might be dusted off the shelf again.

Almost, almost became a daddy in 2010 which was a seriously tough experience for me but wacha that…another lesson learnt. Doomed is the man that is allergic to latex. At this point I seem to come across as the most promiscuous person but truth be told, am not….especially this year. I’m hoping to be even less promiscuous in 2011 but that’s a story for another decade.

Lots of fads came about this year which I dodged like the ninja I am. I didn’t don an Arafat, Mohawk my hair, wear those goofy as hell huge ass ‘geek’ glasses or do skinny jeans coz my nuts won’t fit. I basically was y fashion backwards, comfortable in my black skin self. And I also decided to extend my growing up deadline by a year. So October 7th next year al grow up. I’m not the kind of person to let growing up come naturally. I loathe suits with a passion which is kind of retarded considering I am doing Economics and will have to penguin up sooner rather than later. So I have to set a specific deadline for being young when I have to force myself to take that jump. Not looking forward to that transition at all.

Tid bits about 2010.  Second semester I commandeered the conjugal rights of a chubby chick…Oh My God that was epic. You have to understand, I don’t discriminate in that sector but I always end u with small bodied mamas so this was a new frontier. It was a little struggle I won’t lie, so what if I have skinny arms and she wasn’t getting my subtle hints when I wanted her to twist kidogo but that is definitely something I will do again. Sooonest! I got a crazy pair of flatmates…Moses is a douchebag with a one year old kid. His baby mama has a bod that stops traffic all the way from here to Mars. Lai is a Sierra Leon born douchebag with a foot fetish and some serious brain dysfunction. He invented the phrase “but a pair of toes” which to him matters more than ‘butter face’…so yeah that’s what I deal with everyday but it’s fun. And are toes really a pair? I dunno. As most people who follow me on twitter know this year I have perfected the fine art of tripping on flat surfaces, I swear am not even surprised these days when I trip…I don’t instinctively look back to see what tripped me, it’s that bad.

My 2010 is dedicated to my 8 bob for 10Mb per day relationship, to the troop of bloggers who took it upon themselves to fuel my procrastination led by Cassandrae and this here blog, to all the tweeps I met and all my 396 followers and finally, to all those people that kept the real world interesting when the internet put up a serious stake for the control of my life, and to over 1000 episodes of anime that kicked all the seriousness out of my life. To all the life lessons that came this year and all the friends that I gained this year…to the few who I lost as friends and to the cousin who crossed over.

The next decade is uniquely special for me. This is the one that’s supposed to hold a lot for me. By the end of this decade I should be done with school…like completely and forever. And there is a possibility that by the time I write 2020 in review there might be a little disaster103 running around, shitting his pants and basically just making me pay for being such a hard to deal with child for my parents. Whatever the decade holds for me I hope I come out at the other end just as happy as I have this one, hopefully with all my family and friends still around. Here’s to hoping that we will all meet here or at a similar forum…a year from now ready to share a little more of our lives with faceless/anonymous comment strings. Have a fun and safe Christmas and a longer and more productive 2011.





10th guest post for Christmas: Wamathai

I think every Kenyan blogger has asked Wamathai to guest post on their blog, so of course I had to follow suite and jump onto that band wagon 🙂

He is most popularly known for his poetry. He has the ability to use his words to express how he feels, mold them into an art form and captivate you in the process.

What first began as a Facebook group with thousands of fans, eventually grew into a fully fledged website Wamathai. This is a platform where Wamathai himself showcases his poetry, and provides an avenue for other poets to share their work.

Look out for Wamathai Spoken Word, a poetry event organised by Wamathai every month for a chance to see poets do their thing, live and direct.



The ones that got away

There are some things that happen in life and it’s not easy to explain them especially when they happen over and over. Let’s take me for instance. I seem to mess things up with women I really like or something just happens and we don’t end up together. I find it interesting how you can feel so strongly about someone but nothing of significance ever happens between the two of you even though you want it to and you are left wondering what if. It’s probably a good thing nothing ever happened but still.  Here are a few examples & yes, they are true stories.

Miss W

I loved among other things, her big expressive eyes. She could entice you with just her eyes if she put her mind to it. I was introduced to her by a friend of mine who she was doing at the time though she has always denied that anything happened between them. I’m sure something went down because my friend was a talker and he rarely lied about such things. He didn’t need to. He was a rapper (still is, I think) with songs in the charts and very popular with the ladies. He famously did someone he had just met in the same bed that I had blacked out in. Her boyfriend was in the living room at the time.

She liked my rapper friend but he wasn’t interested in anything serious since he had a girlfriend. She gave up on him before long and it worked in my favour since we started seeing each other a lot after that. It helped that she lived near my place and that we had both just completed high school and had a lot of free time. Her place was a bit crowded and her parents were not known to be very friendly so we were at mine most of the time. My siblings were in school, sister in college & brother in high school, and my mother was at work during the day so it was a perfect location. We were kissing before long & the clothes came off some time after that. For some inexplicable reason we never actually had sex. I had a reputation & anyone who knew back then would not believe me. I think I cared about her & I wanted something more. She went downtown on me however & I reciprocated but that was that.

She must have sensed that I wanted something more because she suddenly became distant & she stopped coming to my house. They moved out not long after that and it was years before I saw her next. I bumped into her in town and we started communicating regularly after that. One day she told me something interesting. ‘You are special to me because you were my first’ she said. I went quiet after that.

Miss T

I met her when I was two. We lived next door to each other & I saw her all the time but I didn’t think she was all that. I hadn’t discovered girls yet you see. My baby brother clearly discovered them early; he was caught doing the nasty with Miss T when he was only three & she was four. It was that, let me be daddy & you’ll be mummy ‘kalongo’ sex. She, another neighbour (let’s call him O) and I went to the same nursery school (same class even) as we were the same age. When she was six they moved to someplace far and I forgot about her completely. She moved back into my hood eleven years later and my, hadn’t she changed. She had sprouted a big badoonka-doonk where a flat ass had once been. Aside from the physical she was pretty cool and very mature. I enjoyed her company immensely and I spent as much time with her as I possibly could. I wasn’t the only one bedazzled with her, O was as well. We’d grown up together and he was my boy so I wasn’t worried about competition from him because I thought he’d back off as I’d shown interest in her first.

I could tell that she liked me and with that in mind I asked her to be my girl. She told me to give her time to think about it which I did. I was so sure she was going to say yes but in the end a no is what I got. She told me that her reason for saying no was that her mum wouldn’t approve. It just didn’t ring true but I didn’t press.  It later came out that her reason for refusing to go out with me was the lies O told her about me. He painted me as a womanizer and a fickle person while also furthering his cause. They eventually started going out but it didn’t last long. We are still friends and I see her now and then. Last I heard she got married and has one child.

Miss G

I met her after church one Sunday. She was with people I know & we got to talking. She was beautiful & pretty interesting but she looked so young and because of that I knew that I wouldn’t make a move on her. After she left I asked my pal about her and it turned out she wasn’t as young as I thought. All I could think of when I he told me that was that I hadn’t asked her for her number. My pal didn’t have it either.

I met her sometime later though at a concert and the most interesting thing was that she didn’t remember me at all. I found that odd but I didn’t say anything or give it much thought. She was still as interesting as before and we go so caught up with our conversation that we forgot about the concert. Before we parted I made sure to ask for her number. We met a couple of times after that and before long we started dating.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like visiting a girl’s place if she lives with her parents. G had suggested that I go to her place but I had always had an excuse for not doing so but this one time she insisted and so I agreed to. I remember it was a Saturday afternoon & part of the reason she picked that day was because her parents weren’t around. I got there and she went to fix me something in the kitchen. She had just brought it when the front door opened and someone walked in. It was her twin, the real G. Turns out I had thought L was G but how was I know she had a twin. The relationship didn’t last long partly because of the G situation though L never found out that we met each other before she introduced us. I met the two of them a year ago and awkward does not begin to describe that moment.

So those are some of my ‘the ones that got away’ experiences. I wish that things would have happened differently of course but I know that it is experiences like this that make life interesting.

© james wamathai

9th guest post for Christmas: Joliea

Our next post comes from a lady who describes herself as extremely open minded and pretty 🙂

Personally I would describe Joliea as someone who fights for the plights of others and stands up for what she believes in. She is against discrimination based on one’s sexual inclination or behaviour and fights against hate speech, and ensures that these people are treated with the same dignity and respect that other people get.

Check out Joliea’s blog Me I Think and read more about human rights, stories from The Princess Project, Monday Rants, TGIFridays and various other musings from the mind of Miss Joliea.



What does Christmas mean to me?

Well I could go back in time and reminisce on the times I had before but that wont help much. I guess my beliefs nowadays have changed and I no longer ‘believe’ much about christmas – only that it’s a holiday I look forward to because I rarely ever get time off from work *sigh*.

Christmas back in the day involved so many things. Remember when we had “nguo za krisi”? Oh gosh those were the days. We’d spend a whole year shopping around for the bestest clothes to wear for christmas and when the time came our mummies would give us a piece of their “bonus” from work so we could go shop for the xmas clothes. Then we’d make sure we never touch them till xmas day. They’d be put in a selected area after properly cleaned and ironed and a dash or two of perfume is sprayed on them LOL.

Then when the day finally came we’d all wake up excited because all our cousins, friends and family were meeting up to have one huuuuge xmas party at “Roasters”!! We always went to Roasters. It was a family tradition. We’d usually meet up at “Wimpy” (now Kenchic) Tom Mboya St since that was the best meeting spots. All of us were excited to see one another and we exchanged stories of how we (with/out our parents) hunted down the best ever xmas clothes and finally landed on the ones we had on.

We would then all cram up in two or three cars (mind you we were like 20!) sitting on one another and praying along the way for “journey mercies” because we knew how bad the roads were and how dangerously packed the cars were but no one cared. I remember we loved playing with the horses and had several horse rides, we played on the swings till it got dark, ate lots and lots of nyama choma and fries and what nots. Oh what a lovely time it was! The grown ups would drink and make merry while they got tipsy and eventually drunk. I remember we were scared when we knew the same people were going to be the ones driving. We simply had no choice.

Looking back now, I am left to wonder where in my story does “Christmas” and its meaning have to do with any of that. Is christmas merely a time to make merry and have fun? Have we lost its true purpose? Or are we going to hide in the excuse of “oh its Jesus’ birthday so we’re celebrating”? Are we going to claim that we truly are doing so?

Think about it!

8th guest post for Christmas: Kawiria

The next guest blogger is a personal friend of mine whom I managed to convince to start blogging. I remember when I was running the idea by her, she was like she would not have stuff to write about.

Well look at her now!! She has so many interesting things to say on her blog Snippets of my life about everything from relationships, to entreprenuership, there is something for everyone. I am glad she decided to take the plunge.

I also really admire the fact that she puts her blog out there and reveals everything she writes about to not only strangers but also to the people she knows. I can readily admit that I am not brave enough or ready to do put myself out there.

Kawi also follows the TGIFridays movement that I tried to start, and added her own personal twist to it, which makes it even cooler so make sure you stay tuned every Friday.



Christmas *not the same anymore*

How come nowadays Christmas doesn’t feel as special as it was a few years ago … When I was younger that is. Everything is so different now. Is that what growing up is all about? Cheap thrills are becoming more expensive.

If my memory serves me right, small things like movie marathons on TV during the holidays and cartoons in the morning used to make us SUPER happy … not kidding. If folks get us take out, that was just heaven and they knew it, so it was worth a surprise. Nowadays, they bring you pizza, your first reaction is

“I wanted Meat Deluxe, not Hawaiian”.

Before it didn’t matter what pizza it was, all that mattered is that your parents brought you something. And that totally made your day.

Gone are the days that you are taken for Christmas shopping to buy new clothes, or watch Christmas movies and cartoons all day. Right now there’s no time to do that. It’s like the world is moving at such a fast pace than we can keep up. Normally, people are supposed to be on holiday mode … by that I mean, no work, just relaxing. But we cannot afford to do that, businesses need to run, people need to make money, and the economy still needs to be held stable or we’ll go down under.

I really miss those days. To be honest weren’t it for my friends and family asking me what I’m doing over Christmas or when we are closing office, I wouldn’t have known it’s Christmas time. It just feels like any other normal day or time. Town is not decorated as it used to be, with Santa images and Christmas bell deco’s with Christmas jingles singing everywhere. Is that how it is when you grow up or has it completely changed for everyone?

Our radars for occasions is on negative, we never realize the seasons. Christmas used to be a special time. Do people still send cards? I remember we used to buy a pack of many cards and send to our relatives and friends. And we would receive them too. We would decorate the house with ribbons and balloons, we would get a Christmas tree and the gifts thing at the bottom of the Christmas tree on Christmas day … although I was a bright kid, I’ve never believed in Santa, so I knew it’s my parents who’ve bought the gifts. We would go to church, dressed up in new clothes, which were specifically bought for Christmas day. Then go and eat, eat and eat … alooot! Sometimes we had parties to go to… which I loved because I would hang out with my cousins … the dancing, eating, drinking, catching up. Sometimes we would go back home and watch movies and do lots of nothing which is my other favorite pass time.

I’m remembering that now and I’m thinking; that to me was Christmas. It was fun. I know it was the day that Christ was born, but I also knew it’s the season you can get away with anything. It’s a season for fun and nothing less. Now it really doesn’t have a strong meaning. I mean it’s just Christmas..*YaaaY* we’ll get off from work. But there’s something different, it’s just not the same anymore.

This Christmas, I look forward to going home to my parent’s house and getting all the love … yeah I’m still a baby to them. I will buy gifts and surprise them on the morning if Christmas. We are all grownups now, so there’s no one to please. So basically, there’s going to be lots of food and drinks, movies, maybe parties, but no decorations, no new clothes, no Christmas cartoons … Do they even have them on the T.V line up anymore?

I hope when I really grow up…lol, seeing as I still have a long way to go and I get my own family, I will give my kids and family in general  the Christmas memory my parents gave me and my sister or maybe even better. That I’ll have time to make it merry for them despite the load of work and always make it the *fun  and nothing less day* it’s supposed to be.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

7th guest post for Christmas: Rockhead

My Life as a Rockhead is one of those blogs that make you reflect about your spirituality, and your relationship with God. Rockhead shares about her love for rock, her life experiences and her connection with God.

Rock music speaks to her and she shares her interpretation of it and how it affects her and relates to her life.

I honestly really do admire her spirituality, and her honesty about it. She makes me wish my relationship with God was stronger than it is today.



My dating chronicles

Guy 1 – Boyfriend (here I use the term loosely)

I was thirteen, he was fourteen or fifteen yet he was in Std 7 and I was in Std 8 (go figure).
I should have noticed such crucial things from the beginning; it was doomed before it started. I mean, why was he fifteen and in a class lower than mine? I am not one to judge but still…

Our relationship was full of ups and downs in the span of two weeks that it lasted. The breakup was a silent one. I just stopped talking to him and he stopped talking to me. If only break-ups were as easy now. Sigh.

Guy 2 – Lifelong Crush

I met him when I was sixteen and he was twenty-one. I refused to be his girlfriend because he was too old and I felt I wasn’t ready to date. We had this whole non-relationship thing going for a while there then we drifted apart. It revived again over the years periodically and most recently I decided to “end” it, quietly. Hehe. Ask me later how that’s going.

Guy 3 – Boyfriend

I met him when I was nineteen when I was a first year university student. He pursued me with much vigour and vitality and before long I was in the box! Ours was those dramatic everybody-knows-your-dating, always-hanging-out-together, everybody-knows-your-drama kind of relationships. It was dramatic, full of break-ups and make-ups and overall bad for my health and well-being. It ended as dramatically as it began and wasted two years of my campus life when I could have been meeting way cooler guys. He was sweet though, sometimes. On the bright side,…..um…..there is no bright side.

Guy 4 – Rebound Guy

After I broke up with Guy 3, Guy 4 who had been on the sidelines posing as my caring friend, showed up. What ensued was a short tryst that I knew wouldn’t last even as it started. Complicated is the word I’d use to describe it. It didn’t help that Guy 4 was one of Guy 3’s best friends. Enough said. (I’m still a good girl though, please believe me!)

Guy 5 – Potential Boyfriend

Finally, I thought. For once, a guy I like who likes me back at the same time!

Only, he had a girlfriend and neglected to tell me…except, I was browsing through his Facebook page, minding my own business, when lo and behold, I came upon the dreaded relationship status “in a relationship with Miss X”. Of course I went to Miss X’s page and lo and behold again, she was an actual person! It didn’t end there but that is a story for another day.

Guy 6 – Pursuer 1

He was cool, a gentleman, a tad boring and very caring. Sadly I didn’t feel the same. I do miss the cool dates though. Oh, what happened, you ask? Honestly I don’t know. He just slipped away as quietly as he came. This was also the time I started calling guys I didn’t like who liked me “pursuers”. Haha.

Guy 7 – pursuer 2

Seasonal guy; knows how to buy gifts, especially food-related ones. I mean seasonal because he appears and disappears without warning, kinda like my own personal angel? Or ghost. Could be either – or really.

And thus summarizes my uneventful and yawn-worthy dating life. Of course there have been many more crushes and eyes-meeting-across-the-room moments. I’m looking forward to better encounters in the New Year; I clearly need new experiences (I know you are yawning vigorously by now, so am I).

Wish me luck!