Kenya ~ Heritage of splendour

Today I stumbled upon the Travelling Kenya Facebook page, and I was left in awe because my country truly is beautiful. There are so many places I am yet to explore in this here Kenya and I wanted to share with you a few places that I hope I will be lucky enough to get to visit before I die.

The Floating House in Kilifi Creek

How beautiful is this house? I can imagine how wobbly it may be when the tide is high, but regardless I would love to be aboard it. I wonder if it moves..

Forodhani House in Lamu

Those sun beds over there, at the corner, is where I need to be!

Kongoni Lodge in Naivasha

Naivasha is famed for Fisherman’s camp, Crayfish camp, Delamere, Enashipai, and little did we know there was a gem like this hidden deep within.

Milele House in Vipingo Ridge

This looks like the perfect place to host an all white party (Diddy Style).

The Thomsons Falls, Nyahururu

I can definitely chase this waterfall.

Tiwi Beach Diani

Photos courtesy of the Travelling Kenya Facebook page, check out their website here and discover the beauty of Kenya.

Happy Travels 🙂


Adrenaline rush!!

I finally got a chance to go white water rafting this past weekend at Wild Waters in Sagana and it was the most awesome experience ever!!!

When you reach Sagana, the instructors give a briefing of what you are meant to do when you go water rafting.

The raft, a life jacket, helmet and a paddle

First up, before you enter the raft, you must wear a well fitting helmet that will not fall out, and a properly fastened life jacket which is very important because this will save your life in case you fall out of the boat.

The rope around the raft is the one you are meant to hang onto for dear life when the rapids get too crazy. The instructor, a hilarious Brit, managed to put the fear of God in us by telling us about how there are crocodiles in the Tana river who may grab our paddles with their teeth. The really large crocodiles may try twist the paddle out of our hands, and he was telling us how to wrestle with the crocodiles Crocodile Dundee style rolls eyes. We were also warned about snakes and how they may jump into the raft and how we should all move to one side of the boat.

We were told about how one must lie on their back in case they fall into the water, and we were warned against trying to wade in the water since the river bed is reminiscent of  Nairobi’s bad pot hole ridden roads but even worse. There is also a safety rope that is about 20 meters long that is kept in the boat which is used to rescue people who fell out and are far away from the raft.  By the end of the brief, I was terrified of getting into the water.

We had to drive out of the camp to get to the starting course, where the river is upstream. It is about a fifteen minutes drive from the White waters camp. We wore our helmets, securely fastened our life jackets and picked out our paddles. The next step was getting into the rafts, where the river guides gave us more in depth instructions.

If you look at the picture of the raft, the front is the side right next to the man with the AIG shirt. The handle is what the person seated infront should grab a hold of if the rapids get  too rough. The round tubing inside the raft is where you should secure your feet under in case you feel like the raft is about to tip over. We were instructed to sit on the rim of the raft, but if things got too rocky we were told to seat inside the raft (like where the life jackets are).

We were also taught how to hold the paddle correctly and how to forward and back paddle.  Forward paddle steers the raft frontwards and back paddle means vice versa.

We were 7 people in each raft, inclusive of the river guide. Our river guide was this cheeky, funny old British guy, he was really cool. So we set off into the Tana river, which looked like this:


It is advisable NOT to carry any valuables when you go water rafting since they could get wet or lost in the water so I could not take any pictures 😦

The start of the course was pretty calm, our river guide did most of the paddling for us. The river bed was reminiscent of the Amazon, think of that river in the movie Anaconda. I was seated at the front which was not the brightest idea because when the raft veers into the bushes, we were the shields for everybody else. I was so scared I would come face to face with a snake, I absolutely abhor snakes *shivers* and that briefing they gave us did not help matters.

I am glad to report we did not come across any snakes or crocodiles, those guys were just yanking our chain.

The river was rocky, and we reached sections where the rapids were high, and yours truly fell out of the raft. We had gone over a large rock  and the boat tipped over on my side, I thought we were capsizing, but I was the only one who fell out. I touched the floor of the river bed and in my mind I was thinking ‘Oh God I have landed on a crocodile’.

The guide was instructing everyone loudly to hoist me into the boat using my life jacket, he said it with such urgency which freaked me out even more. But thankfully they got me back into the raft.

We reached a section which was rocky and we had to get out of the rafts and let them float past the bad terrain, then we got back into the raft and headed over to rougher parts of the water. I shifted positions so I sat in the middle which was much better.

The sections where the rapids were high were so much fun, the guys on my boat were hilarious. There were 2 people who could not swim so they were a bit more scared then the rest of us but they were good sports! We went down this section of the river in this photo, which is right next to a small waterfall when you take the corner. There is a very beautiful rainbow right next to the waterfall, such an amazing sight to behold. We steered the raft right under the waterfall.

After that section the water was pretty much calm, and we attacked other rafts and pushed them into the water, our guide is just evil, he threw me into the river twice! He attacks when you least expect it, like when you are hoisting someone up and he pushes you so you all go back down into the water 🙂

The course was about 28 km long and it was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I suggest you try it one of this days. It costs Kshs 6000 and you can get all the details on their website White Water Kenya.



I swear screw wordpress, this is the 3rd post I am writing again!! nkt! *logs into tumblr where they treat you right*

This post was meant to convey how happy go lucky I am and stuff but now I am frustrated so all my bubbliness has fizzled out!

In a nutshell, I feel free, I am at peace, no more sadness, no more sorrow, no more tears, no more worrying, no more fears.

My soul is no longer heavy, it is soaring like a gum wrapper in thewind.

I have nothing to dread, but the assurance that good things are in store for me in the future.

I have surrendered all my problems to God, and they do not trouble me anymore.

I feel light headed because I have nothing to worry about.

I believe I am in a much better place,

I am basking in the sunshine after the rain 🙂


smiles for miles ;)

My first post using my brand spanking new BB 🙂
Yeah I can knock that off my bucketlist. This gizmo is fan-freaking-tastic! I an still learning the ropes and all which is a fun process in itself. But I am beyond euphoric!!

Speak no evil, hear no evil

It is Monday afternoon and it just hit me that I may have room temperature IQ, how did I let such an alibi like ‘Prayer Rally for the Hague Suspects’ pass me by? That would have been the perfect excuse to stay home and vegetate in bed. You wanna know why I think it is such a fool proof plan? Did you see how many people were at that rally? There were throngs of people at Uhuru Park, literally thousands, which means that this excuse has been used over a thousand times today, and it worked!! This is the part where you agree that we may have only gargled from the fountain of knowledge 😉

Yes, I like cats *Meeeoouww*

There are some things I have come to realize this year, I have to be careful about the words that come out of my mouth. Yeah, I know I have said it before, but apparently I have to blog about it again to remind myself to not just yap aimlessly not that I do.

Sometimes it is difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust, to know how to judge whether what you have been told is in confidence, or just another hot story, or whether to add a disclaimer ‘Do not tell anyone’ in order for the recipient to be able to know that they are not meant to spill.

Day by day I am becoming vary wary about the things I say, and the people whom I should trust. Things just seem to spring up from nowhere, and not good things for that matter. I think it is best to keep my thoughts and everything that I know in the confines of my mind.

I am currently at a happy place in my life, with smiles for miles 🙂 Sometimes I think it’s too good to be true, but yet again I think I deserve to be happy just like everyone else, so I bask and revel in it. and dying a chocolate death.

I do have a lot to digest, and a lot to think about, but I am trying not to over analyze and over think everything like I usually do. Right now I am trying not to give a damn about what other people think or trying to justify my actions with anyone.

My friend tells me that people come into our lives for a reason. I think we all definitely make an impact on each others lives, be it positive or negative.

If we were to focus on the negative impact, yes it does make you stronger as a person in various ways, but I think it just makes people more afraid, to go through that negative phase again. This makes me wonder if the reason they came into our lives was to make us cowards, which does not seem like a valid reason at all.

Anyway hopefully my negative experiences have made me wiser, and ready to overcome the things that I am wary or afraid of.



Brand spanking new year :)


Forever Young!!


I am terrified of growing old, I have no idea what I will do when I turn the big three O, I predict a major mid life crisis lol.

From now on as far as I am concerned, I am twenty fine, if you want me to specify a number, I am sweet sixteen till I die 🙂

It’s been one long birthday weekend, quite memorable as usual the parts i remember 🙂 I love my birthday, I use it as an excuse to get anything I want.

I haven’t gotten much though but it’s no biggy I will focus on the bigger picture, good health, great family and friends and a wonderful life.

I had no resolutions this year, and as I reflect on last year, I had a pretty good time, triumphed over a few hardships, made some mistakes especially menwise but nothing major thank God, made very many friends, it was a spectacular year.

As I turn twenty fine, I really want to focus on me, develop myself, and learn to love myself a whole lot more.  I should definitely stop living for the moment, and become ambitious, and work towards something. I do not know what it is yet, but I am sure it will come to me soon enough.

Here’s to a brand spanking new year 🙂


Life is a party, crash it like a champion in 7 easy steps!

Wedding Crashers


Who did not love this movie about two men who crash weddings to pick up chics?? It was hilarious!! If you did not know, weddings are a great place to meet people. The occasion requires you to dress to impress, there is free food and drinks and a great atmosphere, what’s not to like about it??

On Saturday I attended my relatives wedding at a famous hotel in the outskirts of Nairobi. It was pretty nice, but it being a family wedding, chances of meeting new people are kinda slim. The church ceremony, reception and evening party were all held at the venue which was strictly guest list only.

At the same grounds but outside at the gardens there was an Indian wedding which was taking place. The setup in a word can just be described as majestic and out of this world!! Thousands of fairy lights were draped on the grass, covered on the pillars, all over the tents, the lighting consisted of fairy lights shaped like chandeliers.

Wedding entrance

The fairy lights..

Such awesomeness cannot just be viewed from a far, my cousins and I decided we must get in on the action and experience it in real time.

Step 1: Do not be shy

We sashayed into the wedding like we had our wedding invitations in our handbags, though at the back of my mind I was thinking of some random Indian name just in case we would need to drop one. We had gotten word that there were about 1500 guest who had been invited, and the shocking thing was there was no security, or ushers or whatever. We strolled in and there was no one there to stop us.

Step 2: Act like you belong

That was a bit difficult since it seemed like all Indians in Kenya had come for the wedding, so the fact that we were Africans  made us really stand out.

It helped we had checked into the place at 9pm, and we were already dressed for a wedding so that helped us blend in a bit. But we were surrounded by gorgeous Indian women in dazzling sari’s and hot well dressed men in turbans or spiky gelled hair. I have never seen so many Indians in my life.

Step 3: Make sure there is an open bar

It does not make sense to crash a wedding without freebies, it really beats the purpose!

Open bar was the main reason we crashed the wedding but boy was that one hell of a bar!!! Damn my 2 mega pixel cellphone camera, I wish I took a picture of the bar.

It was the epitome of a well stocked bar! A wide array of drinks were lined up on the bar, not these regular drinks we are used to here like viceroy, smirnoff red label, gordon’s dry gin, ha! There was none of that.This bar was stocked with grey goose vodka, Johnny Walker black, red, green label, Mattel, Absolute Vodka, Jameson, Jack Daniels and so many other drinks which I could not remember.

One of the guests told me that each table had a bottle of Don Perignon, and like 150 of the guests had been booked for rooms at the hotel.

Step 4: Befriend the bar tender

The bartenders were all Asian, I think they had been shipped in from India with part of everything else.

We took advantage of the free alcohol and ordered whatever cocktails popped into our heads. I took a shine to cosmopolitans, and this one bartender made some really delicious ones.

Step 5: Exhaust all the freebies

The wedding had a dorman’s stand so there was free coffee on the house.

They had an ice cream dispenser so we went for enough rounds of vanilla ice cream cones.

The buffet table was operational all night and they had coated drumsticks, coated prawns, bhajia, curried chicken, of course we took a doggy bag home 🙂

Step 6: Be the life of the party

Indians really know how to party!!! Some Indian artists and a deejay had been flown in from the UK to perform at the wedding, there was even a huge stage set up decorated with hundreds of fairy lights, spotlights, and they had those pictures of hindu gods and what not.

The stage

I love dancing and I dragged my cousins to the dance floor to unleash some bhangra moves. It was so much fun : ) Where do Indians party because I really want in!

Make sure you have fun, and enjoy yourself.

Step 7: Mingle with other guests

Okay so I did not really excel in this arena, being the only black people was kinda intimidating. But I had met some Indian guy before I crashed the wedding party who had been asking for directions, next thing I know the dude was performing on stage!! I was super jazzed cheap thrills and I got to speak to him after the show.




We left the wedding after 3 am after the music was switched off. It was quite the experience and I doubt I will ever get to witness such a spectacular wedding ever again!!

With these 7 steps, wedding crashing and crashing any other party will get much easier, I dare you to give it a try.