Best January Ever!

Yes, this has been such a spectacular birthday month! I have been so happy and I have had a lot of fun, especially since I am ‘getting out of my shell’. I do not know if this is the appropriate word for it, but yeah. Opportunities have fallen into my lap, and I am taking full advantage as much as I can.

I was on leave for the first 2 weeks of January which I spent in bed watching all kinds of series rather than concentrating on submitting my paper for school smh. I’m kinda scared I may fail, but overall I am hoping for the best.

There was lots of derailment this month, like a whole lot. Made some new friends who are super cool though which is something I love to do.

I cannot go into detail about why this month was so good, but you will just have to take my word for it.

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to go back to the gym, I’m already broke smh. If only someone would feel philanthropic and pay for me a month’s membership :p Anyway I am still trying to work that out. To my surprise I found out I only added 500g during the holiday season 🙂 I have still maintained the gains I had made while working out so yay!

Today is my last day as a 28 year old, it’s kinda bitter sweet coz technically this should be tomorrow smh. I am so gonna have a meltdown next year at a time like this. I have been having some birthday jitters, ask me about them in person one day, I dont want to blog about it then it becomes a point of reference.

I am looking forward to this new year, I am really hoping I learn from my past mistakes for I am truly aspiring to become a better human being. I am still very optimistic about 2016, it seems to be a good year for majority of my friends and I know these good vibes will prevail.


My cousin passed away 15 years ago today. The last time I saw him was at my house where we had family over and we cut my birthday cake since everyone was around. I barely spoke to him because I was on my shy phase back then. Something I truly regret. I only have 1 physical photo with him, which was taken once again, on my birthday when I was in like standard 2. On this day I try to celebrate his memory, the little I can remember. It also reminds me to do better when it comes to loving everyone in my life. Life is extremely short, and I try to cherish any moment i have with my loved ones as much as possible. Dont miss out on a chance to tell someone you love them, and take a selfie with them too. People keep hating about this, but for me I am kinda aiming to take a picture with every person that I can whenever possible. I need to hold on to those memories.

February is coming up, and I am kinda sad my Valentine is all the way in the UK 😦 I miss her a whole lot. As for the day, I really dont give much of a hoot about it, I am actually really keen on creating new memories now that last February sucked so bad. February is also my month of dreams 🙂

January is finally over and I wish you well in this new month to come.



2016! Bring it!

Let’s begin with a recap of 2015. Most of my posts last year were very melancholic and dreary and i apologise for that. This place was an outlet for me to let out my frustrations with all the shit that was going on in my life at the time. Good things did happen, but I was too busy enjoying the moments to sneak a minute to document the good times.

I think I experienced a tremendous amount of growth in 2015. This can be attributed to what was going on with and around me.

I cut my hair in January, 2 weeks before my birthday and the sole reason was just to start growing my hair afresh. This month marks my 1st year anniversary as a naturalista and it’s been an incredible journey. Never have I received so many compliments about my hair, and people keep touching it and wondering what I do to make it so soft Baby i was born this way. I have also never had to defend my hair as much as I do now, it seems like everybody has an opinion as to what is suitable for my head *rolls eyes*. Progress has been good so far, but I am hoping to see more growth in 2016, I will definitely step up my hair regiment till i find some miracle growth cure.

My fitness journey began in February 2015, I joined a gym near work which is so convenient because i get to work out in the morning and avoid Nairobi’s insane traffic. At first working out was an outlet for me, a place where i could let out my frustrations at my boy drama at the time. Then, I began enjoying it and it quickly became a routine and a lifestyle. I attend dance class on Mondays, weight training in between the week, and insanity on Fridays. When the weather was favorable, I switched things up by swimming during my lunch break. On weekends, I tried to take a walk around my neighbourhood which was like a 4km walk.

In addition to working out more, I also changed my eating pattern and became healthier. Junk fell off my diet and I rarely found myself craving the crap I used to before. It felt good walking into the supermarket and actually buying things I need without the temptation to get icecream or crisps.

As a result I lost 9kgs last year, and my body felt wonderful. Nothing beats the feeling of wearing clothes and feeling them almost falling off.

Of course I have fallen off the wagon during the Christmas period, but I will be back on that fitness tip next week. I am super inspired by my friend’s colleague who has lost over 20kgs, she looks like a new person! I need to lose 10 more Kgs to be at my ideal weight, my BMI weight would actually require me to lose 20 more kgs but I am trying to give myself realistic goals. Wish me luck 🙂

A lot has happened career wise as well, and despite the challenges I am enjoying the journey and liking where I am going. I started my masters online in London, and to be honest it has been extremely challenging. I should be completing my overdue assignment as I blog right now but here I am. My post graduate degree is on Startegic Marketing and I am finding it quite interesting as I am learning a lot and applying it in my current job. This year the plan is to get a bit more serious and submit stuff before deadlines if possible. If all goes well, graduation is next year and all roads lead to London for the ceremony and an epic vacay.

I also took on more responsibilities at work outside of my job description at work last year, and it seems that those will now be integrated and I may be transitioning into a new role this year. I am kinda scared but yet excited at the same time seeing that this may open wider opportunities for me in terms of my career.

My friend asked me to work with him to build his business in March and we have achieved so much since then. The movement is growing and we are expanding and building a name for ourselves out there. It has been such a fun experience working with the team, and as a result I have gotten to meet so many people. I am extremely excited for 2016 and watching that platform grow into even greater heights.

Relationship wise, 2015 was filled with situationships that didnt pan out and were to be honest a waste of my time. I think I have become open to a whole lot more in comparison to other years. I tell my friends that 2015 was the year my standards dropped. I think this is a good thing because it seems stupid waiting for an ideal man who probably does not exist. I give men more chances rather than dismissing them because of little things like their height, weight, religion, career etc. 2016 I will go on as many dates as possible, and If things go well, i will be bae’d up by October 😉

Things also began to look up for my family towards the year, and I hope this continues in 2016.

I was telling a friend of mine that I do not have any new resolutions per se, because I do not believe that I necessarily need to change to have a good year. This year seems to have good vibes so far and I am hopeful that it will be filled with lots of joy and happiness. For any struggles that may come my way, I am confident I will overcome them like a champion, for my greatest lesson in 2015 is learning how truly strong I am.

My focus will be on enjoying my last year as a twenty something year old, this will involve a lot of fun, adventure and exploration. I want to come up with a list of things to do this year, hopefully I will get time to come up with a blog post about things I need to achieve before i hit 30.

For some reason this song started playing in my head while I wrapped this post up, think it will be my motto for 2016. I will try my best to bask in positivity and revel in all the goodness surrounding me.

Was 2015 good to you? What are you looking forward to in 2016?