For some strange reason, I always seem to attract the wrong kind of guys. By wrong I mean the taken ones, owned by people I know or previously belonged to them.
Honestly this trend is beginning to disturb me a lot. Why can’t I just attract normal available men only?
What is wrong with these men? Why are they drawn to me knowing I know the people they have been with? Or does that not matter?
Ok fine, it is sorta flattering but that is the last thought on my mind. I just feel guilty, and sad that they are wasting other girls time.
I also met an acquaintance, he got married too soon, and now he claims he is separated. We all knew he was not the marriage type, how come he did not? He is now back to his skirt chasing ways.
I got wind of more people who are expecting this week. I am no longer drinking tap water lol. How much are condoms by the way? Or is it that they do not work anymore?
Has everyone decided this is the right time to procreate and I never received the memo? (Not that I would jump on that band wagon, but if I was kept in the loop I would stop getting so shocked)
On a different note, I feel like things have changed. I am no longer looking forward to December anymore, simply because I do not know what our state of mind or situation will be…
So yeah, many things have made me smh.

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yadda yadda yadda

Dance and House music has taken over my life! Listening to it just makes me happy and excited, I am totally loving it!

If there is something I have noticed about myself, it is the fact that I lack patience, it is a virtue that I keep praying for profusely. Let us hope that prayer will be answered soon, because I need it in this line of work.

So Kenya has supposedly gone to war with Somalia,  and that right there totally freaks me out. We are already hearing about Al Shabab planning to attack tall buildings in Nairobi and what not.  It is such a sad situation and I am really fearing for our country. God’s speed to all of our noble troops, may God be with them and let this not escalate like the war in Iraq.

Lately, I seem to be discovering people I know are expecting children or have become parents, or are getting engaged. This is all truly overwhelming!! Every day it is a new surprise, I wonder why I am still getting shocked about it. I just hope this does not result in me getting unnecessary pressure to jump the broom, create a bun in the oven etc I have always known that I may not necessarily be the marriage type, now what is concerning is that other people agree with me smh. Anyhoosmu, only God can judge me and he knows what my future holds.



Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

Nairobi is experiencing a cold and gloomy morning, hopefully things will brighten up soon.

I am excited about

braiding my hair, haven’t put braids in a while.

Today I am Feeling

lazy 😉

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

What’s it gonna be: Busta Rhymes feat Janet Jackson.

This Weekend I

wanna chill, I know I say this all the time, but I will try really hard to actually do it.

I am craving


I wish

traffic would just reduce, I am tired of having to wake up super early and vegetate in traffic forever 😦

I hope

it does not rain tonight.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fantastic Friday!!

Keep warm,


Pink Ribbon Swag

I had originally named this post ‘Neo soul sucks’, but this post turned out to be more meaningful than just a rant about how boring Neo soul is.



I have never been a fan of Neo soul music, I find it boring and monotonous. I prefer listening to upbeat music, which I can dance or bop my head to. Music has a strong influence on my emotions, hence I prefer music that will make me happy and excited. Neo Soul makes me feel sad and bored, so I avoid listening to that genre as much as possible.

There are however, a few exceptions to that rule, certain artists who sound simply amazing and have superior singing prowess. Of course India Arie is one of those, who doesn’t love her? Her boyfriend, Musiq Soulchild (Are they still together?) is another neo soul artist I cannot help but love, and Yes a single from his latest album is a joint I am really feeling.

I youtubed the video, just now when I decided to blog about the song, and I was amazed to discover that the song’s video is about Breast Cancer survival and the video features breast cancer survivors. This video makes the song even more special I think. Though I dunno who they are trying to fool, we can all see that chic has a lace front weave, which is supposedly falling out. Apart from that, the video is really touching and very fit seeing that October is breast cancer awareness month.

I haven’t been screened this year, I sort of need to psych myself up for it seeing that the process involves being felt up by a stranger. Kinda makes me wish I had a man who could do it for me 😉 But to create awareness about Breast Cancer, I won’t prance about bra-less like some people how does that create awareness? and some of us cannot biologically afford to do that lol but I will rock my pink ribbons every day. Let’s hope I will get the courage to go get screened as soon as possible.

Cancer is eliminating so many people, someone needs to come up with a cure.

Take care of your tittays,

The shooting range

I finally am getting around to doing the post on my at the shooting range. This was not my first visit there, I had been there like 2 or 3 years ago with some of my mates.

We were there to shoot air pistols, and the charges are 42o Kshs if you are not a student. This caters for 3 Bulls eye’s and 30 rounds of bullets.

Air Pistol

Bulls eye

The bullets

The range

So the bulls eyes are mounted on the strings and you determine how far you want your target to be while you are shooting.

The instructor guides you on how to use the air pistol, which is a bit heavy. He shows you the proper way to hold it, and how to use the view finder to determine where to shoot the target.

While shooting, you are required to stand below the yellow line you can see on the range in the picture above, with your legs in a 9 o’clock position, but your body facing frontwards.

You are meant to shoot 10 rounds on each bulls eye. Here is one of my good shots.

Essentially you are meant to hit the black circle of the bulls eye, so the more shots you hit there, the higher the score you get.

There is another range for revolvers or whatever real guns are called. The room is sound proof and has bigger bulls eyes than the ones for the air pistols.

The walls are line with egg trays to make the room sound proof. The sound of a gun being shot is super loud, it felt like I  had busted my ear drums! They provide ear muffs to cushion the sound and protect your ears. The orange bucket you see down there is filled with bullet casings, I wanted to collect some to make something but it is illegal if you are found with bullet casings and you are not licensed to own a fire arm.

I had the privilege of shooting this here gun, and the instructor tricked me and it just went off! I thought I was practicing how to shoot without a bullet, shock on me!

This gun is much lighter, and easier to handle than the air pistol. It is soo cool cocking it, makes you feel so gangster. Thanks to CSI I was busy thinking to myself, ‘My hands have gun residue.’ :p cheap thrills.

But after that experience, I never ever want to be shot with a gun, it is like really loud and I am sure it would be an extremely painful experience. Forget what they say, guns kill people!

Photos courtesy of my brand spanking new camera 🙂


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

I am excited about

the weekend, I dunno I am just excited and I like the feeling.

Today I am feeling

like there is something awesome in store for me, so I am just waiting in anticipation 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Thanks to Dj Adrian today morning.

This Weekend I

need to think of something fantastic to do for my mother because it’s her birthday and I have no idea what to do for her -_-

I am craving

I spotted this today and I am dying to go sky diving. Why is the Kenya shilling so weak??? Why am I so broke? lol. Feel free to donate to the take Nkirdizzle sky diving fund. I accept all monetary forms 😉

I wish

I was self employed.

I hope

things will not get complicated tomorrow, I really have my plate full.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!


Movie Review ~ Friends with benefits

Everybody knows trailers are very deceiving, they pick out the best clips of the movie to make you want to watch the movie. Well the trailer for Friends with benefits, was no different,  as you can see here. The minute I saw it I knew I had to watch the movie, and true to form, it was even more awesome than the trailer promised it would be.

Mila Kunis stars as Jamie,a head hunter who recruits Dylan, Justin Timberlake and convinces him to move to New York to work for GQ magazine as an Art Director.  She uses the beauty of New York as her main pitch to convince him to leave his LA home and take the job. The best thing about the big apple was most definitely the flash mob, where a large crowd randomly starts dancing choreographically to different songs. It looks so awesome, someone should organise that in the streets of Nairobi.

Dylan and Jamie get to know each other and eventually become good friends. They decide to become friends with benefits whereby they get to benefit physically from each other, without the complications of emotions.

This movie makes FWB friends with benefits seem like such a sweet deal. You can throw your insecurities out of the door, because you do not really care what your friend thinks of you. You do not have to walk on each others toes, but simply be honest with each other about your needs and how you like it in the sack.

Jamie and Dylan have such a great rapport with each other, they are suitable opponents when it comes to ‘tennis’ and they look good doing it. Who knew Justin Timberlake had such a smoking body!  Despite the oath they made on Jamie’s iPad bible app, emotions eventually came in the way which was of course inevitable.

We also witness Dylan and his sister (Jenna Elfman) struggling to cope with the fact that their father (Richard Jenkins) has alzheimers and is slowly loosing his memory. Jamie also has to deal with an irresponsible mother who likes to have fun and has never revealed who her father is.

I give this movie a 9/10, because I found it extremely entertaining.