I recently marked the one year anniversary of when my last serious crush confessed he liked me too. To be honest that was one of the best days of my life.

This was simply because this was the second time fate had randomly decided to bring us together so i never expected it, and secondly we had an amazing time together that day.

This guy used to make my ears burn the first time i met him, as in I did not even know that my ears could do that! It also didn’t help that he was extremely hot, smelt like heaven and dressed to the nines.

Anyway, here I was thinking that my life was gonna change and we were beginning this brand new love story but alas, fate had other ideas. Things didnt work out between us, the last 2 times I saw him were nothing short of disastrous, which was mostly my fault i think.

As i reminisced about him, i couldn’t help but wonder what could have gone wrong.

*Commercial Break*

So I just opened my instagram and a quote pops up >> “Nothing screws you up more than thinking about what could have been”

Well played universe :p

*Back to regular programming*

This post to be honest was not about wondering what could have been, in fact I am almost 80% sure that this story is dead for sure.

It did however make me think about rejection and what traits I have that broke the deal. It does not really bother me that he does not think I am the woman for him. I learnt the hard way last year that I cannot force people to believe i am the bees knees. I know I am not for everyone and it really is ok. I would not want someone to be with me if they felt that I was not really what they were looking for, but felt they needed to out of guilt or something. My mantra has become ‘If you do not want to be with me, it’s your loss.’

It also got me thinking about the people I have rejected as well, and the reasons why i may have felt we were not a good fit. These reasons I wont lie may be petty AF and they range from bad breath, lazy eye, weird endowments, lack of conversation, they hooked up with someone I know, horrible wardrobes, lack of effort, stalkerish tendencies, soft kisses etc

After reviewing said reasons, i realized that I would probably give half the men I rejected another chance if they tried. We can blame this on boredom, the need for a free meal, not giving a damn, wondering what if, and the fact that i honestly believe in giving people a second chance.

So if you got a second chance to make a lasting impression on someone me, what would you do?