Thank God It’s Friday!!!


My apologies for skipping this post last Friday, well, I was on holiday 🙂 and once again, the whole world gets another holiday this weekend, how awesome is that?!

I am excited about

3 whole days of weekend 🙂

Today I am Feeling


My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Baby Please Dont Go by Mike Posner who is now the new host for Pimp My Ride. The dude needs to do something about his side burns, they are tres weird o.O

This Weekend I

will chill and see what plan pans out.

I am really craving

A Fascinator


This whole Royal Wedding frenzy was good for one thing, I finally learnt the names of this head gear. I have always wanted one but the cool ones I saw costed a lot at 4U2 I think.

I am also really digging Cheryl Cole’s tattoo in this picture, it is so unique.

I wish

I had listened to my gut and followed my instincts 😦

I hope

this blows over -_-

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘All things are difficult before they are easy.’

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!


Read Me!!!!

My stats today are quite wanting. What is not happening?!!! Why won’t you read Revealed?? 😦

It’s all good, this is just a call for me to entice you here with juicier and more frequent posts.

If you are sick of all this hullabaloo about the impending Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton raise your hand? \o/

The whole world is going on a frenzy about this whole thing. If Prince William still had his youthful good looks, maybe I would be a bit into it. But now his hair is thinning, and now the apple of my eye is Prince Harry who blossomed from a weird carrot topped looking kid to this:

I cannot wait to see how dashing he will look during the wedding.

I cannot believe it is already Thursday, I am so confused because my mind believes it is Wednesday. I am absolutely stoked about yet another long weekend coming up 🙂

Thanks to Urban Dictionary I finally know what hump day is, yes I have always been wondering what it was and I never felt like consulting my good friend google.

If you are bored, search for the meaning of your name on Urban Dictionary and see whether the character traits described can be attributed to you. Check out the words of the day too.

I finally got to go the Sankara hotel last night, and the place is gorgeous! It totally lives up to it’s five stars. I was only there for a short time, but I got to see the swimming pool at the roof top, which looked amazing! The entrance has a section with a transparent floor, walking over it was soo scary and I am not even afraid of heights!

Picture taken from my bb 🙂

I sat at the restaurant for a bit, and the coolest thing was they have Sankara bag holders! I had half a mind to run away with it now that I am in desperate need of a bag holder.

I must definitely go back there somehow, since yesterday I kinda had somewhere else to be.

I learnt something new today, there are skin darkeners, yes people also want to darken themselves too.

Beyonce’s skin seems weird, she looks like she has applied lots of powder and her skin has different tones.


I love her shade of lipstick, plus the shoes are fierce. Most importantly, how hot does Jigga look? I am loving him with his hair all grown out. I do not know why guys like hating on JayZ, this man is hot!

*End of mindless banter*

It’s over

Today, Holy Thursday officially marks the last day of lent. It’s been an insane 40 days, I can honestly say my life has really changed.

Reading through this post about lent has made me realize just how far I have come.

I have come closer to God, managed to go to church every week, which is quite the fete trust me. I do feel bad though because I prayed for someone daily, yet they passed away, so I won’t lie I am a bit confused about that. I guess I can only trust the fact that God had some grand master plan and it was his time.

As for the men I was referring to, the fast worked in the sense that they have been completely flushed out of my system. I barely give them a minutes thought.

Turns out it is true what they say, to get over someone, get under someone else. Not literally


As for not eating meat on Friday’s, I managed successfully for like 2 Fridays. Other days, I honestly tried really hard not to eat meat, then after the sun set, during the hour of darkness I somehow ended up forgetting and indulging. The devil really tempted me a good one because the meat that was thrown my way!!!? I never stood a chance.
I tried to stop partying, or should I say I reduced a bit, circumstances could not allow, going cold turkey is not as delicious as it sounds.
The only things I successfully abstained from were Twitter and Facebook, I did not even log in once!!

Lent was really cool this time round, life changing even. It also seems like I inspired others to follow the same route 🙂

Next year I must do it again!

smiles for miles ;)

My first post using my brand spanking new BB 🙂
Yeah I can knock that off my bucketlist. This gizmo is fan-freaking-tastic! I an still learning the ropes and all which is a fun process in itself. But I am beyond euphoric!!




Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

The dawn of every weekend always makes me tres happy!!

I am excited about

my next purchase which is taking forever to get here, hence why I will not get into details because I think I am jinxing it. I will feel you guys in once I get my hands on it.

Today I am Feeling

a myriad of different feelings, happy, filled with dread, trying to stay positive and a bit excited..

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I love LMFAO, this should be the video of the year. I felt like running to the bathroom to go try do that dance, which is now my new mission, to learn it so that every day I’m shuffling 😉

This Weekend I

do not have any solid plans, I am loose like a goose.

I am really craving

ummmhh does the fact that I am taking so long to think of something mean I am craving nothing??

I wish

I could have a positive attitude, and actually feel it instead of trying to convince myself that it is how I should be.

I hope

my dissatisfaction doesn’t show on my blank face.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!!

This picture speaks to me


Free Falling


This picture depicts my current state of mind and it speaks to me in numerous ways. The following thoughts emanated from staring at this photo:

  • I am still infatuated with Rihanna, her sense of style is just superior.
  • Where will I find the perfect shade of red lipstick??
  • My roses are about to bloom.
  • If I plucked the petals, half my bed would be covered in flowers.
  • Rihanna’s tattoo is so beautiful and unique.
  • It’s like I am free falling, enjoying the journey because there is a bed of roses to land on, yet wary because rose stems have thorns.
  • Tutus are so girly and pretty.
  • Life is a trip, stop and smell the roses.
  • I’d rather sleep on a bed of roses than be where I am right now.
  • You can either look at a rose and admire it’s beautiful petals, take a whiff of it’s lovely smell, or prick your fingers with the thorns on it’s stem. Same applies to life, you can either be positive and revel at the good things it has to offer or concentrate on the bad.
  • Tendering a garden requires a lot of hard work, a rose garden in particular needs a lot of attention. If you neglect it, the roses will wither and die.
  • Red is such loud, vibrant, gripping color.

Does this picture speak to you too?

Speak no evil, hear no evil

It is Monday afternoon and it just hit me that I may have room temperature IQ, how did I let such an alibi like ‘Prayer Rally for the Hague Suspects’ pass me by? That would have been the perfect excuse to stay home and vegetate in bed. You wanna know why I think it is such a fool proof plan? Did you see how many people were at that rally? There were throngs of people at Uhuru Park, literally thousands, which means that this excuse has been used over a thousand times today, and it worked!! This is the part where you agree that we may have only gargled from the fountain of knowledge 😉

Yes, I like cats *Meeeoouww*

There are some things I have come to realize this year, I have to be careful about the words that come out of my mouth. Yeah, I know I have said it before, but apparently I have to blog about it again to remind myself to not just yap aimlessly not that I do.

Sometimes it is difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust, to know how to judge whether what you have been told is in confidence, or just another hot story, or whether to add a disclaimer ‘Do not tell anyone’ in order for the recipient to be able to know that they are not meant to spill.

Day by day I am becoming vary wary about the things I say, and the people whom I should trust. Things just seem to spring up from nowhere, and not good things for that matter. I think it is best to keep my thoughts and everything that I know in the confines of my mind.

I am currently at a happy place in my life, with smiles for miles 🙂 Sometimes I think it’s too good to be true, but yet again I think I deserve to be happy just like everyone else, so I bask and revel in it. and dying a chocolate death.

I do have a lot to digest, and a lot to think about, but I am trying not to over analyze and over think everything like I usually do. Right now I am trying not to give a damn about what other people think or trying to justify my actions with anyone.

My friend tells me that people come into our lives for a reason. I think we all definitely make an impact on each others lives, be it positive or negative.

If we were to focus on the negative impact, yes it does make you stronger as a person in various ways, but I think it just makes people more afraid, to go through that negative phase again. This makes me wonder if the reason they came into our lives was to make us cowards, which does not seem like a valid reason at all.

Anyway hopefully my negative experiences have made me wiser, and ready to overcome the things that I am wary or afraid of.