There are some men out there who put in a lot of time, money and thought into their appearance, and I think I need to appreciate all their hard work and effort to look luscious and gorgeous. You need to know you’re looking hot is not all in vain, my eyes and my vivid imagination really appreciate it 😉

Here are some of the things that men adorn that simply kills me:


There is nothing hotter than a man in a suit! I do not think it can get any better than that seriously. Men look polished, suave, and very handsome. You can never go wrong with a suit unless you have bought a cheap one, that is not your size, and you keep those labels on the sleeves rather than cutting them off smh. Every man should have a suit in their wardrobe.

Men that drive me mad


Cardigans and sweaters.

I love the whole collegiate look. Cardigans with a nice shirt, topped with a tie or bow tie always looks snazzy. You can wear it with a t-shirt as well and some fitting jeans, not too snug though.

Cardigan worn with a tie


For a nice formal look, invest in sweaters especially for the working class men. Be it plain, striped, multi coloured, argyle, you can never go wrong.

Waist coats

Every guy should have at least one waist coat in their closet. It is a cool piece of apparel which goes with almost anything and still looks cool.

It’s an easy way to jazz up your plain shirts and tees.

I am not a fan of 3 piece suits though, I dunno why it just looks a bit strange when the blazer comes off..



Leather jackets

First up, I am personally on the hunt for a leather jacket. Those things are like uber cool! And how hot do men wearing them look? Especially when they pop their collars??



These handy accessories not only shield our eyes from the violent rays of the sun, but they make anyone stand out and look stunning!

I find avatars particularly look very nice on men, and old school shades as well. The key thing is to find appropriate sunglasses which suit the shape of your face in order to frame it well.

Ian Mugoya that is all!



Last year, I noticed that this guy who really used to jazz me had a nice watch. Ever since then, I am no longer jazzed by him, but I am now kinda obsessed with men’s watches. After I have sufficiently surveyed a man’s physical appearance, the next place I will look at is his wrist. I like watches with big faces, and classy straps, it just tells me a lot about the man. Do not ask me what 😉

Tag Heuer Watch


I love hair, playing with it, stroking it, styling it, be it my own or other people’s hair. I like men with long hair, be it cornrowed or a big fro that just makes you want to dig your fingers into it. I think men with dreadlocks look really cool, I also dig the whole shaggy hair thing. The clean shaven look is also hot and I usually cant help but want to rub such heads. This depends though, on if the guy has a nicely shaped head or not.

Beckham, one of the most stylish dudes ever!


We’ve always viewed them as fuddy duddy and urkelish, but recently suspenders are suddenly cool and fashionable! I love how men look in them, and I would like to think of them as a modern day leash which you can use to steer or punish the man wearing them. I can’t explain, I can only demonstrate 😉

Chuck Bass can gerrit!


Not every one can pull off hats. I like baseball caps, marvins, fedoras, beenies, it looks really cool.

Kid Cudi


I am one of those rare girls who do not first look at a man’s feet to check out his shoes. I will only notice them if they are very nice, or very wack.

And yes, I like supras I do not know what people have against them, maybe the guys they’ve seen just aint wearing them right..

Even Stevens has really come a long way

I like the loafers. Is it me, or is there like a Gucci explosion in Kenya right now??




I really dig the whole tunic look, open chested with some african necklaces and the sandals, looks very swanky!

So for now those are some of the things that kill me when I see them on men, so if your reading this, just conform already and give my eyes a treat 😉

If you’re a dude looking for some fashion advice check out The Urban Gentleman


Confession I dont wanna be the exception

Today i saw the most perfect beautiful fully bloomed long stemmed red rose stuck inside a floral arrangement. I was really tempted to pull it out but i had to restrain myself. I am not really a flower person, but i think i’d really be jazzed and happy if someone gave me a rose as beautiful as the one i saw today. It was perfect in every sense of the word, i stared at it and revelled at its beauty, longing to take a whiff of its rosy scent. Yeah, the meeting i was in was extremely boring lol.
Anyhoosmu this past few days i’v encountered newly engaged couples who seem so happy and elated it’s even infectious. I saw the most gorgeous ring, and i stared at my finger for a while wondering what kinda ring if any, would be bestowed upon my finger, knowing that i’d be elated and not immediately say no like i always think to myself that i would if i was ever popped for the question. So i think i really need to reevaluate the whole getting married at 38 thing…

Goodbye my friend

As we speak one of my best friends is up in the air flying thousands of miles away from here. It still feels kinda surreal, like it has not happened, but I know she’s gone because I feel so sad and alone.

Yes I may have tonnes of friends, but that doesn’t matter, I am sure I am just but an option for some of them.

The future looks bleak for the next 1 year, my randomness reduced a lot in February when the first best friend left, now it will reduce a whole lot, and after my other close friend leaves, it will be reduced to zero 😦

I hate goodbyes and I hate change, and clearly I have a lot of adjusting to do, and I am really not looking forward to it.

I am now refraining from watching any sad movies, or listening to slow mushy music because I will cry bucket loads!

Today is gonna be a really long yucky day………..


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

This is the one time I am not stoked it’s Friday 😦


I am excited about

nothing at all, I really need something to spice up my life o_O

Today I am Feeling

a bit self-conscious, and still melancholic.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

There goes my baby ~ Usher


Usher looks so hot in this video, I love it when he pulls himself up the balcony or something like that. No wonder he refers to his songs as baby making music, this song is quite something!

This weekend I

will be hanging out with my best friend for the last time before she leaves 😦

I am really craving

Ed hardy hoody

Ed Hardy Shoes

I really want something Ed Hardy, their stuff is uber cool!!! You can find their stuff at the Converse Store at The Junction, but I think a Tee goes for about Kshs 8000/= and above. Since I cannot throw away that amount of money on a tee shirt, I will just wait for that sponsor I know I will get to buy it for me 😉

I wish

Monday never gets here 😦

I hope

I will pull off my new resolution.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Satisfaction means knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.’

When darkness falls

KPLC really? The first time i get home before the sun sets and you take away our power!? I remember asking this question, who do kplc employees report power black outs to?! Do the people responsible get warning letters from HR? They should coz they really suck at their jobs!
This my first time home before midnight on a thursday in two weeks! Was hoping to catch brothers and sisters and find out whats good with the walkers and stuff. Now i’m lying in bed, listening to music from my phone as i write this post, i’m sure my battery is slowly diminishing.
This is definitely the worst time to be on a social network hiatus. I would be stalking people on facebook or spamming your twitter timeline with rubbish.
Thank God for my blog, it’s keeping me preoccupied at least.
So my week has been primarily melancholic, i’m sure next week will suck lemons. I hate goodbyes and many people are leaving 😦 i’l talk about my sadness next week after all the tears and what not..
Yesterday was definitely FTWinsday (for the winsday) my closet got a whole lot fuller thanks to my dear cousin who gave me a bunch of clothes. I was really looking forward to trying them on and doing a little fashion show for myself, but no electricity just had to go! Nkt
In other news, my mind is sorta free from wanting things that i should not, let’s just leave it at that!
I think i’l just enter the sheets and reflect on what i’m going to wear tomorrow, how i’m going to dodge that wedding on saturday, how i am sleeping in this weekend, spending the last few moments with one of my best friends before she leaves, squashing peoples wrong conclusions, resisting temptation, and what i am going to eat for dinner tonight because i am not feeling rice or ugali uurggh 😦
Imagine after writing all of this lights are not back yet 😦
Let’s just hope i do not do something stupid as i wallow in idleness and boredom! Wish me luck!


Ask Jeeves, apparently a popular search engine not with Kenyans am I right? released a list of 10 unanswerable questions that have been queried on the site for the last 10 years.

This list is based on some 1.1 billion queries made on the site since it’s inception in the year 2000.  Read more about it here

Here is my take on these unanswerable questions..

1. What is the meaning of life?

Okay fine, the internet is the cause of and solution to many of life’s problems, but do people really expect answers to some of these questions?? A website is run by a human being, just like you, he definitely would not know the meaning of life. What do they expect the answer to this question to be? And what next if they were ever to get the answer to this question?

2. Is there a God?

Really?! People expect Jeeves to have an answer to this?! So if he said God does not exist, does it mean they would stop believing? But I doubt anyone who believed in God would ask such a question just saying.

3. Do blondes have more fun?

I am black and I think I have more fun than most blondes ….. in kenya :p So I am guessing people who ask this question are contemplating dyeing their hair blonde, or getting new blonde friends….

4. What is the best diet?

I think this is a question which actually warrants an answer albeit it may elicit numerous valid responses. But it is a sensible question to ask in my opinion, the real question is, given that there are different answers to this question, which response should be taken as the gospel truth?

5. Is there anybody out there?

The people who ask this question must be extremely bored and lonely, get a life!

6. Who is the most famous person in the world?

Okay I get why Jeeves may have a problem with this question right here. Currently trends change daily if not after every few hours as people rise to fame over one mundane thing or the other. Is there really a means of knowing who is the most famous person ever?!

7. What is love?

That’s a very valid question that I would really like to get an answer to! I tried asking Jeeves myself, and I was not very satisfied with the response. If you are confused just give it a shot and ask him, I doubt you will get the answer you are looking for!

8. What is the secret to happiness?

It’s a secret, you think Jeeves is in on it?? He clearly is a blabber mouth so your really wasting your time trying to get the answer from him.

But I can give you the answer, happiness is what you make of it, you control your own happiness, the end!

9. Did Tony Soprano die?

I was not a fan of The Sopranos so I do not really give a damn. The real question should be what the hell goes on in Lost? Was it a dream they all had together? Was it real? Did the island exist?

10. How long will I live?

My cousin’s friend was dumb enough to ask a Ouija board when she will die, I think the board said when she was 26. If I am not wrong, I think she is still alive, guess she did not fall for it, otherwise she would be dead from paranoia and stuff.

The only thing I can say to people who pose such questions is, what is wrong with you??? Why would you want to know how long you will live for? More so, why do you think some website will provide you with the answer?!




In conclusion, the people who ask these questions maybe just needed someone to talk to and did not know where to turn to, plus they had a lot of free time in their hands : )


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

Yup Furahiday is upon us once again!

I am excited about

nothing in particular just yet, I am still trying to decide what it is I will be up to..

Today I am feeling

like licking my instant coffee like it’s Dextrosol, I am so knackered the end!

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is


These guys killed it in their performance at the VMAs, they were like totally awesome 😀

This weekend I

have too much to do and I am just one person o_O But hopefully it will be one for the books like the past few weekends!

I am really craving

A nice soft fluffy bed


I wish

my eye would stop twitching! This has been going on for the past 3 days!!

I hope

things will not be weird…

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.’

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!!