9: How important I think education is

Kids, go to school!


1st of the month

juneI like June, it’s always fun and entertaining, I always seem to meet new people and create fun memories during this month. I have nothing but high hopes for it.

May Highlights

What’s not to love about a month that kicks off with a public holiday? I went for a lovely pool party, though we did not swim because we are Kenyans and for some reason never follow the rules.

I got to catch up with some friends who were visiting in the country, and others who were back home after being away for so long.

Nowadays I deal with events so we have pulled off some pretty good events this past month.

I went white water rafting a few weeks ago, and it was still a blast. I didnt fall off the raft this time round \o/. I also did some zip lining and yoga. I discovered new things about my body through yoga that i had no idea about. I will definitely be exploring it more, push my body to the limit a bit.

Rekindled some old friendships, and made some new friends which I always enjoy.

I went for Fena’s album launch a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! Her star is definitely shining bright, you should cop her new album, it’s everything.

This month was filled with very many cheap thrills in matters of the oppositeĀ gender, it’s not anything that will lead anywhere but I liked the attention and the entertainment.

My friend threw this really awesome bbq this past weekend. He made the most delicious burger patties, cant get them out of my head!

May Downsides

Food Poisoning, seems like i will be getting it every month now. My tummy used to be so strong, dunno what happened.

Some people I know are going through some difficult times, I can only pray God walks them through this.

May Discoveries

It’s sad that men can do certain things, but when women do it they get punished for it.

Siku za mwizi ni arubaini.

All good things come to an end.

Sheesha is horrible for my voice and my red blood cells

What I Look Forward To in June

some more good times šŸ™‚


How was your May? What are you looking forward to in June?