1st of the month



February was such a fantastic month, I am deeply saddened that it is over 😦 I am sorta afraid of hoping that March will be as equally amazing, but deep down I have faith that it still will be. Fingers crossed.

February Highlights

February is sort of an extension of my birthday month since the first week is spent still celebrating. I got to hang out with my friends, and received the most amazing birthday gifts: a watch with 5 changeable straps, a pretty sweater, angel wings statement necklace, sweetheart strapless dress, cuff bracelet, some cool earrings, a photo frame, candle set and chocolates 🙂 I was basking in the love!

Cheap thrills like jumping on a trampoline must feature here because it was so much fun!

I survived Valentines day 🙂 This deserves a mention because I think this day has become low key, none of the usual hullabaloo, unless the universe decided not to expose me to it 🙂 I went to onami to celebrate a friends birthday, then went for team100 where I was shocked to realise that some couples are actually okay with celebrating their love at the rave.. smh.

I have to mention the endless birthday parties I attended for all the February babies, so much cake, meat, and sheesha. I am a testament to the fact that it is possible to party without alcohol, and have fun 🙂

The best part of this month was the random gifts and things I got surprised with, loved it.

I finally got to buy new shoes, all the ones I had wore out, and now I got 5 new pairs of ballets and 5 new dresses. I still have more shopping to do, it’s never enough :p

I went back to school to pursue a certain certification, so far it’s interesting, and it doesn’t suck as much as I thought it would. I look forward to going to school, and it really has not interfered with my social life … yet. I need to pass so hopefully I will be able to take it a bit more seriously.

It’s been 17 days of lent and so far so good 🙂

February Downsides

After the birthday celebrations, I was hella broke, as in extremely broke. That was definitely a wakeup call for me to get my finances in order.

No more sleeping in on Saturdays because of school 😦 I swear I may never get used to this. This is the reason my Sundays are now being wasted in bed.

Thanks to my nasty bee sting, I have  a new found phobia for bees and other insects :-/

February Discoveries

I had those moment of clarities which helped me finally close chapters in my life that needed to die.

When you discover new things about people that you had no clue about….

Turns out I am a role model 🙂

So the fact that I am single has been in the public domain for a while now, I do not know why I keep getting asked about it a lot nowadays for some reason. These people should just throw me a pity party and invite all their single cute guy friends so that I can meet them :p

What I Look Forward To In March

Peaceful elections once we go to the ballot on March 4th. My sentiments definitely changed since I wrote this and I will be casting my vote come Monday evening, which is when I will go cast my vote. I do not want to waste the whole day lining up when I can just bum in the house till the queues subside. We are all praying  for the best, and hopefully things will go back to normal come March 5th Tuesday morning. Spare a minute a pray for Kenya.

How was February for you? What are you looking forward to in March?


Thank God It’s Friday!!!


I am excited about

a free holiday next Monday 🙂

Today I Am Feeling

I dunno, sleepy?

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

This Weekend I

plan on chilling, and getting a lot of reading done, so help me God!

I am really craving

it’s a secret 😉

I wish

I was not working next week like many people I know sigh

I hope

my folks get to their destination safely.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is





Have A Fantastic Friday!!!

Feelings are for dentists

The Poetic Justice video by Kendrick is finally out, I think I need to lower my expectations for what videos should be like. Nonetheless this jam is still quite something.

Damn, I keep stumbling upon things on the internet which are distracting me  from writing what this post was about, but I need to write about these additional things too.

I am a massive fan of  Thought Catalog  it has the most amazing articles that actually give you a lot of food for thought, and they have like 10 posts a day.

Here are 2 articles I want to share, this and this. I regret reading the first article because I am currently the ‘they’ being referred to, which is not the easiest position to be in. The second article will help you gauge whether your weekend was a success or not. I spent my entire Sunday sleeping, then I woke up and continued sleeping again 🙂

Back to the main focus, feelings.

I do not know when I became this angry, resentful person when it comes to how I react to people’s actions. Okay, I know why, it is because people keep doing things which I think are not right, simply because I would never do the same things to them. As a result, I get mad, and I do not hesitate to show it, hence I end up doing not nice things as I came to learn this week.

Honestly, it is really draining catching feelings over such things, I am actually quite tired and ready for a mindset change.

I am the only me, so people will not do things that I would do, because they are not me. People are different, and they will not magically change simply because I got mad, and told them the reason I was angry at them, and hoped that the fact that I got mad would stop them from repeating the same offence again. So now I am accepting people for the way they are, and for their actions. This does not mean I will condone their actions, this just means that I will not take it personally, but instead try and learn from the experience, and find ways not to allow it to happen to me again.

I know now that their actions may not necessarily be malicious, but I always hope that people would at least think about how their actions affect others. I do that a lot, think of the consequences of what I do or say, maybe too much, but like I said before, people are different.

Will I still go out of my way for people when they do not seem to extend the same courtesy to me? Probably not, which may be a tad bit difficult, but I think I would much rather deal with guilt than anger which will make me do or say things that I will regret which will lead to even more guilt if you catch my drift.

Basically, I do not wanna be bothered by the little things that tick me off, I want to react more calmly to situations and not let them get to me. I need to use up that energy for funner, happier things instead.





Thank God It’s Friday!!!!


I have been waiting for today all year!!!


I am excited about

my girls birthday weekend 🙂 Sema party hard!


Today I Am Feeling

a whole lot of pain. I got stung by a bee on Tuesday on my foot, and got a muscle pull at the same time. Talk about bad luck lol, my foot then got really swollen, red and itchy. I went to get checked today, had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics because the sting got infected 😦 Walking is problematic, and I am so uncomfortable, I am really praying it gets better by tomorrow.

Side bar:  the doctor had the nicest brown eyes, the kind you have to look away before those eyes decide to read your deepest secrets plus he was left handed. I dunno, there is something about lefties…

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

the harlem shake 🙂 I cannot get this song out of my head, check out Rupu peeps doing  a Kenyan version of it which I really loved.

and check out the Revealed version here.

This Weekend I

hope to have a lot of fun, despite the pain, plus I feel guilty I wont get time to study -_- I dunno when I became this chic :p

I am really craving

pain free walking, yeah it is this bad.

I wish

we didnt have to be charged such high taxes in Kenya smh.

I hope

my foot gets better quick fast.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

q3Have A Fabulous Friday!!!

Check out 10 min’s fix response to Jimmy Kimmels video

Be good kids, peace, love and chocolate, iOut :-*

Spotlight on Kenyan Music

That was the amazing voice of this lady known as Sage. I had heard of her before, when she was performing at blankets and wine, but to be honest, she never wowed me then. I guess it was because I had never heard of her, and nothing she sang appealed to me.

Then I heard the jam below and was totally wowed by her vocal prowess, she sounds phenomenal, and I cannot wait to hear more music from her.

You know those sings which you listen to for the first time and love them immediately? That was my first reaction to Dutch, by Fena ft Kagwe Mungai and Toshi. This song is such a pleasure to listen to and everyone can definitely relate to it, it’s my current ring tone.

I am definitely happy that Kenyan artists are upping their game when it comes to the quality of their videos and original concepts, I am so tired of seeing music videos shot in clubs *yawn*. Jay A definitely put in a lot of effort in securing  this  location, costumes and props, with a proper story line.

I am not a fan of Ogopalets, most of the female artists in this label rarely exhibit any musical talent I am sorry to say. Avril has definitely changed my mind about this notion with her new song hakuna yule, she sounds really good.

Who remembers the group XYZee and how crazy girls were about them back in high school? Lexxy came out with a new song, to be honest, I expected it to be wack, but I am pleasantly surprised, it is actually very nice, see for yourself.

I have no idea who sang this song, but I am assuming she is Kenyan and it features Bamboo, produced by Taurus Musik

Nowadays, everyone thinks they can sing, Rachel Marete, former beauty queen wasn’t one to be left behind. You have to give it up to her for fighting to remain relevant. She had her own ten minute fix like show in the States targeting Kenyan diasporans, plus she also vied to become a 106 & Park show host and lost, no surprise there. She released her new single Kelele this year, and I like it, the song has a nice catchy tune, and this is an unbiased opinion coming from someone who loves to hate. She has a banging body though, but those men and all the oil -_-

This next song goes to show that mediocrity sells, nyenyenyenye tutawachapa na slippers, FIMBO CHAPA #enoughsaid

Here’s another jam bound to be a club banger

I saw this Kanja dude on Saturday, dude walks around with some big chains, zile za kufunga gate lol ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit much, but dang those things were huge. This young cat is making moves in the entertainment industry, definitely looking forward to hearing more music from him. Here is a jam that has not gotten as much airplay that I stumbled upon on his youtube page which I dug.

Hope you enjoyed this musical journey through Kenya 🙂

Mindless Monday Banter



What do you see when you look at this picture? No, this isn’t a trick question, I just want to pick your minds. The first time I downloaded it, it seemed to make sense, but now I have no idea. The apple is half eaten but when it looks at itself, it looks whole? Does it mean that though we are imperfect we should accept our imperfections as our own form of beauty?



Life right now is just fine, but I have to hold on to this believe that something wonderful is about to happen, well because there has to be more to life (if you know the song you can complete this sentence).



Ever done something that scared you or freaked you out, that leaves you wondering what you were so afraid of in the first place? There really is nothing to fear but fear itself, as cliche as it may sound.



I keep being told my thirst is showing, but you know what, I really dont care :p  Sadly it isn’t getting quenched -_-


What’s your flavour?


Something else to ponder about this dreary Monday afternoon. What is up with this Nairobi heat? Especially at night, it is so freaking hot!!

Pictures like this make me happy about being an only child, I present to you Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother



check out other celebrities with twins that we did not know about here.