Numbers and things

Yesterday the parental unit marked 25 years of marriage. They are still going strong despite the many ups and downs they have encountered throughout the years. Wow, that is longer than I have even existed. I cannot imagine being with the same person that long, 25 years is actually forever in my vocabulary.

Despite my parents’ stellar example of the sanctity of marriage, I am still not convinced that that institution is for me. Yes I will keep on shoving it down your throats till you stop thinking that I will get married first before you. It is never gonna happen, if it does, I will elope and act like nothing’s happened.

The census results were released in Kenya yesterday. I had no idea why people were so anxious for their release, till I sampled some of the findings.

There are some few hundred thousand more women than men in Kenya. That is no news to me, but women all of a sudden have realized that the stakes are officially much higher and it has become even harder to find good men given those numbers.

There are 6.6 Million Kikuyus in Kenya! That is definitely a huge number, we all knew they were many but not that much! Most of the men I have associated with have been kikuyus, to my mother’s dismay lol. I am from the Meru tribe, and we are merely 1.6 Million in the whole country. I bet I am related to like 100,000 of them so that leaves like 1.5 Million of which I am sure judging by the ratio of men and women in my family, men constitute 500,000 and the women are like a million.

So out of 500,000 Meru men, I am assuming like half of them are in Meru which is in Eastern Province, and the rest are dispersed in various parts of the country. I think Nairobi has about 90,000 Meru’s if I was to guess a random number, and the men aged between 22-33 years old could be about 20,000 there abouts. I think I only know about 7 Meru men who are not my relatives, and my mother still has her hopes up that I find a Meru man to marry. Judging by my random numbers, I doubt it’s gonna happen 🙂

Oh My God!!!!!! *scream* I am number 19 on the Top Ranked Blogs on Afrigator. That was one of my goals when I started blogging, and I am beyond ecstatic that I made it to the top 20, one day, I must get to top 10 🙂 I must be realistic But I must extend a big thank you to my loyal readers, and all those people who stumble upon my blog for whatever reason. I could not have made it without you so gracias and God bless.

Ever since I discovered I am a social network addict, I always take a hiatus to prove to myself and everyone else who calls me an addict that I can refrain with ease. My last hiatus was last July, and this year September was the lucky month.

I cannot deactivate my twitter account because I do not want anyone to jack my super cool username so I just will not log in. I do have the will power not to do it so have a little faith in me 😛

I did deactivate my facebook profile, that thing was just getting me into trouble. I was attracting ugly losers without any game, who mack chics with the exact same messages, as in word for word, who flipping does that?!!! He must have read this ha! Various assumptions were made about my facebook activities, which I did not like so it was about time to stop giving people stuff to talk about.

Now that I cannot twit or facebook, best believe I will be doing a whole lot more blogging, I need to speak what’s on my mind or I will feel gagged.

Bruno Mars, My favorite Martian

The world got better acquainted with Bruno Mars when he was featured in B.o.B’s debut single Nothing on you which was an instant hit and took over our airwaves.

He not only looks gorgeous but he sounds like an Angel sent from the heavens to woo girls everywhere.

He teamed up with another man I adore Mr Travis Mcoy for the song Billionaire which has already gained so much popularity. The song is currently number 11 in the Billboard hot 100.

We know him as Bruno Mars but legally he goes by the name of Peter Hernandez Jr, a 23 year old who possesses an immense amount of talent. He plays a mean guitar, his vocal talent is superior, he is a producer, and a song writer as well having co-written Nothing on you, Billionaire and Waving Flag by K’naan just to list a few.


I have some songs from his debut EP It’s better if you don’t understand and they are simply beautiful. Look out for Count on me, Somewhere in Brooklyn, The other side featuring B.O.B and Cee Lo and Talking to the moon. If you loved Billionaire you will definitely take a shine to these tracks.

Bruno Mar’s debut album Doo-woops & Hooligans will be out on October 5th 2010 and I am definitely looking forward to that.

Enough with the hustling!

2 questions that I hate being asked;

Are you seeing anyone?

queue in the pressure, judgment, as I proceed to reply that I am not.

Why are you single?

seriously I do not understand what these people who ask me these questions want me to say.

You’re too pretty to be single

even worse, what a lame ass pick up line nkt!!


So I am single, deal with it!! I have no problem, why should some of you?!

I was accosted by my family this past weekend about my current status. Most of them know about my plans of getting married at 38, I was advised to give people chances because apparently I do not, and to at least wear lipstick ha ha ha.

Do I choose to be single? In a way. I choose not to give these losers my time of day. Any man who thinks I am worthy will be one that is worthwhile. I keep meeting the strangest of men, and they do not seem to think I’m worth it. So I waste my time with them knowing they do not stand a chance anyway.

Men complicate my life, when I am with them, and even without them, which really sucks because clearly there seems to be no escape. Drama follows you everywhere, or should I say it follows me basically because I am an over thinker, and I create the drama in my head.

Plus let us not forget I am after all female, and we cannot operate without bringing emotions and hormones and all that nonsense. Sadly it cannot be switched off even if some of us wanted to.

So all the people with a problem with me and my relationship status,



Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

I am loving how time is moving so fast 🙂 I wish it did not come with ageing

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I am excited about

I can’t seem to figure out what. It is like I am anticipating something which I have no clue about, but it feels like it is something good.

Today I am Feeling

sleepy which is usually the norm but today its worse since I think I’ve slept for 3 hours. My feet hurt because yesterday people seemed to be mistaking my feet for the ground nkt but it was all worth the lack of sleep and pain because last night was so much fun 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Mimi ni mkare


I heard this song for the first time last week at Untamed, and DJ Nijo called them up on the DJ booth, and they ‘performed’. My girls and I were definitely those groupy chics dancing by the booth, but once they were done, we went back to regular programming, acting like they were just random weird dudes who insist on wearing sunglasses in the club at night!

The song is definitely a feel good track, so big up to PUNIT and Musyoka for the good job!

This weekend I

will be busy celebrating with USIU graduates. Congratulations 🙂

I am really craving

Chicken Salad

For once I am craving something with vegetables. And yes, I really love chicken 🙂

I wish

I had a personal shopper, I need to spruce up my wardrobe and I suck at shopping and I have no time to do it :p

I hope

I am not starting something which I doubt I will be able to finish.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.’

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Coz we are living in a superficial world

Today I  realized again how God is fair, he blesses us with other things to write off our shortcomings. Nobody is perfect. Those who you think are perfect, also have their insecurities and imperfections.

Beyonce hates her big ears, David Beckham is gorgeous in every single way but with a pre-adolescent voice, Alicia Keys has terrible achne,

these are just a few examples of how perfect people are just like you and me. Do not be fooled by the make up, photoshop and all the lies that the Entertainment world feeds us.

Even those people we deem as imperfect have other qualities going for them, but we are all so immersed judging them that we never get to witness them.

Trust me I am as superficial as the next person, I pay attention to the gorgeous people, and get creeped out by the ugly ones. I get scared away before I give them a chance to impress me with their charms, jokes or whatever will make me forget about their shortcomings.

I also fall under the imperfect bracket, always trying to hide what I find imperfect about myself, yet hoping to be accepted for what I am.

I have come to learn, that not so good looking people are as superficial as the hot ones!!!! That explains why some people who are not so easy on the eye walk around with trophies in their arms.

I wish I wasn’t superficial, but am I actually willing to change that? I may have the opportunity to do it, but I am sort of afraid. His face is a big problem for me. For what it’s worth, I have identified many great qualities about him, that should out weigh my major obstacle.

All God’s creatures are beautiful so I am sure this must be some kind of sin, let us all bow down our heads and pray that I will one day overcome this.

What if…

Fate:  the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed (

Do I believe in fate?? I dunno, kinda. I believe that some things were meant to be, and others were not. I believe that things happen for a reason. I also believe God has a plan for me, and whatever his will is, it will eventually be done. This is how i console myself whenever things do not pan out or go as planned, and it is very comforting by the way.

Let it be known that I do not believe in people being destined to be together forever and all that nonsense gag I do not think there is one man out there who was created just for me, it would be kinda nice, but what if I do not like the person fate has chosen for me??

There are men who I come across in life, who I get to know, then for some reason we lose touch, but not for bad reasons, just life’s circumstances. So I usually think there is unfinished business so I cannot help but wonder what if…

I am a very inquisitive person, and sometimes curiosity gets the best of me. I am sure it is just the case of the one who got away, but I still cannot help but leave a window open to see what is going to end up happening the next time I come across the one who got away.

The person I am referring to now did not get away, because he was never mine in the first place. Of course I wanted him to be from the moment I met him, infatuation would be the best way to describe how I felt. Thank God for all this pride that I have because I would have surely made a colossal fool of myself!

After a lot of non pro-activity, hot and coldness, I finally just woke up and smelt the coffee and got over it! It was not worth the effort and all my energies. My biggest issue was the confusion, I could never tell where we stood and there was no way I would/will ever ask.

We recently got in touch again, and I went in fully amoured, telling myself that I am over him, and the infatuation will not show it’s ugly head again. It has not resurfaced or I hope it has not but the confusion is definitely still there.


I recently realized that I may claim to be over him, but I may never fully be until all hopes of anything ever happening are crushed and burnt! But he never dashes those hopes!!! He inadvertently or sometimes on purpose keeps giving me fake promises of pudding remember facebook superlatives?

He even invaded my dreams last night! Is there no escape?!

I need to know if he is cancerous for me to go get the necessary chemotherapy for him to be totally expelled from my system. How to get this important knowledge is the question.  I may not even need to find this out if I find someone else to distract me from all this nonsense. That strategy definitely worked the first time with excellent results.

There are other people I have unfinished business with, but no need to divulge in that until they come back into the picture.

8 more random facts about me

If I keep on divulging so much about myself at this rate ya’ll will figure out who I am!!! But I was tagged by MizCassandrae and it is only right that I do her meme and give you the randomest things I can come up with about myself.

  1. I suck my tongue. Very few people understand how this happens. I am not gonna explain it to you if you do not know :p
  2. I suck at eating with a fork and knife. I use my right hand to cut whatever it is I am eating, then I switch and take the fork to eat what I have cut! I blame my parents who can use these cutlery very well, and never showing me and making me get accustomed to using them, and my primary school for not training me on how to use them!! At my friend’s house, all meals are eaten at the dinner table, and it is compulsory to use utensils. I think Kianda School forces their students to eat with fork and knife.
  3. Number 2 is part of the reason I hate going on dates which involve meals. I can somehow manage to use a folk and knife, but I am also afraid of embarrassing moments like showering, getting food stuck in my teeth or saliva strings 0_O
  4. My fingers curve outwards.
  5. Monotony bores me to death! That is the reason why I am always changing my avatar, background, profile picture etc. It’s part of the reason why I cannot get a tattoo, and I have doubts whether I will be able to maintain a marriage.
  6. I have a beauty spot on my lip.
  7. One of the things I look out for in men nowadays is their watch. If you have a swanky watch, you automatically move up on my coolness scale.
  8. The lines on my hands form the letter M. I do not know if  M stands for Money, or I am Mad, or I’ll get Married and my husband’s name will start with M, I have accepted those are just one of life’s mysteries that may never get an explanation.

So can the following do the necessary and tell us stuff about themselves: