Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

How cool is this? I must try this once I get some free time!


DIY – Studded Purse

My first DIY, how excited was I when I stumbled upon this DIY Studded Suede Purse online yesterday?!

I bought a pink purse like 4 years ago in Toi market, which I never used to use much because I found it to be too plain. But after I saw this DIY I knew metal studs would spruce it up.

My pink purse

My mum bought me a studded belt a few years back that got worn out. So I have been removing the studs and putting them on my clothes and anything else I can think of.

Remove the studs from the belt

The studded belt minus some studs

You will need a sharp metal blade to cut slits for the metal studs on the purse. I used a cutting tool that I bought with my beading kit which is really sharp.

Cutting device

Since I had ruined my nails doing this DIY, and I wanted to save some studs for a rainy day, I decided to add some embellishments if I may call them that. I bought them a while back at Biashara Street at some store there I forget the name, they cost 5 Kshs per bead.

Stars and Circles

After slaving away all night last night, here is the finished product, which I have just noticed is not symmetrical O_o I am anal about symmetry but it is no biggy,  I will just change it if it becomes too much of an eye sore.

My DIY Studded Purse 🙂

DIY is so much fun, I have always loved crafting my own things since I was a kid, so look out for more DIY posts on here 🙂

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