Last reflections of an almost 25 year old

yeah for some reason I am pretty melancholic on this here Monday, maybe I have been hit by the growing old blues. Maybe I should add that some character somewhere has just confused me *thumbs down*.

I do not have that ‘It’s my birthday’ happy feeling that I should be having, though I did have it on Saturday night when I celebrated it. Maybe it will come tomorrow, on my actual birthday.


Not to mention the fact that my head feels heavy and I am sleepy 0_O.

But I did have a spectacular weekend, had so much fun. I got to kick it with the people close to me, and I really felt the love 🙂

This post was meant to be about lessons learnt as a 24 year old, but right now I am too lethargic to come up with anything good.

Here’s hoping this day improves…

Irreconcilable Differences: A Thesis By Bobbui

I will not lie, I am dying to meet Bobbui! She is one of the most passionate people ever, when she strongly believes in something, or someone, she will not shy away from talking about it.  She literally drove us crazy ranting about her twitter crush, who she would not reveal. That story died down, I wonder what happened? She is sweet and friendly, and seems to have a very interesting life. Check out her blog to catch a glimpse into the life of this fascinating lady. I am so glad she finally graced Revealed 🙂




I am in utter shock.

As you may have heard, I am an opinionated Professor of Things (many) and this equation does not add up: H7*4+S7*4=D7*4. Where H=Heidi, S =Seal and D= Divorce.  7 is the number of years both have been married to each other. 4 is the number of children between them.

I know what you are thinking, ‘She didn’t see it coming? Naïve little hopeless romantic that lives back in I-don’t-know-which-century where people loved, married and lived happily ever after’. Congratulations for having seen it coming, for you are probably the only one in this entire universe that did, but sorry The Guinness book of records is not taking applications and I am out of candy.


For those of you who have never come across the ‘Seal named Klum’ Concept, probably because you live in a hole and have a less superior sense of music, here is what’s up: an incredibly, ridiculously, gloriously happy couple is getting divorced.

I am sure Heidi and Seal loved each other and still do, and from their music videos together perhaps even more intensely than most people can get, not even within sniffing distance/ zone. So they got past the intense I-can’t-live-without-you loving, got past the wedded bliss and got into the marriage, but neither survived the institution, even after seven  –I would assume great– years, great anniversaries, awesome music and beautiful children together and not together.

Nothing, could keep their marriage afloat. Clearly, something did happen that disrupted the natural progression to ‘Happily ever after’, something of a mutation.  I hear the courts prefer to call it Irreconcilable differences (Definition- A term used to cover for the failure of love.) because no matter how hard anyone tries to explain, no one can find why two magnetically converging personalities are now incompatible.


Appears to me there is:

a)      Only so far that one can fall in love,

b)      Only so much love between souls,

c)       Only so much need for one to want to be with another, and

d)      Only so close can two worlds come to being one.

Which simply brings me to the conclusion that; there has to be an expiration date on the institution of marriage and relationships, alike. The expiration date has a complex mathematical formula: -Good luck cracking Euler’s formula *insert evil laugh*.

Besides being the fall of my favourite celeb couple, herein somewhere lays the real reason I am distraught about Heidi and Seal. It’s really not about them or me per se; it’s more about the 7 years and children shared between them, and closer home; a close friend, seven years and a dog to be exact. This happened to my friend which means it can happen to you too. To save your relationship from this inevitable end, please refer to Euler’s formula above.

I recently moved into a new house, studio, always loved such spaces. They are particularly hard to find but not entirely impossible…

I digress. Seven years. That is the point of this narrative.

No, it did not take me 7 years to get the studio, but it did take about that time to move houses and to get my very close friend to visit again –strange- that notwithstanding, we remain very close. When he last visited it was more of a celebration of found –TRUE- love. Many anniversaries, many trips around the world, a dog and quite a substantial amount of time elapsed, seven years to be exact, it is now a ‘celebration’ of lost –TRUE- love. Correct me at your own peril.


Allow me to show you how I arrive at my conclusion; there has to be an expiration date on the institution of marriage. Relationships, alike.

Table: 1.1- The celebrity Vs. Ordinary folk matrix of divorce

  Variable Celebrity: Heidi and Seal Ordinary folk: Close friend


1. Popularity Celebs and bound to get divorced Not celeb, no reason to get ‘divorced’ OMG
2. Marriage Married, thus every reason to get divorced Not married, thus no reason to get ‘divorced’ SMDH
3. Tethered love Found, engaged and tethered love. More reason to get divorced Found, engaged and didn’t tether love. Less reason to get ‘divorced’ GFF
4. Love Lost -True-love. Seven –beautiful- years and children down the line. Lost –true- love. Seven –beautiful- years and a dog down the line. WOW!

I discern that you still need more convincing.

Case study 1

My brother and I have loved each other for about… not quite a good example. We are still together, technically speaking J

Case study 2

My best friend and I; we were roommates in college and we got divorced at some point after college.  I am afraid this also fails as a good illustration. We still love each other, more after graduation.

Case study 3: Soumei and I.

Perfect, just perfect.

It was love at first sight (just like Heidi and Seal); she was so so beautiful, sitting there, clad in lush crimson red with a twinkle in her eye. I was instantly attracted to her exquisite countenance and graceful disposition; the calm demeanor of a lady of means, elegant and easily the best looking laptop in that shop and definitely in town. New arrival, as they say here.

For a solid seven years, and numerous accessories together, I am filing for divorce. Cruel it sounds, but amicably we shall part ways. It was good while it lasted; the time spent together, the shared stories, the projects/ gigs we nailed, the good music, the awesome movies, the coffee spills… you get the picture. It was worth every minute of the seven years, but we have got to move along. Irreconcilable differences and also because I need to move on up, to a much cooler, ultra-thin MacBook… well, -hush hush- also because, Soumei is old and cannot rise to the occasion whenever I need her to.

Happy divorce Heidi and Seal!


Monday Musings

Today I finally got a new prayer journal after my last one got filled up and it reminded me of how much I have neglected praying. There are so many people I have not been praying for, who I am sure are in need of God’s favor. And I generally feel bad about not conversating with the man upstairs, so I am looking forward to changing that.
I had a very interesting week and weekend, with some interesting occurrences, and valuable lessons me thinks.
I had the weirdest moments too, some which made me wake up and smell the coffee.
In life there are those people who have to step up and be the bigger person when it comes to certain situations. Well, I am one of those people, even if I hate doing it, and I always wonder why the other parties involved never do it. But it is better to step up then someone else doing it before you, it leaves you feeling like an idiot.
So today is my last Monday as a 24 year old. Yeah I am very big on milestones, so I plan on making a big deal out of everything this week, to live life to the fullest. I am tres excited about my birthday, it’s like the 2 days I can ask for anything I want and maybe get it by virtue of it being my birthday. I do expect gifts, but I know the likely hood of me getting any are extremely slim. But I will buy myself some shoes, I am in desperate need of a new pair of hot heels.

So if you are feeling sufficiently philanthropic, I am a size 4 going on size 5, thanks in advance 😉

On the flip side, birthdays are also scary, I have mentioned that before here. Reading this creeped me out even more.

Karma, what goes around comes around. I do not understand how something bad can happen to someone, then they go ahead and hurt someone else the same way they were done wrong. I guess people are different *Kanye shrug*.

I was wondering, can I blame my over thinking when it comes to matters dealing with men, to being female? Am I really over thinking this?

The worst part about this month has always been saying goodbye, I hate goodbyes. I have also decided that I am done with all this, next January must be different from these past 3..

Monday, so far so good. Do not let the blues hit you wherever you are.  Smile, it confuses people 🙂

New year, new signature.

Kisses and cookies,



Thank God It’s Friday!!!

As usual time has really dragged, weeks now feel like they are like 10 days long. But I am not complaining though, if I could pause time I would.

I am excited about

something that really needs to be done before i go insane!!!!

Today I Am Feeling

sleep deprived, which is my own fault lol.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is Swagga Like Us – T.I. by popo77

This Weekend I

plan on utilizing whatever time we have left.

I am really craving

nothing in particular comes to mind right now.. oh wait, sleep 🙂

I wish

some situations would not spiral out of control and turn into unnecessary uncomplications.

I hope

I do not have to work tomorrow, praying really hard.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘In the power to change yourself lies the power to change the world around you.’

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!!

What’s on my mind?

There is nothing scarier than wanting something for so long, then finally getting it, but not completely and only for a short period of time.  The fear is in getting what you want and it was not what you expected, or worse still, it is better than you could have ever possibly imagined. In my case it is a catch 22 seeing that both scenarios are worst case scenarios sigh.

I must admit that it is nice having someone else contributing to my happiness. It is a breath of fresh air, surprising, and amazing each and every time. But let us not jump the gun, anything can happen in the next fortnight, and I am already terrified of what may come. As for now I will bask in this new found attention and revel in it because I know circumstances will not let it last long.

I was having this discussion with some friends about married men who stray. Someone mentioned how married men have nothing to lose when it comes to chasing women.  They will give it a shot and if the woman is not responsive, it is onto the next one or back to the regular one aka the wife.  This is the same wife who has worked hard at training him on how to be a good man and how to cater to a woman’s needs. Then he takes these lessons and goes and practices them on someone else.

It is not a good thing when you find yourself questioning things that you should not.

Sometimes it is good to watch what you say, always.

If you go looking for things you will find it. I know this yet sometimes curiosity gets the best of me and I find myself looking.

Social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to studying peoples habits. It is amazing some of the things that I pick up on, and my suspicions end up being spot on.

I heard that the best relationships started off as friendships, judging from my past relationships, which failed, I started thinking maybe there could be some truth to this. But then a friend of mine tried crossing the line, I do not know if the alcohol instigated it, but I know for sure things may never be the same again. At least with strangers if things do not work out you can just kick them out of your life and recover, but with a friend, you have lost more than a companion me thinks.

I miss my friend, saddest thing is I have adjusted to not having him in my life and it doesn’t feel right at all.

I am at a cross roads when it comes to what I do, I am so confused about where I am, where I am going and what I want to do. Hopefully things will become clear soon.

I feel like I am being smothered, I need some space, do not just attach yourself to me, give me some time to miss you damn it!

Something that got me thinking….



Guest post – Savvy Kenya

Savvy Kenya started blogging back when no one knew what a blog was, I think it is fit to refer to her as a veteran blogger. She chronicled her University life on The Diary of a Kenyan Campus Girl . She now has her own domain, check out her website Savvy Kenya where she blogs about everything from sports, technology, entertainment, graduate school, various events, traveling, there is something there for everyone.

Savvy is a prolific writer, love how she describes everything to detail, helping you create a mental picture to go with her words.  I think what I find most intriguing about her is the fact that she would like to be a sports writer, an area most women have not ventured into. From her love for Kenyan football, it is very evident from her posts that she would excel at it.

Follow her on twitter @savvykenya



My sojourn to Sabina Joy

Relax. I’m not getting into the flesh business. I was curious.

See, there was a time this blog of some prostitute named Sue  was the in-thing. Everyone read and praised her written word, so I wasn’t to be left behind. The first few posts were ok, enjoyable to read even. The stories seemed plausible. Asked by readers when/where/how/why she ventured into the trade, she wrote a post on how her first attempt was at Sabina Joy. Sabina Joy, simply known as SJ or Karumaindu (so I hear) has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It’s a famed brothel. In my mind, I pictured it to be in those dingy alleys somewhere near River Road.

So when I was told that it was just next to Ambassador Hotel, I was shocked! It is located on Moi Avenue, and the entrance is between Nevada Fish and Chips and an M-Pesa Kiosk. You can easily miss it. I decided I was going to follow my spirit of adventure into this brothel located in broad daylight, just to see what goes on. I know, I know, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what happens inside a whore-house..but still.

On a Wednesday evening, I had managed to generate enough interest in a friend of mine (female) and dragged her along with me to SJ. At the entrance begins a flight of stairs covered in a red, threadbare and dirty carpet (did I arrange my adjectives well?!). Since it was at an off-peak time, there were no girls along the stairs sitting with feet apart, no panties (so I hear!). They generally grab you anywhere and everywhere as you ascend into the den of sin.

With trepidation we finally reached the bar, the nerve center, where the conjugal negotiations took place. I said it was off-peak time so the place had about 10 people in total, including the waitresses and barman. Let me try describing the room. As you enter, on your left corner is the bar. More like a metal cage, not those fancy bars at the clubs with high stools and a smiling barman. The bar in this case was like a cell, covered by bars, with crates of beer stocked high.

We scanned across the room, looking for a place to sit. The chairs and tables were low, the tables covered in cheap plastic covers. Near the bar sat a group of women, obviously prostitutes. If you are looking for hot hookers, try elsewhere. SJ has this kind of women who are on the other of the weight scale, who wear short skirts exposing cellulite thighs and short tight tops exposing a well fed stomachs. The ladies were not drinking anything, just looking around.

At the other corner sat a few men, all looking forlornly into their beers. We sat nearby and tried to settle in, like we were at a regular pub. The waitress came to take our order. My friend tried to ask for gin and tonic! Here’s something you should know, they don’t serve anything in a glass, just straight from the bottle! In the end we had to settle for beers. Near us, a man was having a beer while buying soda for some hooker. After they agree on price, they’ll go upstairs and rent rooms, paying per the hour or for a whole night.

Usually, ladies of the night don’t buy drinks, and if they are bought for drinks, only soda. So we weren’t acting or looking the part. Of course we were the subject of bold stares or furtive looks. We wondered what we were doing there, because you don’t go to SJ for ‘one for the road’ or an evening drink with a friend. The ambience doesn’t allow it. The music was some old school rumba, which was turned low for the evening news on the TV mounted on a wall. We left soon after that drink, not having seen much action.

I had seen SJ, where ladies sell their bodies for as little as 50 bob for a shot (I suppose a quickie by the corridors leading to the washrooms) and a night will cost you 1200 or so. The men at SJ could not look at someone in the eye. Most frequenters of SJ are broke students. The men look normal, respectable. Is it that they can’t get any women to sleep with them for free? Ok, sex is never really free if you consider money spent on dates, taxi fare, emotional stuff etc. But these indirect payments before sex help maintain our dignity.

Why would a virile, normal looking man look for a hooker for sex? I wonder.