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It’s finally here!!! Yes December is gonna be on fire!!!!!

November highlights

November was actually a cool month!

I finally got my Palmers cocoa butter hamper last week, and it had some great goodies which make me smell deliciously chocolatey πŸ™‚ i’m sorted lotion wise till next year woohoo

Got to party with my cousins and his friend and went for some guys birthday party which totally rocked! Definitely had a blast that day.

Finally redid my hair which was really bothering me, definitely prefer my new do now. It doesn’t smell ha ha

Celebrated my friend’s birthday and awesome doesnt even come to explain how much it rocked. She also loved the gifts we gave her which was cool.

Went for Blankets and Wine for the first time this past Sunday and I really liked it. The ambiance is amazing, and the people read as the men!! were very cool. I will definitely go for the next one.

November downsides

I celebrated my one year anniversary this month booooooooo

November discoveries

I think my biggest achievement of the month was realizing that I am truly over my ex. It feels amazing!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am now friends with the girl I mentioned in November. She’s a lovely person πŸ™‚

What I look forward to in December

My cousins are flying in 14 days!! woop woop!

My friends boyfriend is flying in this weekend and I am soo happy for her as well, I know she’s ecstatic.

I won’t lie I think I am gonna party every weekend this month, not out of my own accord, there are just too many things going down.

Christmas, who is not excited about that? Last year we had like a talent show which was awesome. I wonder if we will do that again. Do not have any plans so far, but it doesnt matter as long as I am with my family and all the people I love. Cant wait to listen to Boney M πŸ™‚

New years somehow I have to go for a beach party for once in my life!


What did you experience in the month of November? and what do you look forward to in December?

xxx V xxx



Thank God it’s Friday!!! woop! woop!

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my muslim brethren i hope i got the holiday right?? I am sucking on mabuyus on your behalf πŸ™‚

I am excited about

watching Shuga tonight on KTN after the 9 o’clock news. Check out the website MTV Ignite This is the best show ever to come out of our country, watch this space I am definitely gonna dedicate a whole post to this show!

Today I am feeling

a bit better. Today doesn’t feel like a Monday, and I can breath clearly from one side of my nose lol This flu sucks and I will keep bitching till I get better :p

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Freak like me by Adina Howard. This is my boy’s theme song for me, he believes I am a closet freak which is totally not true WEG wicked evil grin! πŸ˜‰

The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to switch on my radio, and today there some great jams, today’s gonna be a great day in music!

This weekend I

just wanna chill out, recuperate, get a good dose of rest and relaxation RnR

I am really craving


Halter Maxi Dress


a hot, elegant maxi dress. I have two so far, but I want more!! photo creds from here

I wish

today was a public holiday. I’d be at home watching cartoons in bed in my pyjamas πŸ˜‰

I hope

someone feels touched and offers to buy pizza today

Today’s inspirational quote is

‘It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’

Have a Fabulous Friday


xxx V xxx



Nairobi dating scene

Hot date πŸ˜‰

Last week I decided to accompany my friend to a surprise birthday party in the outskirts of kilimani. So we went there wit a couple of dudes, and it turned out that we had gotten the day wrong, there was no party at all imagine!

Anyhu we decided to sit and have a couple of drinks and we ended up having a great time and awesome conversation. The dudes we were with had some very interesting stories and points of view about women and dating.

Apparently women have this really bad habit of dragging their friends to their dates, and as a result the dude has to cater to his date plus her entourage. even though he had only budgeted for two. The guy really does not have an option because the way to a woman’s heart is through impressing her friends. So if he finds her at a club he may have to buy all her friends a round, or drop her and all her friends home even though they all live in different corners of Nairobi lol.

Okay personally, I have never pulled such a stunt. I already get weirded out when the bill comes and the dude has to pay for me, now include my other friends as well? My conscience would not be able to handle it, and I’d feel like I owe him a whole lot.

But I get why some women do this, they may want their friends to check the guy out, or just back up incase the date goes wrong, I dunno. But I doΒ  think it is not fair pulling such stunts on your date, so if your a chic who does this a lot, just reduce. Go for the date solo as was intended, and pick out some other time for your friends to check the guy out.

So one of the guys we were chatting with said how he hates it when he takes a girl out for lunch or dinner and she barely eats. Well, I must confess I am one of those girls. Dates totally freak me out, I get nervous and I loose my appetite so I rarely ask for much. I am satisfied with a soda πŸ™‚ yes I am a cheap date

The latest dating trend in Nairobi according to those guys is taking a girl out to Westlands and buying her drinks atΒ  Bacchus! Is this really what dating has become? Going to Westy and getting drunk? okay both of you will most likely fool around after getting smashed but what happened to originality?!

People like going on movie dates but can those really be classified as dates? Listening to other people talk from the big screen? Feeling uncomfortable during sex scenes? Squirming while the couple next to you make out like mad? Not really getting to speak?

Java, Dormans, The Mug, and various other coffee shops and food courts are making a killing because that seems to be the ideal spot for dates. They are cool places, kinda pricey though, and predictable.

Creativity is what is lacking in the dating game. It is always the rhumba, Java, the movies. People need to do more picnics. Speaking of, have you noticed how packed Uhuru Gardens gets, even on weekdays? I heard guys go there to do the nasty, I must go confirm those suspicions lol.

Anyway here are a few dating ideas.

  • Why not go GP Karting in Langatta next to splash? It costs 1000 Kshs for like 15 minutes which is like 10 laps on the tracks.
  • You can go to the shooting range at the Yatch Club after Langatta shopping Centre. 20 rounds bullets costs 200 Kshs.
  • There is ice skating at Panari Centre for I think 800 Kshs for an hour.
  • If you feel like embracing your inner youth, you can go to amusement parks like Rims Club in langatta, Lunar Park, Rock City in Kiambu where a ride is only 50 to 100 Kshs.
  • If you need some time to talk, why not take a walk at the national park Safari Walk? I think it goes for 100 – 200 Kshs.
  • Why not go on a group date and go paintballing at Rolf’s Place off Kitengela? 100 pellets cost 1000 Kshs
  • Organise a trip to Sagana and go white water rafting or bunjee jumping if you dare (dont have the prices for that though)
  • Bowling at Cosmic’s at the Village Market.
  • Go for a boat ride at Mamba Village, or go feed crocodiles and look at Ostriches there. There are also giraffes ate Giraffe Centre in Karen.
  • All you can eat buffet at Spurs Holiday Inn Westlands and Village Market at 1200 Kshs per person.
  • This Sunday 28th November, you can pack up a picnic basket and go for Blankets & Wine at Teyana stables somewhere near Windsor. I think a ticket goes for 1000 Kshs

Those are just a few of my suggestions, some may sound corny but it’s good to make an effort and you may get rewarded πŸ˜‰

Something else that seemed to trouble these boys was this new notion of how all women are now gold diggers.

I will marry the woman who offers to pay the bill!!

I thought one of the main roles of a man was to provide?? according to Steve Harvey Personally I would not mind splitting the bill or paying for itΒ  but not all the time. I think men just need to be sure when they are selecting the venue of the date, and women should also be aware of the guys current financial status and be considerate of their pockets πŸ™‚ So women woiye just treat your men sometimes but dont make them zoea lol

photo credits and food for thought from here

How to succeed on a first date

xxx V xxx



Leave Henry alone!!!


Thierry Henry


photo credits here


Ooh! la! la!


photo credits here

This hot sexy thang right here is the reason why I actually decided to give soccer a chance some 8 years ago. I saw a very hot picture of him and thought to myself

wow! who knew there was so much eye candy on display on the football field?

Thierry Henry is French, has a gorgeous smile, hot body, and is a very talented soccer player and because of him, I became a football fan arsenal to be specific.

Way back then when Highbury was their home, Arsenal was a force to reckon with. There was a bevy of amazing players like Freddy Ljungberg smoking hot! , Antonio Reyes, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vierra, Robert Pires, Seaman, Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell.

Yeah even though I am a girl, I know my shit! it started out as eye candy, but I really did become interested in soccer in all honesty.

I was so crushed when all the regulars started leaving the club, but the biggest blow was Henry’s exit of course!! He look’s so weird in those fuggly Barcelona colours bleh!!

Out of luck of a better club to support, I still gun for the gunners, but I really do not pay as much attention to soccer as I used to. I just time the end of the match when the players exchange jerseys πŸ˜‰ I was heart-broken when they started yellow carding players who remove their jerseys as they celebrate scoring goals.

So Henry has really come under fire after France qualified for the world cup during a match against Ireland, where his handball helped Gallas score and put them through to the World Cup.

It’s not his fault the referee did not spot the handball!!! Did Ireland expect him to stop the game and declare that he had handled the ball?! Well, shit happens, and there will not be a rematch so people need to move because what’s done is done!

This whole fiasco made Henry consider quitting international football! It was bad enough he left Arsenal, but denying us women our right to some magnificent piece of man candy during the world cup would have been an atrocity!



photo credit here


I found this picture and it really cracked me up lol

xxx V xxx





Weekend Shenanigans


Miss Jolie-Pitt

Aren’t those like the sexiest lips ever?!!! I’m an African, and luckily we are blessed with luscious, full lips, even better looking than hers sometimes lol but I still cannot help but covet her lips.

Sometimes when I’m watching a movie or when I drool at random caucasian men, can’t help but notice how some of them barely have lips, it’s like a line was cut on their face just to permit them to eat, talk etc. I can’t imagine how kissing someone with thin lips like those would feel.

On the other hand, African men miro’s have the fullest lips, and I was also wondering how it would feel to kiss a man with really big lips. I remember there was this one guy I kissed who has averagely sized lips, but when I kissed him, it seemed like his lips were so big, still dunno why it felt that way, but there has never been a round two.

Anyhuuu my weekend was grande awesomous, my friends birthday rocked though she refused to down her tequilas lol. I met some cool new people as well so i’m looking forward to getting to know them better. Now I am even more excited about December!!

I also found out that I was fed wrong information about someone, which actually affected my relationship with him. So now I really have to dig deep and figure out whether that information was the problem, or if he was himself.

I also discovered that I can summon people with my mind lol!! When I least expect it. I was very stoked boredom is bad for your health and your pride but now I just really have to be strong and try not to break and hola at him 😦

Although I feel like crap today price to pay for my weekend shenanigans I do not have the monday blues yet..fingers crossed they do not strike

Have a great day everyone!!


xxx V xxx




I will not lie, I am no longer as excited as I used to be about writing this post, but I will not be fazed, TGIFridays will forever go on!! LET’s DO THIS!!!

Thank God it’s Friday baby!!!!

I have been waiting for the weekend to check in with bated breath and I am so stoked it is finally here!!

I am excited about

all the shenanigans I will be upto he he he

Today I am feeling

wishy washy. I have to re-do some work I had already done before which really sucks! But I will just be a sport and do it excellently.

My Funky Friday Theme Song is

Damn you'z a sexy bitch

This jam right here is the one!!! Nothing gets your blood pumping and the party started like this track!! It is actually my ring tone and I lurv it!

This weekend I

can’t believe how many birthdays there are!! Sheesh people really get freaky in February πŸ˜‰ But I definitely plan on partying HARD!!!!

I am really craving

more hits on my blog! Thats all I want, more hits! I have noticed that I think only one dude Mwistar has commented on my blog so if your visiting kindly take this poll wuuuhuuu my first poll, thank God for wordpress

I wish

I was not so paranoid and proud. I also wish my friends a happy birthday πŸ™‚

I hope

God answers my prayers. He has always come through for me and I hope he keeps on doing his thing.

Today’s inspirational quote is

‘To persevere and have trust in what you hope for, is courage.’

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!

xxx V xxx

:) smile be happy Jesus loves you today

ha ha ha thats a little song I made up in uni to cheer my friend up, and I still remember the tune till today.

Despite the heavy downpour that Nairobi woke up to today, I am feeling happy today, and I really pray the feeling lasts all day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So I am so anxious for the weekend to get here already, it’s one of my closest friend’s birthday and I cant wait just to have a good time and party like it’s running outta style πŸ™‚

wooohooo is such a cool awesome site, the things they have listed there are so true and I cant help but smile as I read some of those awesome things. Like finding ‘4 messages’ on your cellphone, or peeling of that polythene that comes on phones, or waking up and finding out you still have 5 more hours to wake up. This blog is amazing!


I love ’empire state of mind’ by JayZ feat. Alicia Keys, that song rocks my world, gives me such a wonderful feeling that I cannot explain, I hope I get to hear it today.

Have a good day!!

xxx V xxx