1st of the month

This month has not started off on the very best note. Just found out a guy I ‘knew’ passed away last night, in an accident at home. Totally unexpected, such a young life taken away so soon. Plus he had just started a family, so sad.
I’ve known this guy since I was a kid, but we were not really friends per se. I think my last conversation with him was in 2009. Every other time I saw him after that it was always those internal battles I have with myself about whether he will remember me or if I should say hi. Now he is gone…
Nothing like someone dying unexpectedly to make you re-evaluate life and meagre things like pride.
A few weeks back I read some article by Robin Sharma and he said, always be the first to greet people. I had said I will put this into practise, but I have not done it so diligently, but now I definitely will.
Here is hoping that the rest of March will be much better, and happier.

February Highlights
So valentines day was not a total gag fest, I was not prevy to any over the top expressions of love people usually like to show on cupids day.
I went for my friends baby shower, she is due next month, and we had a really lovely time. I cannot wait for her to give birth.
Celebrated birthdays with so many February babies, that was definitely a delight.
For once in my life, I wanted something and it was given to me like immediately, I am steel reeling over that fact.
I got over my ‘summer fling’ and my pseudo mid life crisis. Turning 25 does things to you, growing old sucks.
I went for Mardi Gras at a pub in Karen, that was definitely lots of fun. We got masquerade masks and mardi gras beads, without having to do anything for them :p
Biggest highlight of course was gaining the power to have whatever I want, I love Februaries for that 🙂 yeah I am not gonna expound so much about that.

February Downsides
The heinous murder of a mutual friend’s mother, so horrific!
My birthday week sucked, no doubt about that. I had a lot of expectations and I was thoroughly disappointed.
I gained lots of insecurities about myself this month, but I’m working on all that so I am at a much better place right now.
He wants nothing to do with me, which is no problem because I do not want anything to do with him either, but how did we get here?
That stupid ship which damaged Kenya’s fibre optic cables, now internet sucks!!

February Discoveries
There is no point in being considerate of others, they do not afford the same courtesy to you.
If you do not spoil yourself, who will?
Life is so short 😦 be happy, don’t hold grudges, live life to the fullest, make sure you leave things with everyone you interact with on a positive note. Be good to everyone while they are still alive.
Let us celebrate each other when we are alive, not after we die.
What you want, may not necessarily be what you need.

What I look forward to in March
Nairobi Fashion Market on the 10th and 11th of this month. If you love fashion, don’t you dare miss it.
My friend is flying in from Denmark, looking forward to hanging with him.
My other friend may be coming home this month from Turkey, I should check with her ( Hey if your reading this 🙂 )

How was your February? What are you looking forward to in March?

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Lil Wayne has started a very disturbing culture of people drinking cough syrup recreationally. Syzup is cough syrup chased with Pepsi.

As I write this I am trying to get out of a cough syrup induced high, I haven’t been feeling too good and I had noticed I always feel weird every time I drink my cough syrup so today I decided to read the label. I know a tweep who googles every drug prescribed to them, and reads all the pamphlets that come with them. I rarely do that to be honest, but now I have learnt it is important to do so.

Every 20ml of my cough syrup contains 9% alcohol, and I am meant to take 10ml which is 4.5%, same as drinking a beer! I feel light headed, sluggish, my hands are shaking, totally sucks since I am at work. At night at least all that alcohol will come in handy knocking me out for the night.

Enough about my inebriated state of mind :p

My weekend was awesome despite being under the weather. I splurged on myself, got some lovely shoes and a nice ring which I totally dig. I am trying my best not to spend thrift just because I can.

I also found myself forced to hang out with someone who I do not particularly care for, at least it isn’t their personality which bothers me otherwise it would have been torture. Anyhoosmu, I got over my issues with said person, because they only existed because of who they are associated with. Life is too short to hold grudges with people who actually never wronged you.

I rocked my brand spanking new heels at my girls birthday party on Saturday night, I still cannot believe I lasted all night with them 🙂 But my feet are killing me now, I am one twitch away from a muscle pull. I had such a lovely time though, great music, great crowd it totally rocked!

I also discovered the deliciousness that is tricolade (sp) cake from Art Cafe, it’s like layers of mousse or ice cream with a chocolate cake base, so delectable. I cannot wait to go buy myself a slice, it was such a mouthgasm.

I am not a fan of self help books, simply because my memory is GIGO garbage in garbage out so anything I read I will basically forget. But  I got a bunch of them when I graduated, and there was one which said something which I never forgot, though I never always practice it:

Not everything is personal

I tend to take many things personally, sadly little things get to me, I cannot help myself. This of course can be a problem because I end up feeling miserable when all that could have been avoided.

So I hope I can stop catching feelings about little things, because not everything’s personal. But if you think about it, if I am your friend, and you treat me differently from other friends, then isn’t that personal? *Kanye shrug*

In the world there are 3 types of people:

  • Those who view the glass as half full.
  • Those who view the glass as half empty.
  • Those who just drink whatever is in the glass.

I mostly fit into the category of those who just drink whatever is in the glass, it is easier to just make do of the current situation and not think about if it is good or not. But I also view the glass as half empty, it is easier and somewhat safer to view things negatively because when the outcome is good, you end up being unexpectedly surprised. I am too afraid to be optimistic, nothing sucks as much as getting your hopes up then getting disappointed.

But I want to switch things up and become a positive person, who always looks on the bright side of life. Keeping in line with that mentality, I am hoping for a fantastic day, a super week, lots of laughter and excitement, a buyer for my phone, new extra curriculars, finding nice new clothes and just generally to be very happy. This better work 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Of lent and things..

I am not in the best of moods this morning, blame it on only child problems smh. Basically everything is grinding my gears which is not exactly the best feeling grrrrrrr. My throat also feels funny, I hope I am not coming down with something..

Woke up to the news of the death of John Michuki RIP. So Oleitumbi dude was right, tweeps must be swallowing humble pie now, because the dude stood his ground even if they claimed he was alive.

It is funny how when we really want something and we do not get it, we wonder why it was not delivered to us even you felt you were so deserving. On the other hand, have you ever wanted something and you get it like immediately, and you were left wondering why you got it so soon with so much ease? Was it to show that what you wanted was not worth wanting in the first place? That is where I am right now -_-

So today, 22nd February is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of lent, something I had really been looking forward to. Lent is the period within which we abstain from all those things which keep us further away from God, to strengthen us and prepare us to pray more deeply.

Read more about fasting during lent from here.

As usual I am off Facebook and Twitter for the next 40 days, this period usually does wonders for my phone battery. There are less distractions and temptations, and I fall back on all the latest happenings, but it is usually a great time to do other stuff, like be social for a change and explore other things to do with my self.

I am also abstaining from consuming any alcohol, I will go the extra mile and add soda because I am addicted to those fizzy drinks. I really wonder if I will hack the soda part, the alcohol part will be a breeze… I hope.

I plan on going to church more often, Sunday’s are usually the hardest sadly, hopefully I will be able to this time around. But I will make it a habit to go to church twice a week.

During this period of lent, I would really love to strengthen my faith and remain steadfast in it. I want to bask in God’s grace and seek his mercy. I want to be cleansed of all that is bad and to be filled with goodness.

Good luck to everyone who is fasting.

Happy lenting,

Finding love in a hopeless place

Back in 2009, Rihanna and Chris Brown were the formidable couple, young, talented and in love.

The 'happy' times

Then came Grammy night (What is it about the Grammy’s that makes it so action packed and drama filled?) and the couple had a serious altercation  concerning Chris Brown and his supposed infidelity, which quickly turned violent.

CB attempted to shove her out of the vehicle, he smashed her head against the window, he punched her profusely, he bit her on her left ear and on her fingers, Rihanna faced the full brunt of his rage. He even threatened to kill her, get the full details of that fateful night here.

Chris Brown witnessed his mother experiencing domestic violence in their home, and the fact that he ended up doing the same thing to his girlfriend must have given him sleepless nights. A restraining order was put against him barring him from being anywhere near Rihanna, which was very restrictive for him being a performing artist and all. Basically he could never make an appearance at any event which had Rihanna in attendance. He also did community service and I think went to therapy as well.

I think this experience changed the both of them. Rihanna became raunchier, and wild, she was angry, she experimented with her sexuality, over indulged in drugs and alcohol. Some say her single, ‘We found love’ was a depiction of her relationship with CB.

Chris Brown also went through a phase, going blonde, leaking naked pictures of himself and facing a lot of hateration from people everywhere.

There had been rumors going round about the pair being spotted in clubs together and in the studio. They were even photographed at the recently held Grammy awards, and she applauded when he received his awards.

The reactions of #TeamBreezy girls when he won his Grammys was absolutely absurd. ‘Chris Brown can beat me any time.’ is just an example of some of the things these young clueless girls were tweeting about. The fact that young women think domestic violence is okay is simply sickening, it doesn’t matter if he has the voice of an angel and the body of a Greek god.

I do believe that victims of domestic violence should be able to make peace with their attackers and what not, but I look at the aftermath of the beat down Rihanna got and I fear for her and wonder how she interacts with him knowing he caused her so much harm. Doesn’t she freak out when he raises his hand or gets mad? The odds of him being violent again are very high..

Chris Brown has  a steady girlfriend, but the rumors of him reuniting with Rihanna are spreading like wildfire. They did however come together in the studio to make remixes to Rihanna’s single Cake and Chris Brown’s Turn up the music.

This song will be a hit no doubt, I loved it after the first listen. The lyrics are extremely provocative, I wonder if they recorded it together at the same time, I would die to be in that studio and witness whatever chemistry they ignited.

Rihanna is old enough to make her own decisions, she knows that the whole world is against her interacting with Chris Brown, but I doubt that will change anything. We can only hope that Chris Brown exorcised whatever demons that made him attack her, considering the backlash he is always receiving about that whole issue, I doubt he would flip out again.

They are both prolific artists, and I am a huge fan. I bet all these speculations are doing amazing things for their careers.



Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Friday afternoon and I am suffering from itis -_- countdown to hometime.

I am excited about

nothing much to look forward to this weekend..

Today I Am Feeling

frustrated but that feeling has passed. So now I am just there..

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Dj Edu is now officially my best Dj, the way he blends and mashes up music is the truth!

This Weekend I

will have a one day weekend sob sob sob 😦

I am really craving

the yummy muffins from westgate slurp

I wish

small things would not get to me, that I would stop comparing how others treat me with how they treat others.

I hope

and pray for all the ones who lost loved ones to get comfort, and for the sick to get better.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!


Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

This was one very long week, so glad it is finally over \o/

I am excited about

lunch 🙂

Today I Am Feeling

hopeful, like today will be a good day. I really pray it will be.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

This Weekend I

just want to do things that will make me happy

I am really craving

I think I am becoming an alcoholic, what are these cravings?! 2 years ago I never used to drink!

I wish

going to church never made me feel nostalgic for all the wrong reasons.  I will strictly be going to church with family or by myself, these feelings never a need.

I hope

I manage to go to church religiously every Sunday, pray for me 🙂

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


It was Bob Marley’s birthday this week, #RIP Rise If Possible.

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!

kisses and cookies,

Watching The Bachelor can teach you things!!

I say this without any shame, I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette TV Shows. *Insert judgment here, I do not care*

This guy's body was the truth!

The producers of this show do a spectacular job of recruiting a bevy of beauties and brawn. It is always entertaining drooling at the hot men, admiring and hating on the beautiful women.

The contestants are shipped off to various exotic locations, places we all know we may never get to visit. They get to embark in all sorts of adrenaline inducing adventures, and extremely romantic dates.

I really love the drama that goes down, a house filled with many men and women will never lack this. The things people will do in pursuit of love or fame are quite ridiculous, but you need wit when it comes to the game of love.

This may be referred to as ‘Reality TV’ but there is nothing realistic about the happenings on these shows. But you can learn a thing or two from these shows.

So imagine if we pursued love as if we were contestants on The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

You have just one chance to create a spectacular first impression in order for him/her to be intrigued by you before they move onto the next one.  They will be so consumed by you that they will barely pay attention to the next person.

If you met the apple of your eye, let us call them AOYE, and you are amongst many people like for example at a party, concert, in church or at a wedding. Places where there are so many other people trying to grab AOYE’s attention, and you have to do something dynamic and shine for them to know you exist and that you are interested.

Maintain eye contact and hold their gaze, make sure you stand out in whatever it is you are doing. Engage in conversation with AOYE and even draw them out to have a private conversation and give them a glimpse of who you really are. This will let AOYE know for sure that you are interested, and hopefully it will not seem like you are coming off too strong.

The contestants of these shows are forced to open up very fast seeing that they are competing with a whole bunch of other people and fighting for someone’s affections within a short period of time.  Maybe you should try opening up and being honest about your intentions with AOYE. Men and women today engage in a lot of mind games which is not only tasking but a complete waste of time. No one is willing to say how they truly feel, so they hint at it hoping the other person will get a clue. Eventually these games take you nowhere. Maybe opening up and being honest may work in your favor. Being blunt really throws people off.

There is the whole concept of the fantasy suite, I do not know whether I would advocate for you to spend the night with the AOYE after a few dates. I guess it depends on your beliefs, your needs and what exactly it is that you are searching for.

I also do not advocate getting engaged after like 2 months or a few dates, there is no hurry in real life, and no one to buy you a sparkly diamond engagement ring.

During courtship, if things do not seem like they will progress into a relationship, most of the time communication just dies down and either one of the parties are left clueless, wondering what went wrong.  First up people need to grow up and just say what is on their minds, if you came across a deal breaker, let the person know. This may help them grow and improve for the next person. (I should take my own advice smh).

The show has this episode where all the contestants are reunited with The Bachelor / Bachelorette and they get to discuss what happened during the show. We can apply this in real life by actually giving people a chance to air out what they feel and for you to be honest about your actions and feelings.

So after reading this hopefully you will give these shows a second chance, if not for entertainment, then maybe to learn a thing or two 🙂



OMG this lady is a contestant in Season 16! I am beyond amazed.

via tv.com

I also think they need to give Black people a serious chance, the contestants are never given roses, and all the bachelors and bachelorettes have always been Caucasians  which is so racist!!

But otherwise, watch it 🙂