Thank God It’s Friday!!!

This week felt like it took forever to end! So glad it’s over!

I am excited about

Nairobi Restaurant Week!! I cannot visit as many restaurants as I would have liked because I caught at  bad stomach bug so I have to be careful about what I eat. I am going to my first restaurant tonight and I am so amped!

Today I Am Feeling

hot and bothered!

Today’s Funky Friday Theme Song Is

These 2 really need to make their minds up, are they together or not? You can see how grateful Karreuche looks for finally being featured in a video. Anywhoo I love this song!

I am craving

Mac and Cheese!

I wish

it was not so hot in Nairobi, like it is crazy insane!

I hope

whatever this is passes :-/

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fab Friday!

2014 in review

First up, I cant believe i havent changed my blog theme in months. I think it’s only befitting to activate the new 2015 theme dont you think?

It’s page 14 of 365, I hope 2015 has been phenomenal for you. I was not able to do a recap of 2014 last year, so i decided this may just be the best way to start the year, by reflecting on the past.

I killed my wanderlust in 2014, I travelled to the states in February and I think I had almost ten connecting flights in total during the entire duration of the trip. I used to be so fascinated with airports before this trip, but after spending endless hours in them, and even sleeping in one, I am definitely over it.

Chicago from the sky
Chicago from the sky

The Chicago airport had the  coolest toilets, I wonder when Kenya will ever get here.

2014-03-23 03.26.09

My life changed in 2014. I discovered what I wanted to do with my life career wise, and by being pro-active that role was created for me at work. How cool is that? I switched roles in May and so far it’s been fun, exciting, stressful, tiresome, I can go on and on. It’s been a great journey, and I am still growing. Hopefully one day I can start my own company and really live this dream that I am still creating. I was in the newspaper 3 times this year, plus was in a magazine too.

My mother graduated with her PHD. Have I ever told you guys about my mother? First up, she looks like my sister. She is gorgeous and wrapped in a nice little package known as fun sized. She is a very stylish diva who keeps tryna make me catwalk and model for her all my new clothes, which is something she does daily when she is trying to decide what to wear. Maybe I should mention she is light skinned, that rangi ya thao which keeps causing tweefs on twitter all the time?

Anyway she also has the brains to match. My mother started studying while I was still in primary school. I have watched her work her way through Undergrad, Masters and all through till her PHD. She is the strongest and smartest woman I have ever known, and I hope all her diligence will not go to waste. I keep saying that I hope I can be half the woman she is someday.

2014 was the year people showed me I was the shit even when I thought I was not. By people I mean men, and the attention was new since it was something unexpected. In some situations I made wise decisions, while in others I gave into temptation but that is what life is about right?

I also got to learn a thing or two about friendship. Some friends have been left behind in 2014, while others have been carried forward to 2015. Hopefully I can be a better friend in 2015 as well, friendship is a 2 way street after all.

Life has a funny way of showing us our future before it actually comes to pass (Am I making sense?). You meet people without knowing if they will have a significant role in your life in future. I am currently in my future and liking every minute of it. We will see how this plays out in 2015.

In a nutshell, in 2014 I travelled, partied hard, worked hard, made friends, lost touch with friends, ate a lot, drank a lot, fooled around, laughed, cried. I am hoping for lots more of this in 2015.