Sunday Musings

So this song is currently on heavy rotation on my Youtube, i play it every single chance that i get. Let this be the soundtrack while you read this post.

So I am currently in Mombasa by myself, seated at Java on my computer. Have you had their Caramel Frappe? That thing is the bomb dot com!

There is a big difference being in Mombasa on holiday with friends and loved ones, and being here on business. I am leaving for Nairobi tonight and i cant wait! As opposed to holidays where our last day is extremely melancholic and depressing.

I have been here for the past 5 days and I have been eating so badly, i am certain i have added like 3 kgs or something. I am even considering giving Jane Mukami’s detox diet a second chance to give myself a jump start to going back to healthy living. I went back to the gym 2 weeks ago and I am so unfit -_-.

Easter is 19 days away and this year i sorta gave up lent for lent. All the things I had planned to abstain from I have been indulging in *hangs head in shame*. However, I have been trying not to be on social media, I think that is the only arena I have succeeded in.

Social media has made us want to document every facet of our lives. I cant help but wonder If i would enjoy my trip here more if i could take snaps and IG the food, the ocean etc. If I didnt take a picture did it really happen?! This is why I like taking breaks from social media, to see if i can survive without telling the world about my thoughts and all my actions. To be honest i feel like i am being stifled not being able to share things with the world, I do not remember where all my thoughts and musings used to go before. Another thing I appreciate about not being online is not having FOMO. People have perfected the art of making things seem better than they really are in real life. me being one of them :p

Month 3 of 2016 has been good so far, ish. I have gotten accustomed to having a challenging job, and I am always so busy. But i have accepted that I need to go through this process in order to grow and build my career.

As for my love life, I am still weighing my options because after all, Mwanamke ni options 😉 I have however had several failed dates this year for which i do not understand. They have never followed up so I guess it is just me who has failed to understand they probably weren’t very interested. I have not followed up either because, why bother with men who do not look at you as if you are magic?!

I would however like to know why they didnt follow up, this is the kind of feedback that may lead me one step closer to knowing who i will marry by December. (not a ring by December, but knowing who i should expect a ring from soon by then.)

I have also become a believer that dreams do come true 🙂 I also believe that I can do bad all by myself. You know that saying that you may be the most delicious peach in the world, but not everybody likes peaches? I must admit I am kind a curious about why they dont like peaches? Should I be using better fertilizer? I understand i am not for everybody, but sometimes i think feedback is good to create room for improvement.

Hope yall are having a lovely Sunday 🙂