9: How important I think education is

Kids, go to school!


8: What I ate today

In the morning, i came to work and bought a choma sausage and mandazi for breakfast.

At 11 i ate an apple I had carried from home.

At 1, i bought chips and fish fillet and ate it with a salad I brought made from cucumbers, yellow peppers and lettuce.


7: 5 pet peeves

  1. Aggressive people.
  2. Borrowing my things, then you dont return them or you spoil them or you dont bring them back in the same condition that I had given them to you with.
  3. Being ignored. Do not ignore me.
  4. Being called a socialite, it really pisses me off.
  5. Sipping my drink without asking for permission.

6: My views on mainstream music

Yall know I love my music, it’s the air that I breathe. But what is mainstream music? Overplayed music? A genre that every musician has started prescribing to?

For me, any song by Diamond is too mainstream, infact his music bores me to death. I really feel like all his songs sound the same and he constantly keeps being overplayed everywhere.

Pitbull is mainstream as well, he became that guy who every artist collaborates with and assumes will make them automatically have a hit song.



5: Things you want to say to an ex

So do i say this to my actual exes, or to the exes I never actually dated? Yeah we live in a world where this means 2 different things but sadly, in both cases you will get hurt one way or the other. I guess it’s how deep the cut is that varies.

Never cry for someone who hurts you, just smile and say “thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than you.”

Here are just some random thoughts I would say to some of them, in my head because such conversations are never going to go down in the foreseeable future.

  • Thank you for teaching me so much about myself. Every moment we shared was a lesson, which thankfully unlike memories do not fade away as fast.
  • I wish you nothing but joy and happiness, even if it is clearly without me, I think you still deserve it.
  • He tastes like you but even sweeter..
  • I have always wondered, what was the glass shattering moment for you? think HIMYM
  • We are both 2 very different people now, you are not the person I used to know, and you have no idea who I am now. Live your life and I will live mine.
  • Have a good life.

4: Bullet your whole day

Here’s a run through of this Monday

  • Woke up at 5:25am
  • Showered and dressed
  • Got a whatsapp from booboo
  • Left the house at 5:55am
  • Got to the petrol station at 6:30am, washed my car and put petrol.
  • Bought breakfast at the petrol station shop
  • Got to work at 7:00am, sat in the car listening to gmoney until 7:15am
  • Got to my desk, switched on the computer.
  • Read my emails, and surfed the web.
  • 9:00am to 11:00am was in my weekly status meetings
  • Caught up with the emails and missed phone calls from Noon.
  • Had lunch at my desk while i worked, i had a veggie salad and a banana.
  • Leaving the office to go shop for some work stuff
  • Hoping to get back to the office by 5pm.
  • Will catch up on work that i have missed.
  • Was hoping to go shopping at the mall, I am in desperate need of a lot of things.
  • I will go home, watch tv, then sleep


3: A book you love

I have a book in the car which I have been reading since March, and it’s about vampires *hangs head in shame* my cousin gave it to me while I was in the states and I think it’s interesting, but I just dont have time to read it. So I carry it in my car for those times when I know I have to wait for someone, or when I feel like going somewhere by myself, or at the salon. I do not remember what the book is called, so I will just direct you to the last really good book’s that I read by Paulo Coelho.

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