Smell the roses..


I have a secret.

I am afraid of death.

That isn’t the secret though.

I’m afraid of dying and then when people go through my online profiles they find something that talks about death in one way or another.

I am not afraid because of what they will think of whatever they find I had posted online, I’m afraid that I may inadvertently have known that I was about to die soon, without knowing. Am I making sense?

That’s the thing about fears though, they are irrational, they dont make sense. It’s a figment of our imagination, it holds us back, it makes us worry about silly things. Fears can be overcome.

Lucky for me, this isn’t a major fear that plagues me, it just comes up when someone dies.

There’s nothing like death to give you that wake up call , to make you realise what is important and what is irrelevant.

I cant help but wonder what is the point of living life to the fullest, only for your life to be taken away eventually?

I guess it’s to enjoy what’s left of your life in this world? I dunno men.

Anyway I choose to enjoy what’s left of my life, I suggest you do it to.



Lust has no mercy

Lust has no mercy, spotted this online and couldnt help but think how much truth there is to this statement.

Sometimes it comes out of nowhere. The way his hand brushed against your cheek after he hugged you as he said hello. The way his scent lingered on after he walked away. That moment of awareness when he placed his hand on the small of your back. The way his tongue traced his lips when he was thinking about something.  These may all be things done naturally with no hidden motives, or maybe not. Nonetheless, the seed has been planted and you start to look at them in a different light.

That is literally all it takes to plant those thoughts in your head. The best farmers however do not just sow the seeds anywhere,  they till the land and identify fertile soils to plant their seeds. (Forgive me of my farming reference is wrong, I did Agriculture like eons ago).

Expressing your desire for someone is a sure way of planting that seed of lust. Tell me, better yet, show me and my never ending battle with lust will take off.

All of a sudden the object of my desire is the prisoner of my thoughts.  The ability to make rational decisions goes out the window. Everything is based on when, where and how I will get to possess this person, be it for a second, minute, hour, or a day.  I will take whatever I can get, that’s the problem with lust.  It makes us greedy, yet not ambitious enough. I want all of you yet I am willing to accept the little you will give me.

Every moment is a constant battle. Should I create opportunities? If you bait me, should I bite? Do you want me to chase you? It’s so bloody exhausting!

Then there’s the consequences after you make your choice. This involves second guessing yourself, revelling in the blissful moment when you realised what you desired was as beautiful as you had imagined or realising that you compromised on something to get what you wanted. The worst one is when you realise your lustful thoughts drove you to make a huge mistake. The consequences of lust may be quite dire, but unless you take the leap those thoughts may never leave your head.

You can get distractions, find someone new to lust over, stay away from that person, or situations where you know you will be weak.

Lust may have no mercy, but if you exercise control over it, you can have all the power.

Tumblr induced thoughts

“Don’t compromise your ideas so that everyone ‘gets it’, but don’t sacrifice your success because no one ‘gets it”

“Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.”


“Be so blunt that they could smoke your truth”


i need a smile like this

i need a smile like this

“every woman wants to be craved for and admired but not every man is real enough to dedicate such effort on request of one girl.”




This week better rock.


1st of the month


July Highlights

This month was nothing short of epic!

First up there was the World Cup which ended in such a spectacular fashion. My team #GER won, ok they were only my team because I had a Germany jumper :p but I was rooting for them at the final. I watched the final with my friends who were rooting for Argentina and it was kinda sad seeing the disappointing looks on their faces.

I finally got my car back after suffering for a whole month, they solved majority of it’s issues although new ones kept springing up. All in all, I am happy with the work they did, I keep being asked if my car is new because of how shiny it looks 🙂

Celebrated the birthdays of all my July people’s, it involved a lot of free drinks and plenty of fun times. Plus cake 🙂 I partied like a champ this month, I wont even deny it, but now that the world is ending, let me be young, wild and free!

I celebrated Eid with my friend and his family, my first iftar, and it was so lovely.

When it comes to matters concerning the martians, life threw me another plot twist that I never saw coming. I am still confused about it to be honest, but iv decided to just ignore it.

June Downsides

When people make you question why your friends with them, that..

I sorta made someone cry :-/

I have a complicated relationship with temptation, saying no when i should be saying yes and vice versa, I pray for the wisdom to know better and to stand by my decisions. The devil is a liar *Usher voice*

June Discoveries

Not all paths are meant to be taken.

I am still as clueless as ever.

Apparently according to two of my friends, I need to stop being so nice, it may be  the reason why I am still single ha!

Dont judge me for my actions just because you feel bad about your own. People need to stop being so damn judgemental, period!

Be careful of the lies you tell, because there is a good chance you will get caught.

Why do people put so much work building walls to prevent people from getting to know them? You may think the walls are protecting you, but all they seem to be doing is hiding how awesome you are.

I also discovered some cool blogs:

Style Sketches

Style Sketches


Anita from Style Sketches


Thread muse

Sienna from Thread Muse

From Curves With Love

From Curves With Love

Anita from From Curves With Love

What I Look Forward To In August

Chilling out a bit more.

My friend’s wedding.

A masquerade ball I was invited for, very amped for that.


How was July for you? What are you excited about this month?