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What is the opposite of writer’s block?? Whatever it is, that’s what I have!! I have so much to blog about, I am literally just holding back, I dunno why because too much blogging never hurt nobody 😉

I would like to thank all you lovely readers for reading, commenting, and spreading the word about my blog be it by word of mouth, twitter or through your blog rolls. I really appreciate it, and I hope you keep it up.


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Drizzy Drake

The effin best

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Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham is the epitome of fashionable, talented, handsome, I can go on and on..

‘A Game’ was the first song that drew me to him, it was such a great song with beautiful lyrics, nice rhymes and sultry vocals. I loved it, until I watched the video 😦

The video which was directed by Kanye West is about the trials and tribulations of a scantily clad women’s basketball team coached by Drake.  It sucked big time, I expected something which would bring the lyrics of the song to life, not women in funny outfits running around without proper support.

2009 was an amazing year for Drake, and all this success has come to him through his 3rd mixtape ‘So Far Gone’. He has not even dropped his  album yet and he is already the proud winner of 2 BET Hip Hop Awards!

Drake was born in Ontario, Canada on October 24th 1986 to an African American father  from Tennessee and a white Jewish Canadian mother. Clearly music was in his blood seeing that his father was a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis dunno who that is and his uncles were also musicians as well.

He can best be described as a multi faceted entertainer who can sing, rap and act. From 2001 – 2009 he acted in the show ‘Degrassi – The next generation’ and he has also made appearances in some TV Shows.

As an RnB singer he claims to make great baby making music as Usher so kindly put it.

Drake and Nikki Minaj

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Drake signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in June 2009 and so far it seems like he is sort of being trained to take over it while Weezy serves his prison time this year. He is set to release his debut album ‘Thank me Later’ sometime in 2010.

Men of the party year at GQ

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This man is famed for his impeccable taste when it comes to clothes.

People have also questioned his orientation, whether he is straight or not. Word is that one of the perky chics from the ‘A Game’ video claimed that he was not straight. Yet from some of the  interviews he has given he claims that many of his lyrics are inspired by his past relationships with women.

My personal opinion is Drake is a force to be reckoned with, and he is yet to unleash his ‘A Game’ , we have not seen anything yet…

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End of the road, beginning of a journey

Yesterday was our last Mizizi class, and it was a lot of fun, and kinda sad that it had come to an end so soon. It is amazing how ten weeks have flown.

So I must admit I was initially happy that my Tuesday evenings have finally freed up so I can go for movies poor man’s day, terrific Tuesday’s, or just go home and avoid having to spend like almost 400 shillings to get to church and to get home every week. But after yesterdays class, my mind-set has changed, for some people our class is their lifeline to God, ok not only some people, even me.

Anyway I shared this with my class yesterday because it was something I had heard from a previous sermon that kinda freaked me out.

The preacher had said that every single person is either

  • heading toward the wilderness
  • inside the wilderness
  • on the way out of the wilderness

By wilderness he meant like facing a difficult or trying time which affects their entire being.

I took a look at my life, and I am happy but scared to report that so far there is nothing that has shattered my world as i know it.

The worst thing that happened to me most recently was when I broke up with my ex last year, and right now it seems really insignificant. In fact I think dumping him was the best decision I made, so I do not really consider it as ‘being in the wilderness’.

I am really deathly afraid of having to go ‘into the wilderness’ and I am really praying that I do not have to.

It hit me yesterday, maybe the reason I am not in the wilderness is so that I can encourage and pray for those people who are in the wilderness or are just about to leave the wilderness, who are not in the best position spiritually. Maybe now that nothing is distracting me, I can pray for all those people who are truly troubled, or have lost their faith in God. I can be their bridge to the Lord.

God has been extremely good to me, and he has provided me with a happy and bountiful life. For a while I felt really bad because I am abundantly blessed, yet my relationship with the Lord was not as strong as it should be, I felt like I was not as grateful as I should be. Registering for this class I think was an awesome idea so I thank my friends for encouraging me to join the class.

Like I said in a previous post, Mizizi renewed my belief in prayer. We were shown new ways to pray, how devoting time to God was important, and how accompanying prayer with fasting was a good way to talk to the Lord and submitting to him.

I must confess that I do not pray as often as I should, like at night I find myself dosing as I watch tv, or in the middle of prayer which really isn’t good. So today I finally started my prayer journal and I already think it is a great way to communicate with the Lord. I always promise the people close to me that I have kept them in my prayers, and hopefully I can keep that promise now.

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New post on my new host



aarrggh first up what is this nonsense that word press has about changing themes?? Apparently I have to be a private blogger or something of the sort to upload themes which are not featured on blogger. So I am forced to use these boring 77 themes word press has to offer puuuhh!! I am a visual person so I like having colour, graphics, some razzmataz to my blog! This is so dissappointing. I am so gonna brush up on my html and create my own CSS because this is bull shit!! 😦

Apart from that I think wordpress has many cool tools and features which was part of the reason why I moved here. The other reason was I cannot access blogger as freely and easily as I used to, and I was beginning to feel gagged, so now I have taken back my voice and my outlet by force.

I actually started this blog Revealed in June 2008. I only wrote one post which i never posted. I looked at it last week, and I have no idea where my mind frame was so I never posted it because it was incomplete.

Anyway It has only been a few days and I feel like I have been MIA in the blogging world.  It is really good to be back with a bang!


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This whole new era thing is proving to be difficult.
I have so many questions running through my mind
What do I want?

What do I want from them? Will I be able to tell them?

Am I gonna loose out on a good thing?

I am always praying for zero activity on my cellphones because I am just avoiding situations that I do not want to deal with right now.
I have this theory that I am kinda psychic. There are times that I can think about someone and they just contact me but what happens frequently is when I dread meeting or hearing from someone and they just magically appear before me nkt! That happened today but it did not go so badly but still it wasn’t welcomed nonetheless.
This one time a few years ago, I had a dream apparently dreamt is not a word?!  about the Chinese year of the rooster. I had never ever heard about that before so imagine my surprise when I turn on the TV and on CNN they were talking about China celebrating the new year of the rooster fuck!! I totally flipped out!
But after a while, I figured out that I must have heard about it while I slept with the radio on the previous night. It is the only logical explanation the only 1 I will accept!
Being psychic is not something I would like for myself unless I was only capable of foreseeing only good things.

On Tuesday, I entered an overloaded matatu, those big minibuses with graffiti and pictures of various celebrities and there was this one picture of Jesus laughing. He looked radiant, filled with joy and happiness, he looked beautiful. Why aren’t all the depictions of Jesus like this? Every picture I see of him looks holy, solemn, sad, pensive, hurt. Maybe if Jesus was depicted looking more joyful, then more people would be drawn to him and want to follow him…

On another note, I am now registered as an African blogger woop! woop!! I think I have a goal now>>>> to make it to the top of the rankings of the best blogs in Africa. By reading this, you have made me one step closer to my goal 🙂

xxx V xxx

Facebook Vs Twitter

It has just dawned on me that i do not remember when i joined facebook, i think it was maybe around 2006, thats when i finally clicked on the invitations to join.
Having been a very active hi5 user, i was a bit sceptical about it, but as i continued using it, i loved it, and hence the start of a very terrible addiction.
I deleted all my other social networking accounts like myspace, tagged, including hi5, and ever since i have never turned back.
I remember the first time i had about writing on someones ‘wall’ i imagined it was kinda like mspaint or something where u can draw and write stuff for people lol yeah i have a vivid imagination (like when i first heard about brain washing the first image that sprung up in my mind was someone’s head being covered with a cloth and washing powder being poured over them lol)
Anyway i loved facebook at that time, the applications were really cool, wish i could remember their names though. but there was this particular one where you could edit peoples pictures and add mustaches, and bunny ears, or glitters and stars, that was cool.
i remember when fun wall was first introduced, it was a polite application which let u send cool stuff, then all of a sudden it became the new platform to send forwards for people on facebook. some of the things people sent on fun walls was soo crude dayum!!! i actually just removed that application from my profile coz it was soo irritating! thats something i definitely do not miss.
Facebook forever keeps changing and not necessarily for the better. The onslaught of mobile facebook in my opinion was to our detriment, its just feeding this terrible addiction lol
Then there was twitter…
Some of my facebook friends used to comment about twitter on their statuses, and i got a few invitations so early this year i decided to join it.
i did some research and discovered you could get sms alerts about twits and wat not and i thought ‘awesome’. I registered and created my first twitter account. So during the registration process, theres some number you have to send a text to to confirm your mobile number or something of the sort. I texted it twice and it bloody kulad my money!!! Kenya apparently is not one of the lucky countrys that can get sms alerts (or am i just not doing it right?)
Anyway i did not begin twitting till like a month later and i have to say, twitter is NOT USER FRIENDLY!!! I majored in IT, and the first basic rule when developing websites is that they should be user friendly.
What the hell is @, #, RT??? those were my first thoughts. When i join a social networking site, i freaking do not wanna read the help manual!! i just wanna learn how to use it by using it!!
I first thought that the tweets that appeared on someones profile were like their wall and all the @so$so’s were peoples posts, i discovered that twit replies were on a different page all together after like a month of serious twitting!!
The coolest part about twitter is ofcourse the celebrities. I love searching for new celebrities to follow and thats about it!! I hate the fact that these celebrities are always begging to be followed yet they do not have the decency to follow their fans back!
Just the other day i heard about Facebook lite being in the works. Its basically going to be facebook’s version of twitter and im not looking forward to it.
Facebook still remains my first love, my one addiction that i wonder if il ever get tired of.