Word of thanks

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of my guest bloggers who took part in the 12 guest posts for Christmas, it was kind of short notice, but you guys still came through and for that I am extremely grateful and I really appreciate it.

To everyone who reads this blog, you now have 11 new blogs to add to your reading list/ blog rolls, and I hope you liked my Christmass gift to you.

There are many other bloggers whom I would love to feature on my blog, so look out for more guest posts, and if you are a blogger, get ready because I will hala at you soonest.

Have a blessed Christmas, filled with nothing but good cheer.

Kisses and cookies,

Muchos Gracious


30,000 hits!!!!

wowzerrr!! I never thought I would ever get so many hits! I confess, I check my stats like all the time, every half an hour if I can. Before I used to get like 10 hits a day, but now, I think I get on average like 400 hits a day πŸ™‚ i have to be conceited a bit

Touch the sky!!!!

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The most popular posts on Revealed are Gaga loooo which has attracted 8975 hits, closely followed by Drizzy Drake with 8875 hits in total. I owe all the traffic on this blog mostly to these two posts!! I am trying in vain to write something else that will attract this much attention from cyber space.

So I decided to take a walk down my archives and read some of the posts i’ve written since I started religiously blogging last year. Here are a few that stood out:

Facebook vs Twitter was my 2nd post, I was very delusional back then, when I was in a relationship with facebook. Now things are completely opposite, I am in love with twitter, facebook is just a side dish πŸ™‚

My preferences when it comes to men have still not changed from last year, Deal makers and deal breakers but I must add, thanks to my former office eye candy, I now dig men with nice watches. I find my eyes just drifting to a guy’s wrist, the classier the watch is, the more appealing he seems..

I was such a dumb kid >>> Kids do and say the darndest things I have come to learn that kids adapt their parents traits, so I am convinced I will sire little monsters :p

I talk about Bathroom stuff more than the average person, and I feel nothing. If I need to pee which is like all the time I will tell someone about it, it takes my mind off being pressed. Don’t you hate how the air freshner scent lingers on you even after you have left the bathroom? And how toilet walls are so thin you can hear the person next door pee with a lot of pressure, and release gas and what not…

If you are an avid reader, I am sure you have noticed how I can be elusive when I talk about somethings, I mask it as keeping readers in suspense, but as i read old posts like Pensive I am not exactly sure who I was talking about, or what happened, but anyway I think I will still continue with the vagueness. Revealed is all about me!

This Friday marks 10 months since I created TGIFridays look out for the anniversary post this week!

Ladies if you are looking for dating books advice read Post number 30 and From Venus with Love excuse the font

Check out my one and only ‘sports post’ Leave Henry alone.

Nairobi dating scene was a fun post to write, and it got a lot of comments so check it out if you need new ideas for where to go on a date, and if your a dude whose single and searching, you might get lucky.

Also take a look at my first 1st of the month post, when it was incepted and all.

Remember on twitter the trend called #kenyainthe90s ? If you liked it, you will definitely love Taking you way back into time it will leave you feeling all nostalgic about the good old days.

Check out the TGIFridays post that never was and is even untitled. I am a girl and we come with crazy hormones and mafeelings and what not, so I had my moods when it came to doing those posts, but I decided to keep on regularly doing TGIFridays no matter how I feel. keep the fire burning.

Expose was in response to my first ever tag, so if you want to find out more about me check it out, and if I tagged you and you have still never done the post, can you get on with it already??

Another post that led traffic this way was Groupy Love watch out for Russell Brand’s new movie ‘Get him to the greek’ which was released last month.

My first ever album review was Man on the moon and I am so sad because I lost the album 😦 Downloading it is a process..

More than friends was a post that elicited many opinions. I have a friend who several people think there is more to us than just friendship. Maybe we give them reason to think that, but anyway he is just my boy toyfriend lol. But I got to learn that men cannot be platonic with chics, from this dude who just had to catch feelings tsk tsk..

Ladies I recommend that you read How to stay single and focus on you the male attention you will receive if you put some of those things into practice is insane!

If you have not noticed by now, I am trying to send traffic to a few other posts which are too old for you to find πŸ™‚

Anyway thank you for reading, I really appreciate it you have no idea, and hopefully you will keep visiting Revealed, I promise i’ll keep entertaining you. In case you did not know, you rock!!!

& the hits just keep on coming…

yes 2000 hits and still counting πŸ™‚

What is the opposite of writer’s block?? Whatever it is, that’s what I have!! I have so much to blog about, I am literally just holding back, I dunno why because too much blogging never hurt nobody πŸ˜‰

I would like to thank all you lovely readers for reading, commenting, and spreading the word about my blog be it by word of mouth, twitter or through your blog rolls. I really appreciate it, and I hope you keep it up.


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You live and you learn…..

Age is only important when it comes to dead fish and good wine πŸ™‚

I had a truly unforgettable birthday weekend this year!!!! My birthday’s have really been rocking ever since I turned 21 and this year I was definitely not disappointed. Many people did disappoint me though, I am trying not to let it bother me so much, I will just keep telling myself that not everything is personal, and hopefully I will get over it soon.

Many people did come through for me though, big up to all of them, they made me so happy I doubt they have any idea. The fact they spared time to come out and kick it with me was a big deal!! I also really appreciated all the gifts and the wishes, I actually replied to all my birthday wishes on facebook!!!

I turned 23 years old yeah I know you were wondering I do not know however if growing older means I have grown wiser..

Have you ever noticed how many people die on their birthday, days close to their birthday,Β  a month or two to or after their birthday. I usually kinda freak out in my own subtle way during birthdays of the people that mean a lot to me. I pray really hard for their lives during that time.

When it comes to me though, I only freaked out at one point during the weekend when that death thought crossed my mind, but it was just a passing thought, my death doesn’t freak me out as much as that of others.

Anyway here is to yet another great year, I hope things will go great for me, and that I will get to see many more years!

On Saturday something interesting happened. We were in a pub somewhere in the outskirts of Nairobi, and my friends and I were seated on a table just catching up and stuff. So this hot white guy and his Kenyan friend sat at a table near us. Then the white guy came and asked if he could join us. He introduced himself and sat down with us and we all introduced ourselves and began chatting. His friend also came and joined us and they proceeded to tell us stories about themselves. After a few minutes it was pretty obvious they were very young, just finished high school. The white guy was the more extroverted of the two, he told us about how he was expelled from school, how he had to see a shrink and how they hypnotized him and what not. Then all of a sudden he took of his shirt to show us his brand new tattoo. It was of some flower with like an Indian symbol in the middle, and he had a very good explanation of the meaning, which I honestly do not remember πŸ˜‰ ha ha my friend was busy looking at his pecs lol.

He had to leave early so he walked to the bar, took a coaster and proceeded to write his number down and then he goes like ‘So here is my number you guys can feel free to call me anytime..’ ha ha he definitely made our night, too bad he is soo young.

So why don’t any men my age and above ever pull such stunts?? That is why women are cougaring nowadays, younger men are more fun, exciting, daring, 9 series children born in the 90s is definitely the way to go! That does not mean I am gonna call him, but I have saved his number for a rainy day πŸ˜‰

xxx V xxx

Post number 30

Since August I have been documenting the utter nonsense that floats around in my mind. So far its been fun, and it has been really cool getting feedback from my loyal readers i have loyal readers!! how cool is that!!?!
Thank you very much for reading!
Even though I started blogging years ago, now is when I have really grown to love it. I like writing, and I hope one day to make a career out of it, so I think this is a great start and good practise till I get my lucky break.
This morning is kinda kicking my ass, despite the fact that the sun is shining really bright even though its El Nino. I discovered something today, I really do not like how small this world is. This information I have discovered today, kinda changes things, okay but not really but it may be significant suspense MUHAHAHA!!
I think I am also too paranoid for my own good dang!! Sometimes I think that I am the cause of some people’s actions, even though there is no way I could be involved! I dunno if its being self centered or too paranoid anyhooo I will just try not to think about it.
So on Monday I finished reading ‘Act like a lady, think like a Man’ by Steve Harvey

This book is so enlightening, Steve Harvey for president!! I advice every woman to get yourself a copy because it will definitely change the way you think and act when it comes to relations with men.
According to the book, men are simple. Men are driven by who they are, what they do and how much they make.
So how do you know that a man loves you? Through the 3 Ps: Profess, Protect and Provide. He will let the whole world know he loves you, he will protect you in the best way he can, and he will always provide for you.
Women, what do men need? Love, Support and Cookies nookie Love your man and be loyal to him, always have his back, and every man needs sex from his woman.
He goes on to categorise women into 2: Sport fish and a keeper. A sport fish is a throw back, a woman a man really does not want to keep, while a keeper is a woman a guy can envision settling down with.
That is just a brief summary about what this book is about, but I promise you that once your done reading this book you will have set standards for yourself when it comes to dealing men, and you will be able to identify men who are just in it for the sex, or the serious, genuine dudes. I am actually excited to put what I have learnt into practise.

I also watched ‘He’s just not that into you’ yesterday. I was skeptical about it, because I did not like the effects the book had on me. But the movie had a star studded cast, and I had heard a lot of raving reviews about it so I decided to give it a chance.
First up I think this is the first movie where Justin Long is actually hot and not a nerdy geek who cannot get any girls!
Anyway his character in the movie gives some splendid advice, most importantly, that if a guy wants to date you, he do EVERYTHING to make that happen!
I have definitely been schooled these past couple of days, and I have come to the conclusion that he is not that into me and that I am no sport fish! Even though I am dying to hear from him I am even dreaming about it!! I know it in my gut that I won’t hear from him. I guess I must force myself to say good riddance and keep resolving not to fold!
xxx V xxx

My brand spanking new hobby

2 posts in a day! wow! Even I am amazed! Maybe it is because I have decided not to think about how long I have surfed today rather than work :p
Twitter is growing on me I must admit. Its exposed me to the network of Kenyan bloggers that upto now I had no idea existed. My blog list keeps growing daily as I discover brilliant, interesting blogs from an interesting crop of people.
I actually started blogging in I think the year 2006 there. The idea that I was kinda able to have my very own website for free really intrigued me until i learnt how to develop my own website. It was also a medium for me to showcase my works (I  make jewellery) and express my thoughts.
I kinda put it on the backside because of school, and facebook which really rots your mind and reduces the need for any other use for the internet.
Anyhoo thanks to twitter I discovered uber cool blogs and bloggers who inspired me to start a brand new blog, and keep inspiring me to keep writing.
The more blogs I read, the more I wanna get to know the faces behind the stories. It also made me realize I really suck at anonimity πŸ™‚ There must be some reason none of you do not want us to know who you are. ya’ll have made me paranoid I am slowly trying to locate all the areas I have disclosed any details about my identity so if you noticed any of it, keep it to yourself πŸ™‚
I will keep reading, and try to keep writing. For now I am still brainstorming on what ‘tradition’ I should start to sign off my blog posts with that will give you an indication of what’s on my mind. Songs have been taken so will not go there, I have a few ideas like man candy of the day, or posting a picture of one of my jewellery pieces on every post but I’ll keep brainstorming.
For my 3 followers gracious I really appreciate it. Thanks to my few readers, and all those who have taken time to comment on the things running through my mind.

xxx V xxx