1st of the month


Chapter 4 of 12 begins now

*disclaimer: I started writing this on the 1st, then wordpress lost most of the post and i had to do it again grrr

March Highlights

March was beyond epic. I spent two weeks of it abroad and I loved it. It was pure bliss, I can totally see myself spending my life travelling, eating, shopping and exploring. I pray I get to do it again someday soon.

I got to spend a week with my cousin and my adorable nephew, and they were such brilliant hosts. I spent the second week at a hotel with my mum, and it was nice getting pampered and stuff.

Foodwise I think I had everything, all my food dreams came true. From fajitas, to sushi, ben and jerrys, hot pockets, twizzlers, pop tarts, frappacinnos, coca cola cherry and lots of other yummy good stuff.

Blew a lot of money there, I think i will be broke for the rest of the year. It was totally worth it though, I had the time of my life.

Brand new career path, I am excited and very happy about it.

March Downsides

Malaysia flight MH370 went missing a day before I started flying. During my vaycay I had 8 transit flights and during that period, 2 other planes had weird mishaps, airlines which I was travelling with at the time.

It was really some freaky shit, I have always liked flying but all these events just made me paranoid. I really thank God I got home in one piece.

I pray for the families of all the MH370 passengers, may God give them peace and comfort during this trying time.

My mother missed her flight so as a result her trip was shorter and I spent like 4 days alone in a foreign country, and had to travel back home alone.

My trip messed with my usual Lent rituals, hopefully I will be able to identify a 40 day period to do it properly.

March Discoveries

  • I have a mean American accent. Takes a lot of work though. Decided I need to make it more permanent, apparently accents get you places.
  • If you travel, as much as social media has made us serial exhibitionists, dont do it.
  • I am not Santa, but I will be damned if I dont try.
  • Apparently people fly out to eradicate dry spells, not me :p
  • I prefer seeing the good in people before judging them.
  • Drama has a way of finding itself into your life.

What I am looking forward to in April

Seeing you again, 1 more day :)

Easter, which I have no plans for, and plus i am already broke smh


How was your March? What’s  April looking like?

howdy :)

It’s been a very eventful couple of weeks, so much so that I havent really had time to blog about anything. Well, now that I am seated here in this hotel room alone, I decided there is no time like the present right?

I feel like I have a lot to say and I do not wanna bombard tweeps with my thoughts because twitter is where they have been going of late.

Anyhoosmu, someone is almost ruining twitter for me. All their tweets seem like subtweets, and apparently I am not wise enough to know for sure whether they are about me or not.  They are just opinions, and I have to hold  myself back from tweeting my own opinions in response to theirs. I know what you are about to say, why not unfollow or block them? Because of a stupid thing called pride smh. 

I know why Americans are fat, like 80% of their advertisements are about food. Pizzas,  sandwiches, wings, hot pockets, and all sorts of deliciousness. Poor beings dont stand a chance.

Apparently men have a problem with women who go out every weekend. First up, how do they know these women gp out often unless they do too? And why do they have a problem with these women yet they are the ones going to the same clubs to look for them?

People need to stop being so freaking judgemental. We are all mostly a bunch of lonely losers, being picky will not help your situation. 

Speaking of lonely losers, I really like being one. There’s no mopping around staring at my phone wondering why I havent heard from him, or if I should text first. Having nothing to talk about but my significant other. Sadly I have had to withstand women talking about their significant others over and over again bleurghh. It kinda drives me nuts and what sucks is that i have to listen. Also, it is kinda funny how wise you are when it comes to other people’s relationships and seeing what is wrong with them. Wish that clarity was present in our own relationships.

I do not mind being single, till people start badgering me about whether I got a boyfriend and when I will get married, and how I should be popping babies by now.

I like being in this space because it is so easy to know when a man is bullshitting you.  Maybe I seem lonely, desperate and easy, I dunno why I am their target if I could call it that. They are a great way to pass time and it’s entertaining call them out on their bullshit.  I am not foolish, they gone learn today.

Anyway, boys aside. 

How weird is it when someone else puts your picture as their whatsapp pic? 0_o

Or when the person you ignored holas at you and you ognore them again? 0_o

I find it strange that people go around living their lives not trusting people. As in they hear stories and the first thing they do is not to believe what they here. Call me naive but I think it’s a lot of work trying to analyse what you hear to know whether it is legit or not. Like, who has that time? Unless it is a blatant lie, I really do not have that time.  

I think thats about all that’s in my head right now.

I apologise for any typos,wrote this using my phone. Ciao


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

I have been waiting for this week to end!!!

I am excited about

my vacay \o/ mad excitoes!

Today I Am Feeling

a bit tired, nervous, yet excited, too many emotions.

Today’s Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I am craving

sangria from that place i dislike, CasaB :p

I wish

I was not so antsy -_-

I hope

she will be okay…

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively; unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence.”
― Eleanor RooseveltThe Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt

Have A Fab Friday!!

1st of the month


Isn’t this the best way to start off the month of March? Congratulations to this stunning beauty :)

February Highlights

I really enjoyed Valentine’s day. No I did not have a Valentine, I spent the night celebrating all the Valentines born on that day as usual and I had a fabulous time. Got to check out new places and meet new people which was cool.

My very good friend got married this month, the wedding was amazing and I am so happy for her and I pray that God blesses their marriage and the rest of the time they have together.

I crashed a wedding this past weekend, and it was so much fun. I dunno why weddings I am invited to never kick as much.

Got to hang out with my pal from out of town, which was nice as always.

Something’s in my life may be changing, fingers crossed that it all works out.

February Downsides

This was such a super hectic month, was busy with work and running up and down doing my own personal errands. So glad it’s over to be honest, felt like i was growing an ulcer.

My uncle passed away which was a horribly sad affair, may he RIP.

February Discoveries

I may be here thinking I am a true friend, while there are some people out there who consider me just a friend for fun times smh.

As time goes by I keep discovering who to prioritize, aint nobody got time for options. I also realized that I could do better when it comes to friendships and things, so that’s something I need to work on.

I have an okay functioning body, parents who love me, great family and friends, a good job, a place to live, a car to drive, gadgets to use, the list is endless. There are so many who do not have these privileges, or they did and they cruelly got snatched away from them. Be grateful for  what you have, and realize that you are blessed.

Dont raise my hopes then let me down.

Am I wrong to assume that something’s men ask for, which are absolutely absurd, stem off from the fact that he used them on a woman before and it worked?

What I Look Forward To In March

my vacay :)

I realised that Lent starts this Wednesday, and ya’ll know how I am about Lent. I have not yet decided what I am going to fast this year, I will think about it by Ash Wednesday. Maybe you can share what you are abstaining from this year?





Thank God It’s Friday!!!

I have had a very interesting week, some would call it life changing even. or the beginning of the rest of my life.

I am excited about

the weekend, getting some sleep, and going to church.

Today I Am Feeling

easy breezy, kama mandizi

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

G I R L Pharrell William’s new album, the music on there is everything!

I am craving

something that I cant have..

I wish

there wasnt so much traffic, so tired of frying in my car.

I hope

he is doing okay, despite his situation.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fantastic Friday :)

A funeral and a wedding

silence ageordinary


The past 2 weeks have been hectic, and that is an understatement even, so I barely had time to blog, though these pics above were part of a post I had been attempting to write.

I think the best way to sum it up is a very big emotional roller coaster, so many happy and yet incredibly sad moments.  My week started off with a funeral on Monday and ended with a wedding on Saturday.

Here are just a few things that stood out for me:

  • I am truly blessed beyond measure, this is something I need to be more appreciative of.
  • Even my worst day cannot compare to some situations that other people are in, although it’s not good to compare, this fact just has to be acknowledged.
  • Always have a plan B.
  • Not everything is personal.
  • Not everybody gives a damn.
  • People in this world can be so selfish.
  • Always look out for number 1, simply because when you are busy looking out for others, nobody has your back.
  • I cannot always be the bigger person, so if some ish is bothering me, I will give it time and hope I get over it.
  • Massage chairs are everything!!!
  • My friend really embodies the term ‘Blushing Bride’.
  • I’ve been having some qualms about some friendships, which has made me realise I really need to be a better friend to the people who do matter.
  • Nothing sucks as much as watching a coffin being lowered into the ground.
  • Write a will, you never know when you will kick the bucket.
  • No matter how hot you look, once you are knee deep in the sibling zone, you can never find your way out :p
  • Pretty hurts.
  • I thought I was a crier, till I saw my friends weep at the wedding.
  • I am blessed with amazing parents.
  • Photos for government documents have no filter and they dont let you smile! I am destined to look horrid in all my legal documents.
  • That awkward moment when you see your instagram follower that you have never met in real life, then ignore..
  • I need to stop oversharing.



Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Finally I can catch up on my sleep!! Yay to the weekend!

I am excited about

diplo, if i do decide to go, and curious to see what my boy got me for my birthday, he claims he has a gift for me -_-

Today I Am Feeling

soooo sleeepy.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

your choice, tell me what song you are currently digging.

This Weekend I

hope i will get to buy my cat from KSPCA, birthday gift :)

I am craving

a spoon.

I wish

there were more days to the weekend, 2 just isnt enough.

I hope

traffic wont be so bad today.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

I dont have one today, too lazy to find one, blame the itis..

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!