Goodbye my friend

As we speak one of my best friends is up in the air flying thousands of miles away from here. It still feels kinda surreal, like it has not happened, but I know she’s gone because I feel so sad and alone.

Yes I may have tonnes of friends, but that doesn’t matter, I am sure I am just but an option for some of them.

The future looks bleak for the next 1 year, my randomness reduced a lot in February when the first best friend left, now it will reduce a whole lot, and after my other close friend leaves, it will be reduced to zero 😦

I hate goodbyes and I hate change, and clearly I have a lot of adjusting to do, and I am really not looking forward to it.

I am now refraining from watching any sad movies, or listening to slow mushy music because I will cry bucket loads!

Today is gonna be a really long yucky day………..


5 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend

  1. Awwww…this is sad but I thank God for the Internet and cheap Zain phone calls and soon the year will be gone before you know it…hang in there!

    • Miss you tooo 🙂 I am really praying hard. Dont make me unleash loveratness on my blog please? lol But you know i have mad love for you 🙂

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