Scandal: Take a bite and savour

Olivia: “I am not a toy that you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done.”
Fitz: “Sit with me. Sit with me and lets run out the clock. Sit with me and watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.”

This video samples Olitz in all their fiery glory. Scandal is currently one of the most talked about series, until Game of Thrones came and took over rolls eyes.

Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, hot shot lawyer also known as the fixer. She is smart, a no nonsense force to be reckoned with. The fact that she is gorgeous keeps most of us glued to the screen. I love how she is always looking so prim and proper, not a single hair out of place.

let us talk about the way she struts!

let us talk about the way she struts!


She truly is a gladiator, confident in herself and her abilities as an exceptional lawyer. She is in control of her team, thinks quick on her feet, and all that she asks for from her clients is complete honesty. I think if I watched Scandal at a younger age, I would have kept my dream of becoming a lawyer alive. Olivia Pope is incredibly inspiring.

She would almost be perfect, until Fitz and Mellie come along. This is where Shonda Rhimes succeeded in making this character more human, because ultimately perfection is a lie.

It always amazes me how Olivia unravels in their presence. I get particularly disturbed whenever she interacts with Mellie, in fact I do not like her much. She becomes weak, which is contradictory to the gladiator we are accustomed to when she is fixing things. She seems ashamed, embarrassed and sometimes even afraid when she talks to Mellie. Which goes to show that she is very aware of her place as the mistress, Fitz may have her heart, but he does not truly belong to her. Also, despite the intelligent woman Olivia is, she still makes poor decisions when it comes to men like us normal people.

Let us talk about Fitz, oh Fitz sluuurrrrp


This man!


This is the man with the power to make Olivia Pope weak in the knees, and disregard her better judgement. The way she unravels in his presence is just amazing, scary even. The moment she sees him, it’s like you can feel her heart beat racing and how it overwhelms her to the point of tears. This really bothers me because I hate her crying face, she almost gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

Fitz and Olivia are the S.I Unit of having chemistry. I never used to understand what people meant when they said they wanted chemistry when it came to selecting a partner, but after watching Olitz live in action, I totally get it. The chemical reactions they elicit within and around each other is like a fire, consuming them and the rest of us voyeurs. In fact, people who want chemistry are setting themselves up for failure. I have never witnessed that Olitz chemistry in real life, it just seems made for tv.


Watching the 2 of them makes me yearn for that kind of intensity, where you cant take your hands off each other and nothing in the world seems right unless you are in each other’s arms. I doubt I would be able to handle it well, look at Olivia. I am not anywhere near being as strong as she is, yet Fitz is her kryptonite. Okay, I do not want a Fitz in my life, or do? I dunno..

Sometimes I wonder if their interaction is heightened by the fact that being together is them indulging in the forbidden fruit, and they make it seem so delectable. I am certain if Olivia and Fitz Olitz went public with their relationship, it would not be as hot.

I cannot wait for Season 3 of Scandal, if you are as impatient as I am, check out this fan fiction I discovered on Tumblr here. They have decided to continue the story for us, and it’s pretty interesting.