Smell the roses..


I have a secret.

I am afraid of death.

That isn’t the secret though.

I’m afraid of dying and then when people go through my online profiles they find something that talks about death in one way or another.

I am not afraid because of what they will think of whatever they find I had posted online, I’m afraid that I may inadvertently have known that I was about to die soon, without knowing. Am I making sense?

That’s the thing about fears though, they are irrational, they dont make sense. It’s a figment of our imagination, it holds us back, it makes us worry about silly things. Fears can be overcome.

Lucky for me, this isn’t a major fear that plagues me, it just comes up when someone dies.

There’s nothing like death to give you that wake up call , to make you realise what is important and what is irrelevant.

I cant help but wonder what is the point of living life to the fullest, only for your life to be taken away eventually?

I guess it’s to enjoy what’s left of your life in this world? I dunno men.

Anyway I choose to enjoy what’s left of my life, I suggest you do it to.


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