Lust has no mercy

Lust has no mercy, spotted this online and couldnt help but think how much truth there is to this statement.

Sometimes it comes out of nowhere. The way his hand brushed against your cheek after he hugged you as he said hello. The way his scent lingered on after he walked away. That moment of awareness when he placed his hand on the small of your back. The way his tongue traced his lips when he was thinking about something.  These may all be things done naturally with no hidden motives, or maybe not. Nonetheless, the seed has been planted and you start to look at them in a different light.

That is literally all it takes to plant those thoughts in your head. The best farmers however do not just sow the seeds anywhere,  they till the land and identify fertile soils to plant their seeds. (Forgive me of my farming reference is wrong, I did Agriculture like eons ago).

Expressing your desire for someone is a sure way of planting that seed of lust. Tell me, better yet, show me and my never ending battle with lust will take off.

All of a sudden the object of my desire is the prisoner of my thoughts.  The ability to make rational decisions goes out the window. Everything is based on when, where and how I will get to possess this person, be it for a second, minute, hour, or a day.  I will take whatever I can get, that’s the problem with lust.  It makes us greedy, yet not ambitious enough. I want all of you yet I am willing to accept the little you will give me.

Every moment is a constant battle. Should I create opportunities? If you bait me, should I bite? Do you want me to chase you? It’s so bloody exhausting!

Then there’s the consequences after you make your choice. This involves second guessing yourself, revelling in the blissful moment when you realised what you desired was as beautiful as you had imagined or realising that you compromised on something to get what you wanted. The worst one is when you realise your lustful thoughts drove you to make a huge mistake. The consequences of lust may be quite dire, but unless you take the leap those thoughts may never leave your head.

You can get distractions, find someone new to lust over, stay away from that person, or situations where you know you will be weak.

Lust may have no mercy, but if you exercise control over it, you can have all the power.

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I am the life of parties I have never attended. I live vicariously through myself.

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