1st of the month


July Highlights

This month was nothing short of epic!

First up there was the World Cup which ended in such a spectacular fashion. My team #GER won, ok they were only my team because I had a Germany jumper :p but I was rooting for them at the final. I watched the final with my friends who were rooting for Argentina and it was kinda sad seeing the disappointing looks on their faces.

I finally got my car back after suffering for a whole month, they solved majority of it’s issues although new ones kept springing up. All in all, I am happy with the work they did, I keep being asked if my car is new because of how shiny it looks 🙂

Celebrated the birthdays of all my July people’s, it involved a lot of free drinks and plenty of fun times. Plus cake 🙂 I partied like a champ this month, I wont even deny it, but now that the world is ending, let me be young, wild and free!

I celebrated Eid with my friend and his family, my first iftar, and it was so lovely.

When it comes to matters concerning the martians, life threw me another plot twist that I never saw coming. I am still confused about it to be honest, but iv decided to just ignore it.

June Downsides

When people make you question why your friends with them, that..

I sorta made someone cry :-/

I have a complicated relationship with temptation, saying no when i should be saying yes and vice versa, I pray for the wisdom to know better and to stand by my decisions. The devil is a liar *Usher voice*

June Discoveries

Not all paths are meant to be taken.

I am still as clueless as ever.

Apparently according to two of my friends, I need to stop being so nice, it may be  the reason why I am still single ha!

Dont judge me for my actions just because you feel bad about your own. People need to stop being so damn judgemental, period!

Be careful of the lies you tell, because there is a good chance you will get caught.

Why do people put so much work building walls to prevent people from getting to know them? You may think the walls are protecting you, but all they seem to be doing is hiding how awesome you are.

I also discovered some cool blogs:

Style Sketches

Style Sketches


Anita from Style Sketches


Thread muse

Sienna from Thread Muse

From Curves With Love

From Curves With Love

Anita from From Curves With Love

What I Look Forward To In August

Chilling out a bit more.

My friend’s wedding.

A masquerade ball I was invited for, very amped for that.


How was July for you? What are you excited about this month?


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