Revealed turned 6!

6 years!

6 years!

I opened WordPress just a few minutes ago to find that they had wished me a happy 6th anniversary! I cant believe it’s been 6 years already!

Let us look at everything I have achieved with this blog so far:

  • No one has fallen in love with me because of my posts.
  • I have not been nominated or won any blogging awards.
  • I havent turned this site into a money generating machine.
  • I havent publicised my blog and created social media pages for it.

Well, we can conclude I haven’t achieved much, lucky for me I had not set out these goals when I started blogging. This wasn’t my first blog even, I just loved to write and needed an open space where I could jot stuff down and refer to it in future.

My only goal was to have a place where i could store my memories, and my thoughts. Thanks to the internet, I hope I will never be forgotten. This is quite ironic though seeing that if I died not many people even know about this blog in the first place.

Anyhooo it’s been an interesting journey. I cannot remember what all the vague stuff was about, so do not worry I keep myself in suspense too.

I know I dont religiously blog as much as I used to, I wont even try to make any more fake promises. You just have to wait for the days when i feel really inspired, or guilty.

Here’s to many more years…




6 thoughts on “Revealed turned 6!

  1. As a fan of this blog for most of the 6 years. I must put up the good bits:
    1. I get my monthly fix of new fresh tunes from here.
    2. Great reviews on places to go and things to do, outside of the normal stuff.
    3. Lots of laughs, and great insights from your stories.

    Happy Anniversary!!

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